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It's a perfect opportunity&nbsp;for trips to pumpkin patches and apple orchards, but&nbsp;also one of the best times&nbsp;to re-visit our favorite <a href=\"\">spas</a> and <a href=\"\">salons</a>.</p>\n<p>While we wouldn't trade any of those days spent at the beach or soaking up sunshine, it's no secret that summer excursions can take a toll on&nbsp;our&nbsp;<a href=\"\">hair</a>, <a href=\"\">skin</a>, and <a href=\"\">nails</a>.&nbsp;So with&nbsp;the changing&nbsp;seasons in mind, we're booking time for some of our favorite <a href=\"\">beauty and spa</a>&nbsp;treatments, from&nbsp;a <a href=\"\">keratin treatment</a>&nbsp;to fight lingering humidity&nbsp;to a <a href=\"\">manicure</a>&nbsp;that splashes our fingers&nbsp;with the latest fall colors.&nbsp;Below, check out more of our favorite tips and trends for the upcoming season.</p>\n<p><img alt=\"Spa Salon H1 png\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"36\" /></p>\n<table>\n<tbody>\n<tr>\n<td>\n<h3><a href=\"\"><img alt=\"brunette woman with straight hair gif\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"200\" /></a></h3>\n<span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Irons? Keratin? Brazilian? Japanese? We take you inside stylists&rsquo; toolboxes to show you the latest in </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">straight-hair</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> technology.</span></td>\n</tr>\n<tr>\n<td>\n<p><a href=\"\"><img alt=\"woman at spa pool no cellulite gif\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"200\" /></a></p>\nIf you&rsquo;re curious about why cellulite looks the way it does, what causes it, and whether it can be treated, you&rsquo;ve come to the right place.</td>\n</tr>\n<tr>\n<td>\n<p><a href=\"\"><img alt=\"woman at spa pool pedicure gif\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"200\" /></a></p>\nJust because sandal season is coming to close, doesn't mean you can't have polished digits to die for.</td>\n</tr>\n<tr>\n<td>\n<p><a href=\"\"><img alt=\"women at spa botox gif\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"200\" /></a></p>\n<span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Are You Ready to Go Under the Needle? What You Need to Know About </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Botox Injections</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. </span></td>\n</tr>\n<tr>\n<td>\n<p><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img alt=\"woman by spa pool laser hair removal lhr gif\" src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"200\" /></span></a></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Learn about the different types of hair-removal lasers and find out which ones are best for your skin tone and hair color.</span></p>\n</td>\n</tr>\n</tbody>\n</table>","created_on":"2016-08-25T21:20:01.300Z","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:19:13.785Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Groupon Editors","author":"df385855-6978-440d-b5a2-7d14dc0f0515","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Spa + Salon","meta_description":"INTRO\n ","fb_og_title":"Spa + Salon","fb_og_description":"INTRO\n ","vhp_desc":"INTRO\n ","tags":["campaign","spa","salon"],"category":"edea8d22-5c94-4c29-ab6b-cde6c3000f98","secondary_categories":["294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","edea8d22-5c94-4c29-ab6b-cde6c3000f98","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"Spa_Salon_LANDING_PAGE_HEADLINE_COPY_png-600x36","caption":"Spa_Salon_LANDING_PAGE_HEADLINE_COPY_png-600x36","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"brunette-woman-with-straight-hair_gif-600x200","caption":"brunette-woman-with-straight-hair_gif-600x200","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman-at-spa-pool-no-cellulite_gif-600x200","caption":"woman-at-spa-pool-no-cellulite_gif-600x200","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"women-at-spa-botox_gif-600x200","caption":"women-at-spa-botox_gif-600x