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  • Big Air Aviation
    Whether Big Air Aviation's students are first-time fliers or seasoned jumbo-jet pilots, they all start in the same spot: the passenger seat of Cessna 152 Sparrowhawk. Starting off behind the yoke of the small, light aircraft presents a completely different flying experience from a 747 at an airport. “A commercial jet is like a cattle prod,” says Rob Craig, the founder of Big Air Aviation. “But this thing—you can go wherever you want to go.” Once student and teacher have ascended into the clouds, the student gets the chance to chart an individual course over the green foothills of Rutherford County, speeding over treetops or slowing down to high-five hot air balloon captains. Rob says introductory lessons are brief: an overview of measurement instruments, controls, and rotor petals is enough to equip students for a brief flight. It’s this accessibility that proves the Cessna 152 Sparrowhawk’s biggest draw, and over the years, Rob has watched many of his former students transform what began as a hobby into a full-time career.
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    622 Airport Rd.
    Rutherfordton, NC US
  • Spartanburg County Historical Association
    For the founders of the Spartanburg County Historical Association, it wasn't enough to read about their region's past. They wanted to bring bygone days to life for residents and visitors with engaging exhibits and meticulously restored sites. The Spartanburg Regional History Museum, for instance, welcomes guests with a bell from the Riverdale Mill, displayed in the lobby as a nod to the area's textile heritage. Interactive displays share the county's story, from the first Spanish explorers to tread its grounds to anticipated future generations of space Spartanburgians. In addition to operating the museum, the association maintains three historic properties: Walnut Grove Plantation, the Historic Price House, and Seay House. The 18th and 19th-century buildings provide a glimpse into the daily lives of South Carolinians, from wealthy landowners to laboring farmers.
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    PO Box 887
    Spartanburg, SC US
  • Airwolf Aviation
    At Airwolf Aviation, founder Michele Rash and her team of instructors keep one thought in mind when training students to become certified pilots: "Would I sit in the back seat while he or she flew me around?" This question guides them while they tailor training for each student and has resulted in a pass/fail rate of 97% over the past three years. With three flight schools, a fleet of Cessna airplanes, and a multi-engine Piper Aztec E, the instructors lead courses that qualify students for private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine pilot licenses. They also help professional pilots earn flight-instructor certifications. When they’re not teaching lessons, Airwolf's team introduces clients to aviation through discovery flights and city tours that fly to the governor's floating mansion.
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    500 Ammons Rd
    Spartanburg, SC US
  • Glendale Outdoor Leadership School
    The Glendale Outdoor Leadership School instills newfound respect for nature in visitors of all ages, reacquainting adults with active living and emphasizing the importance of healthy habits to impressionable youths. As a former mill town, Glendale presents the model habitat for such an undertaking. It sits on a ridge above the shoals of the Pacolet River, a popular spot to kayak, fish, or dump evidence of a poor report card. Glendale Outdoor Leadership School utilizes these surroundings to their full extent, providing outdoor-activity lessons and organizing several children's camps every year. The action isn?t limited to offsite destinations; on its own grounds, the school boasts a team-building challenge course, as well as facilities for educational seminars.
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    270 Wheeling Cir.
    Glendale, SC US
  • Friendz
    Hungry for all-American cuisine? Visit Friendz for all of your favorite American dishes. Those looking for a meal that's low in fat won't find it at Friendz, where hearty, tasty meals come first. You can also have Friendz cater your next event. Friendz is located near endless parking options, allowing diners to find quick and easy parking. Typical diners should plan to spend about $30 per person on Friendz's moderately priced fare. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available at Friendz.
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    7940 Highway 9
    Inman, SC US
  • Pit Stop Sports Bar and Grill
    Munch on tasty pub grub at Pit Stop Sports Bar and Grill. Skip the salad and grab some greasy goodness at Pit Stop Sports Bar and Grill where they have their priorities straight: taste trumps everything. Forget circling the block, Pit Stop Sports Bar and Grill has plenty of nearby parking options. At Pit Stop Sports Bar and Grill, you can ease your appetite and please your pocketbook the menu offers a selection of mid-priced, budget-friendly meals.
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    7550 Asheville Hwy
    Spartanburg, SC US

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