Electrolysis in Rowlett

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  • Ashi Beauty Corner
    Nusrat, the cosmetologist and owner of Ashi Beauty Corner, specializes in correcting botched waxing jobs. "A vast majority of my clients have come to me due to having been previously 'brow-butchered,'" she said. As a remedy, she practices threading—an ancient hair-removal method that requires a thin string and nimble fingers. Prior to each treatment, Nusrat loops a sterile thread around both her hands and tugs the loose end with her teeth. As she rolls the thread across the skin's surface, she traps unwanted hair and extracts it at the follicle level. Because threading avoids the use of topical agents, it's traditionally indicated for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Compared to waxing, it's often regarded as more precise—the technician can target one individual hair or an entire row of unruly threads. Nusrat performs these treatments in private quarters. "The ambiance makes clients feel surrounded in comfort and enveloped by personal, attentive service," she said. Her personal studio resides within The Salons at Bella Suites, which lives inside Firewheel Town Center, which is nested within the belly of a matryoshka doll.
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    305 River Fern suite # 1124 ( Firewheel Mall )
    Garland, TX US
  • Sali's Pizza and Pasta
    Sali’s Pizza and Pasta is an institution for traditional Italian cuisine in Garland, Texas. Every morning, the Sali’s staff spreads out dough that was left to slow-rise to perfection in the refrigerator the night before. This dough serves as the base for their deliciously crispy yet chewy pizza crust. Sauce is slow-simmered to allow flavors to mix and mingle to perfection. To top it all off, they use only fresh, hand-shredded mozzarella cheese to keep the crust from getting too moist. Sali’s has specialty slices each day, including pepperoni, Italian sausage, and mushroom variants of this heavenly Italian creation.
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    1238 Belt Line Road
    Garland, TX US
  • A Light Touch Spa
    You?ll feel the tension release the moment you step into my spa suite. Soft lighting, peaceful soothing melodies, a luxurious cushioned facial table and delightful aromatherapy all create a relaxing environment just for you!
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    204 North West Street
    Rockwall, TX US
  • Tonayia's Wax Pot
    Full body waxing for women and many waxing services for men. Other Services include Body Wraps for weight loss, eyebrow tinting, eyelash tinting, and ear candling.
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    676 Audie Murphy Parkway West
    Farmersville, TX US
  • SOI Brow Threading Salon - Murphy
    An artful twist of the thread ensnares the strand, and a quick motion frees it from the follicle. That's all there is to threading, but it takes a careful eye and a precise hand to master this ancient art of hair removal. Luckily, these are both qualities that define the technicians at SOI Brow Threading Salon. Their threading sessions remove hair from the eyebrows as well as the chin, upper lip, and second nose, sloughing away dead skin in the process.
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    223 E FM 544
    Murphy, TX US
  • Red Threads
    Red Threads provides any and all threading service, as well as henna tattoos for those who want to try something exotic for their next outing. Our stylists create the most intricate fine lines to get the most elegant look. Our threading is done by threading specialists who will shape your eyebrows how YOU want them.
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    909 Gross Rd
    Mesquite, TX US