200","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman-at-spa-pool-pedicure_gif-600x200","caption":"woman-at-spa-pool-pedicure_gif-600x200","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman-at-spa-laser-hair-removal-lhr_gif-600x200","caption":"woman-at-spa-laser-hair-removal-lhr_gif-600x200","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Spa_Salon_H1_png-600x36","caption":"Spa_Salon_H1_png-600x36","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"salon_spa_1_jpg-600x390","caption":"salon_spa_1_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"linkoutbanner_jpg-600x100","caption":"linkoutbanner_jpg-600x100","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman-by-spa-pool-laser-hair-removal-lhr_gif-600x200","caption":"woman-by-spa-pool-laser-hair-removal-lhr_gif-600x200","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"beauty-salon-and-spa-tips-and-trends","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"868bb35f-ce2d-4d7d-9276-56c01df9666a","published_on":"2016-08-27T19:10:32.041Z","last_published_on":"2016-09-15T16:08:04.336Z","guid":"868bb35f-ce2d-4d7d-9276-56c01df9666a","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/beauty-salon-and-spa-tips-and-trends"},{"article_type":"NATIONAL","author":"34020485-4bfc-422e-9906-ceaf0345fd42","author_name":"Kelly MacDowell","author_page":false,"category":"c145fba4-25e7-459e-8108-0ed1db1b678e","city_guide_banner":{"source":null,"caption":null,"link":null,"image":null},"content":"<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"Three Simple Ways to Remove Glitter Nail Polish\" /></p>\n<p>Wearing glitter nail polish is sort of like wearing a suit of armor: it looks awesomely fierce when you put it on, but it&rsquo;s a total pain to take off. Here are three removal hacks we found that make de-glittering as easy as turning a telescope into a canon while dangling from a suspension bridge&hellip;you know, if you&rsquo;re used to that sort of thing.</p>\n<h2>The rubber-band trick</h2>\n<p><strong>Genius behind it: </strong>Beauty blogger <a href=\"\">Michelle Phan</a></p>\n<p><strong>Tools needed: </strong>5 cotton balls, 10 small rubber bands, nail-polish remover</p>\n<p>First, tear each of the cotton balls in half. One by one, soak the halves in nail-polish remover and use them to cover each nail by wrapping a rubber band around the cotton ball and your fingertip. Leave for five minutes. As you remove each piece of cotton, use it to wipe off any remaining polish.</p>\n<h2>DIY peel-off base coat</h2>\n<p><strong>Genius behind it: </strong><a href=\"\"></a></p>\n<p><strong>Tools needed: </strong>Elmer&rsquo;s glue, empty nail-polish bottle, water, and a small funnel if you&rsquo;ve got one</p>\n<p>Start by cleaning out the empty nail-polish bottle. Fill it with a little nail-polish remover, close the bottle, and shake. Wash it out with hot water and let dry. Next, fill one-third of the bottle with glue and add water until you get the desired consistency (you can make it as thick or as thin as you like). Close the bottle and shake until the glue and water are thoroughly blended.</p>\n<p>Apply the mixture as a base coat, giving it at least five minutes to dry before layering glitter polish on top. You&rsquo;ll be able to remove the polish by finding a corner and peeling it off in a couple pieces or less. Beautylish notes that you might want to abstain from using a topcoat, as this will make the peeling process a bit harder.</p>\n<h2>Fight polish with more polish</h2>\n<p><strong>Geniuses behind it: </strong><a href=\"\"> readers</a></p>\n<p><strong>Tools needed: </strong>Regular nail polish and/or a base coat</p>\n<p>There are two possible methods here. If you haven&rsquo;t started your manicure yet, try layering a base coat and/or a colored nail polish beneath the glitter polish. It helps prevent the glitter from bonding directly to the nail, which makes it easier to remove the old-fashioned way.