Skydiving in Peoria, AZ

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  • Arizona Powerchutes
    Randy Long entered the working world as a travel agent, a vocation that whet his appetite for globetrotting, adventure, and haggling with airlines. When he became a father and husband, he passed a passion for thrill seeking on to his family, and their recent escapades include scuba diving in Barbados and dog sledding in Alaska. It was this thirst for exploration and a love of aviation that drove Randy to become an FAA-certified powered-parachute instructor and found Arizona Powerchutes. Powered parachutes are comprised of two-seater, wheeled carts that float 20 feet beneath 40-foot parachutes. At sunrise—or sunset during the cooler months—Randy and a passenger climb aboard the cart, and Randy hits the throttle, gathering speed for about 100 feet before the parachute fully inflates and hoists the cart into the air. Randy adjusts the altitude to his patron's comfort level and steers crafts over the exotic plants and mountain silhouettes of the Sonoran Desert, averaging a speed of 26 miles per hour. After journeys, powered parachutes float to land safely, as they are inspected by the pilot prior to each flight and by an FAA-approved facility after every 100 hours of operation.
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    27231 North 71st Place
    Scottsdale, AZ US
  • Skydive Phoenix
    The roar of the plane engine recedes, and soon the only sound is the rushing of the air. The blue expanse of the sky extends endlessly in every direction—except straight down, where Phoenix is slowly blossoming from a satellite map into a 3-D skyline. Suddenly, the parachute puffs into action and turns the 120-mile-per-hour descent into a gentle drift. The instructors at Skydive Phoenix get to enjoy this experience almost daily. They also have the pleasure of inducting customers into the delights of controlled plummeting as they perform tandem dives in a dedicated drop zone—the only to offer actual city views during the fall. Strapped to their customers, sky guides take care of all the important aspects of the dive so that their partner can just enjoy the sights and adrenaline. They also provide coaching for those who wish to work up to unchaperoned dives, which are the only way to meet single clouds.
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    22548 N Sailport Way
    Maricopa, AZ US
  • Airparamo
    Before 1998, Maurice Sheldon kept busy as a computer programmer, web technology teacher, and architect. But since his induction into the world of PPG (powered paragliding), "Mo" has won multiple accolades for his skills as a glider pilot, once winning third place at the USPPA national competitions. He endeavored to share his passion for flying above the desert landscapes outside Phoenix by opening Airparamo, a 1,500-square-foot paragliding equipment and instructional facility in Maricopa. He achieved an advanced instructor certification in 2003 and has helped hundreds of pilots learn to navigate solo flights and shoo away advancing rain clouds.
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    33461 W Trading Post Rd.
    Maricopa, AZ US
  • Phoenix Area Skydivng
    Phoenix Area Skydiving’s professional staff specializes in training and instilling confidence in first-time skydivers. They accompany these novices into compact aircraft for up to 120-mile-per-hour tandem free falls over the expansive Arizona desert landscape. Once up in the air, they field visitors’ questions about flight mechanics and often let them control the parachute, granting a more effective hands-on skydiving experience than wrestling with a ceiling fan. They also prepare visitors for solo flights with an accelerated free-fall program, and safeguard each diver’s safety with a technique briefing and gear check before every flight.
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    3225 N Pinal Ave.
    Casa Grande, AZ US
  • Red Rock Skydiving
    Dare to vacation with the wisdom offered by Red Rock Skydiving in Cottonwood. Drivers will rest assured when they see the wide range of parking options located near this place. So for all your vacation-planning needs, give Red Rock Skydiving in Cottonwood a call today!
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    1003 West Mingus Avenue
    Cottonwood, AZ US
  • Paragon Skydive
    Paragon Skydive bundles adrenaline and eye candy into one-of-a-kind skydiving experiences at Grand Canyon National Park. In addition to the cool wind against your face and the thrill of soaring through the sky, Paragon offers you something almost nowhere else can: a bird's-eye view of the widest and deepest sections of the Grand Canyon. During a 40-second freefall and a 5-minute canopy float, the Grand Canyon reveals itself in macro- and microscopic form; from above, the canyon is visible in its entirety, but detailed rock formations and ridges are magnified as divers descend. As if the experience itself weren't enough, Paragon offers extras like the chance to pull your own chute cord and have the instructor refer to you as "Mr. Bond."
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    5245 East Thomas Road
    Phoenix, AZ US

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