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  • Nature's Best Cleaners
    In 2002, owner Peter Xu realized that the chemicals of traditional dry cleaning had caused damage to his hand, so he began a complete overhaul to eliminate those chemicals from his business and the lives of his customers. Today, Nature's Best Cleaners uses a chemical-free cleaning system known as "wet cleaning" that uses a water-based solution with natural cleansing agents. The process leaves no residue and evicts chemical-pollutant stowaways hiding in clean clothing. For those who have always wanted to defy the "dry clean only" warning, wet cleaning satisfies rebellious desires without threat of shrinking or spontaneous combustion.
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    1281 W El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA US
  • Green and Fresh Cleaners
    In business for more than 40 years, Green & Fresh Cleaners plants itself as an eco-friendly dry cleaning service that?s responsible with garments, clients, and the planet. Its non-toxic cleaning solution, GreenEarth, is made from sand and does not contaminate soil, groundwater, or the air, making it the preferred dry cleaner of well-dressed geese everywhere. Because it is chemically inert, it is unlikely it would damage the texture or color of garments, and actually helps to preserve quality and prevent shrinkage. GreenEarth can calm even the most irritable fabrics, including silks, suede, beads, sequins, and painted garments. Green & Fresh Cleaners also cleans and preserves dresses ($13.50), down coats ($15), blouses ($6.50), sports jackets ($9), and sweaters ($6.50).
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    580 N Rengstorff Ave
    Mountain View, CA US
  • Aqua Cleaners
    Pledging effective, gentle, and environmentally friendly dry-cleaning technologies, Aqua Cleaners tenderly galvanizes garb to arrive soft to the touch and brilliant to ogling onlookers. Entrust your soiled apparel?from polo shirts ($7.47) and pashminas ($9.97) to shirts ($6.97) and ski jackets ($15.97)?to the personable dirt detesters, who treat clothing with a combination of clean and safe liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid's low surface tension and viscosity render it resilient against malignant stains, penetrating and tidying with a cool temperature that is easy on delicate clothing. This mild yet efficient process does not emit harmful gases nor does it employ toxic solvents, which can transform otherwise placid Oxford shirts into mutant polka-dot straightjackets.
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    325 1st St
    Los Altos, CA US
  • E Z Cleaners & Shoe Repair
    At E Z Cleaners & Shoe Repair, expert dry cleaners take in clothing that ranges from grass-stained pants to blouses stained by airborne chocolate pudding and deftly rid them of their unsightly smirches. They also make things easy on busy customers by offering pickup and drop-off services.
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    2006 Winchester Blvd
    Campbell, CA US
  • Blue-White Cleaners
    Committed to truly green practices, Blu White Cleaners freshens up soiled duds with chemical-free wet-cleaning processes that deodorize and clean finicky fabrics. Using biodegradable detergents, staffers soak shirts ($1.85?$2.15), pants ($6.50?$7.50), suits ($12.95?$14.95), dresses ($11.95?$14.95) and other garments in a water-based cleaning solution that provides a CEPA-approved alternative to harsh dry-cleaning chemicals that is safe for fabrics too delicate for machine washings or wind scrubbings from busy skydivers. De-soiled duds can be picked up within 72 hours, allowing patrons to keep wardrobes stocked with outfits as sparkling and fresh as a germaphobe's disco ball.
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    101 Main St
    Half Moon Bay, CA US
  • Cleaners To Your Door
    Cleaners To Your Door specializes in cleaning and repairing three primary fabrics: window coverings, upholstery, and clothing. The certified Fabricare specialists venture to homes to clean drapes, curtains, and blinds of all sorts, removing buildup and brightening dull material. They repair and dye leather furnishings, as well as jackets and handbags, and train their preservation expertise on wedding gowns. The team also dry-cleans day-to-day vestments including pants, blouses, and astronaut suits covered in Tang.
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    5837 Camden Ave. E
    San Jose, CA US

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