</p>\n<p>If you already have glitter polish on and there&rsquo;s nothing beneath it, try this: take a bottle of colored nail polish you don&rsquo;t mind wasting. Paint it over the the glitter polish, leaving it on for a couple of minutes without letting it dry all the way. It can bond to and loosen the glitter, again, making it easier to remove the old-fashioned way.</p>\n<p><em>Photo&nbsp;by&nbsp;Alli Whitaker and Amy Nohl, Groupon</em></p>","created_on":"2014-02-19T15:30:08.000Z","fb_og_description":"MacGyver your way out of a glitter manicure with everyday items like rubber bands and glue.","fb_og_title":"Three Simple Ways to Remove Glitter Nail Polish","imported":true,"last_modified_by":"IMPORT","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:20:10.282Z","locale":"en_US","location":null,"meta_description":"MacGyver your way out of a glitter manicure with everyday items like rubber bands and glue.","mobile_title":"","permalink":"three-simple-ways-to-remove-glitter-nail-polish","photos":[{"hero":true,"img_url":"","img_key":"","altText":"Three Simple Ways to Remove Glitter Nail Polish"}],"published":"PUBLISHED","published_on":"2016-05-19T21:55:22.555Z","published_permalinks":[],"secondary_categories":["c145fba4-25e7-459e-8108-0ed1db1b678e","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023","294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902"],"seo_title":"3 Ways to Remove Glitter Nail Polish","tags":["style_and_beauty"],"title":"Three Simple Ways to Remove Glitter Nail Polish","vhp_desc":"<p>MacGyver your way out of a glitter manicure with everyday items like rubber bands and glue.</p>","name":"","schemaOrgAttr":{},"places":[],"id":"80a791de-0532-434a-9ad3-fdd2aaf8fcd8","guid":"80a791de-0532-434a-9ad3-fdd2aaf8fcd8","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/three-simple-ways-to-remove-glitter-nail-polish"},{"article_type":"NATIONAL","author":"a91446bd-6aaa-4ba4-964e-96eb5b4404ed","author_name":"Mae Rice","author_page":false,"category":"91e47ef0-776d-4eaf-9acb-acd360036b94","city_guide_banner":{"image":null,"link":null,"caption":null,"source":null},"content":"<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"Which Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?\" /></p>\n<p>Individually applied eyelash extensions do what mascara can only dream of: visibly lengthen lashes. Best of all, the effect lasts for weeks after just one application. But even if you&rsquo;re sold on the benefits of <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">eyelash extensions</a>, you still have an important decision to make: what kind should I get? With help from Olivia Black at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Chicago Lash Lounge</a>, we profiled the three most popular styles, and found out that lashes are like <em>Oregon Trail</em> supplies&mdash;what you end up with depends largely on what you&rsquo;re willing to spend.</p>\n<p><a href=\";lng=-87.68476&amp;address=Chicago%2C%20IL&amp;category=beauty-and-spas&amp;category3=eyelash-extensions\" target=\"_blank\"><img class=\"aligncenter size-full wp-image-26138\" src=\"\" alt=\"eyelash-extension-banner_600c66\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></p>\n<h2>Mink</h2>\n<p><strong>Price ranking:</strong> Most expensive</p>\n<p><strong>The look:</strong> Ultra-natural. These blend seamlessly into your real lashes&mdash;and you can always vamp them up with oil-free mascara.</p>\n<p><strong>Pros:</strong> They&rsquo;re cruelty-free. Minks aren&rsquo;t harmed in any way when these get made; their coats just get brushed. Maybe one day, getting your hair brushed will also be a job for humans!</p>\n<p><strong>Cons:</strong> These are most expensive, and they need to be applied the most slowly and painstakingly. A technician who picks up a mink extension improperly will snap it with her tweezers. If you&rsquo;re strapped for time, go for the hardier styles below.</p>\n<h2>Synthetic mink</h2>\n<p><strong>Price ranking:</strong> Medium</p>\n<p><strong>The look:</strong> Blacker and shinier than any other style. These are perceptibly fake, but viewers have to get close to notice anything.