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Massage in San Antonio

Looking for a great massage, San Antonio? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tons of great San Antonio massage deals from some of the very best studios in town. But we aren’t just great at directing you to the best massage San Antonio, TX has to offer—we also have answers to some of your most pressing massage questions, so you can prepare for your service and get the most out of your session. So without further ado, here’s our comprehensive guide to massage, San Antonio edition!

Best Swedish Massage, San Antonio

Pinnacle Wellness


Sure, a Swedish massage is more focused on overall relaxation than correcting chronic tension. So you don’t have to book your treatment in a chiropractic office. But it doesn’t hurt to know that the team here is helmed by two licensed chiropractors and holistic health experts with more than 25 years of experience between them. Don’t be surprised if, in addition to feeling lighter and more relaxed, you also have a better knowledge of how to correct your chronic “text neck” issues too. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their massage at Pinnacle Wellness:


What makes Pinnacle Wellness stand out from the rest is the amazing staff. I have never been to a venue where I was treated with [such] compassion and wonderful hospitality as Pinnacle Wellness provided. It is very clear the staff love their job and have a common passion for helping people. Excellent service! – Joy T.


Couldn't be much better. My masseuse [was] one of the best ever and I get 20 to 30 massages a year. I'll use Pinnacle Wellness more often. – Charles D.


“Amazing staff, I haven’t felt this much relief in years. Will definitely be going back. A must go-to even for quick relief. – Veronica L.

Is Swedish massage really Swedish?


A Swedish massage may have gotten its name from a Swedish physiologist named Pehr Henrik Ling, who pioneered a series of gymnastic stretches known as the Swedish Movement System. That makes some sense, since the classic massage style is defined by its specific movements: long, gliding strokes, strategic kneading, and vibrating percussive motions. However, some massage experts actually credit a Dutch practitioner with inventive the style, which would make its name a bit of a misnomer.


Either way, you might be amused to know that what we call a “Swedish” massage is usually known as a “classic” massage throughout Europe. The more you know!


What Is Swedish Massage?

Groupon Editors

From the types of strokes to the benefits, we break down the basics of Swedish massage so you know exactly what to expect during your appointment.

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Best Deep-Tissue Massage, San Antonio

Back to Life Therapeutic Massage

If you book a deep-tissue massage with Alma Sauceda, don’t be surprised if she throws an elbow or two. Or some knuckles. Or any other appendage that might help her reach deep into your fascia to root out chronic pain and tension. The therapists here truly understand what clients are looking for when they book a deep-tissue massage, taking special care with targeted problem spots, and going above and beyond the call to ensure each client leaves feeling like a million bucks.

What Type of Massage Is Right For You?


Swedish and deep-tissue massage are two of the most common types of massage you’ll come across, but what are the differences? And how do you know which one you need? Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between the two massage styles:


Swedish Massage

  • What it's like: soothing, relaxing
  • Who it's great for: people looking to relax
  • What to expect: long, soothing strokes; adjustable, but often gentle pressure

Deep-Tissue Massage

  • What it's like: healing, but sometimes painful
  • Who it's great for: people looking to eliminate deep knots, kinks, and tension
  • What to expect: hard, kneading movements and intense pressure

Best Hot Stone Massage in San Antonio

Escapes Massage Therapy


Those pictures you see of massage clients with hot stones placed upon their backs aren’t entirely accurate. You see, the therapists don’t just leave them there, they actually incorporate them into their kneading to help loosen particular areas of tension. And, at Escapes Massage Therapy, you’ll even find warmed massage tables that help melt stress before a single stone hits your skin. Here’s what some of our clients had to say about their massage here:


I didn't catch the name of the masseuse I had, but she was incredible. She provided the exact massage my body needed to relieve my lower back pain. The masseuse was very knowledgeable about muscle groups, joints, [the] sciatic nerve, stretching techniques to loosen muscles. She really knows her stuff! – Allie


This was officially my first massage and I wasn't sure what to expect. Maria was amazing and was walking me through each step making sure I was comfortable with the amount of pressure used. I suffer from chronic low back issues, and this massage really helped bring me so much relief! Thanks so much! – John D.

My massage therapist was Monica and she was great! She explained everything she was doing and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Left feeling so relaxed. I will be going back. – Joanna G.

Trigger Point Massage: What Is It?


Trigger point massage is similar to deep-tissue massage in that it aims to correct chronic issues by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. But while deep-tissue massage is performed on a wide area (think the entire back, neck, shoulders, etc.), trigger-point massage focuses on one or several hyper-specific areas, known as “trigger points.”


So how do you know if a deep-tissue massage or trigger-point massage is right for you? If you suffer from specific issues such as sciatica, rotator cuff problems, plantar fasciitis, or joint stiffness, you might consider trying trigger point therapy during your next massage.