Cosmetic Procedures in Ridgeland

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  • Spa Beca
    At Spa Beca, award-winning aestheticians and massage therapists tend to bodies in a tranquil spa exclusively devoted to massage and body-therapy services. A staff member ushers guests into private treatment rooms, where low lighting casts a warm glow on blond terra-cotta walls and soothing decor, such as bronze sculptures and landscape murals. The spa's treatments range from individual services?such as massage, nail services, facials, and body wraps?to packages that stretch across an entire day and combine several detoxification and rejuvenation treatments typically reserved for returning cosmonauts.
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    357 Towne Center Blvd.
    RIdgeland, MS US
  • Body Anew Medical Spa
    Skin on the neck ages seven times as quickly as the skin on the face. The team at Body Anew Medical Spa are all knowledgeable skin experts, whose collective passion for skincare extends all over the body. They also use nonsurgical services, including facials and chemical peels, as ways to combat acne, sun spots, and fine lines. To refine the rest of the body, the team calls on non-wax depilatories to whisk away unwanted hair and lasers to zap spider veins while leaving surrounding skin as undisturbed as a kitten napping in a baseball glove.
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    113 W. Jackson St.
    Ridgeland, MS US
  • Remedy True Health
    Remedy True Health's skin and body specialists help clients target and treat aesthetic and weight-oriented issues. The center offers complimentary consultations on topics such as BMI and skincare to help guide patients as they take educated steps toward dealing with issues. For the sake of convenience, Remedy True Health offers services à la carte, allowing clients to choose the beautifying flight that suits their body type, personality, and spirit animal.
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    655 Lake Harbour Drive
    Ridgeland, MS US
  • Performance Weight Loss And Medi Spa
    • For $99, you get 20 units of Botox, which is usually enough to treat lines around the eyes and the frown line between the eyebrows (a $240 value). • For $50, you get an On-The-Go facial with microdermabrasion (a $100 value).
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    900 East County Line Road
    Ridgeland, MS US
  • Carter Sledge Family Dentistry
    Dr. Michael Carter and his staff have been brightening smiles and buffing mouthscapes for 30 years. During a 15-minute consultation, receive custom tray impressions for applications of touch-up gel. Then, in the Zoom! session, ivory polishers will need a full hour and 45 minutes to imbue chompers with the whiteness necessary to blind oncoming traffic. During the treatment, a dental doyen will slather teeth with a blanching gel and expose them to a custom-made light for 15-minute increments, the combined effect of which can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Patients can watch TV or recite the numerals of pi while the gel sets in, helping them remain comfortable for two treatment cycles.
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    772 Lake Harbour Dr.
    Ridgeland, Mississippi US
  • Highland Colony Dental
    Family dentist Donald Keith Givan, DMD, and his amiable, empathic staff restore the luster to gleaming grins in time for holiday festivities with in-office Zoom! Advanced Power whitening treatments. Clinicians kick off the one-hour session by comfortably shielding the lips and gums to protect them from the whitening gel and roving tubes of disgruntled chapstick. Proprietary Zoom! whitening gel is then applied over enamel surfaces, and exposed to 45 minutes of light therapy. Clients recline while listening to music, catching up on light reading, or enjoying the company of their friendly chair as the combination of bleach and ultraviolet light works to purge stains and discoloration.
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    200 Trace Colony Park Dr
    Ridgeland, MS US

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