</p>\n<p><strong>Pros:</strong> Their silky texture makes them especially comfortable against your face (though you can still make other people uncomfortable by pressing your lashes against their faces).</p>\n<p><strong>Cons:</strong> If you want your lashes to be undetectable, this isn&rsquo;t the style for you. Splurge on mink.</p>\n<h2>Acrylic</h2>\n<p><strong>Price ranking:</strong> Least expensive</p>\n<p><strong>The look:</strong> Thick, black lashes, &agrave; la Katy Perry or Bambi. These are the most obviously fake, but that&rsquo;s not necessarily bad&mdash;lipstick and professional wrestling are obviously fake, too.</p>\n<p><strong>Pros:</strong> This style is the most dramatic, and very widely available. It was the first style to cross over from the fashion world to the mainstream, so it&rsquo;s had the most time to catch on.</p>\n<p><strong>Cons:</strong> Of the three styles, these lashes are made of the coarsest fiber, which can make them feel itchy on the face.They&rsquo;re also the heaviest&mdash;weak natural lashes often can&rsquo;t support acrylic extensions.</p>\n<p>Read our answers to <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">eyelash extensions FAQs</a>, including aftercare instructions.</p>\n<p><em>Photo: Tim Burkhart, Groupon</em></p>","created_on":"2013-12-18T18:14:33.000Z","fb_og_description":"Dramatic or natural? That is the question. The other question: What kind of budget are you on?","fb_og_title":"Which Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?","imported":false,"last_modified_by":"5339801c197fe9653600000d","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:20:36.950Z","locale":"en_US","location":null,"meta_description":"Dramatic or natural? That is the question. The other question: What kind of budget are you on?","mobile_title":"","permalink":"which-eyelash-extensions-should-i-get","photos":[{"img_key":"","img_url":"","hero":true,"altText":"Which Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?"},{"img_key":"","img_url":"","hero":false,"altText":"eyelash-extension-banner_600c66"}],"places":[],"published":"PUBLISHED","published_on":"2016-04-11T19:16:37.431Z","published_permalinks":["which-eyelash-extensions-should-i-get"],"secondary_categories":["bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023","294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","91e47ef0-776d-4eaf-9acb-acd360036b94"],"seo_title":"Eyelash Extensions: Which Style Should I Get?","tags":["style_and_beauty"],"title":"Which Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?","vhp_desc":"<p>Dramatic or natural? That is the question. The other question: What kind of budget are you on?</p>","name":"","schemaOrgAttr":{},"id":"5e9db969-9522-4d06-bd30-bb8b94ada614","guid":"5e9db969-9522-4d06-bd30-bb8b94ada614","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/which-eyelash-extensions-should-i-get"},{"article_type":"NATIONAL","author":"a91446bd-6aaa-4ba4-964e-96eb5b4404ed","author_name":"Mae Rice","author_page":false,"category":"c145fba4-25e7-459e-8108-0ed1db1b678e","city_guide_banner":{"source":null,"caption":null,"link":null,"image":null},"content":"<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"No-Chip Manicure vs. Traditional Manicure: The Road Test\" /></p>\n<p>For what seems like forever I&rsquo;ve been hearing that no-chip manicures are meant to last two weeks. That seems unlikely to me&mdash;I&rsquo;m so clumsy, I&rsquo;m amazed whenever I make it through the day with both hands intact, let alone a manicure. But after some research on no-chip polish, I finally decided to test it out. I got a no-chip manicure, and took pictures of it daily over a two-week span. I then did the same thing with a regular manicure (which I guess you could call a chip manicure?). Let&rsquo;s see how they stack up.</p>\n<h2><strong>Phase 1: Application&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></h2>\n<h3><em>No-chip manicure</em></h3>\n<p>The no-chip application process isn&rsquo;t that different from a regular manicure&rsquo;s&mdash;except that after every coat of polish, the technician &ldquo;set&rdquo; her work by sticking my hand under a UV lamp. This meant that: 1) my hands basically got to go to the beach in the middle of winter, and 2) when my nails were done, they were super done. I could have immediately started rummaging around in a bag of tortilla chips. (To clarify: I did not bring chips to the salon. I just like chips and think about them often.)</p>\n<h3><em>Regular manicure</em></h3>\n<p>You know the drill. My favorite part is when they massage your forearms with, like, sugar paste? So amazing that that&rsquo;s a widely available service. (A solid summary of this whole Application section is: I love nail salons.)</p>\n<h2><strong>Phase 2: Two Weeks of Wear</strong></h2>\n<h3><em>No-chip manicure</em></h3>\n<p>Maybe because I don&rsquo;t get out much, I was genuinely amazed by the durability of no-chip polish. It didn&rsquo;t chip, it <em>stayed shiny</em>, and the base edge of the polish never got raggedy, even as the nail grew out. I think this stuff is mined in space.</p>\n<h3><em>Regular manicure</em></h3>\n<p>I love regular manicures, but they were definitely outclassed in this contest. One of my fingers got hugely smudged, all because I put it (<em>very daintily</em>) in my pocket on the way home from the salon. I schlepped back to get it retouched, for free, so as not to give no-chip an unfair advantage, but the regular polish still started peeling off before the two-week mark.</p>\n<h2><strong>Phase 3: Removal&nbsp;</strong></h2>\n<h3><em>No-chip manicure</em></h3>\n<p>Removing no-chip polish generally requires a return trip to the salon. It was free (cool!) but, in my case, also inconvenient and uncomfortable in a way that is hard to explain. There was just a lot of &hellip; scraping. First the tech scraped the surface of my nails with an emery board, to break up the shiny seal. Later after an acetone soak, more scraping, this time with an orange stick (which looks and feels like dental instrument), to actually remove the polish. It took nearly half an hour. It doesn&rsquo;t hurt, but at the same time I will never think, &ldquo;Man, I miss those scraping feelings.&rdquo;</p>\n<h3><em>Regular manicure</em></h3>\n<p>I took it off at home with some nail-polish remover. It took five minutes. Which left plenty of time for chip eating.</p>\n<h2><strong>The Verdict&nbsp;</strong></h2>\n<p>It&rsquo;s hard to name just one winner in this contest, so instead I will name four. Even though there are only two contestants.</p>\n<ul>\n<li><em>If your top priority is durability:</em> No-chip</li>\n<li><em>If your top priority is shine:</em> No-chip</li>\n<li><em>If your top priority is your budget:</em> Regular</li>\n<li><em>If your top priority is avoiding scrapey feelings:</em> Regular</li>\n</ul>\n<p>In closing, I want to congratulate both my manicures on their performance. You guys did a great job and made my hands substantially cuter than usual. For more info, read up on how to <a href=\"\">remove no-chip polish at home</a> (a process I wasn&rsquo;t brave enough to try) and other <a href=\"\">long-lasting manicure options</a>.</p>\n<h3><em>Shop Groupon for deals at local&nbsp;<a href=\"\">nail salons</a>.</em></h3>","created_on":"2014-03-03T15:27:59.000Z","fb_og_description":"I got a no-chip manicure and a traditional manicure and compared the experiences. Part of my test: how soon could I stick my hand in a bag of chips? For what seems like forever I’ve been hearing that no-chip manicures are meant to last two weeks. That seems unlikely to me—I’m so clumsy, I’m amazed whenever I make it through the day with both hands","fb_og_title":"No-Chip Manicure vs. Traditional Manicure: The Road Test","imported":true,"last_modified_by":"IMPORT","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:20:57.709Z","locale":"en_US","location":null,"meta_description":"I got a no-chip manicure and a traditional manicure and compared the experiences. Part of my test: how soon could I stick my hand in a bag of chips?","mobile_title":"","permalink":"no-chip-manicure-vs-traditional-manicure-the-road-test-fve","photos":[{"hero":true,"img_url":"","img_key":"","altText":"No-Chip Manicure vs. Traditional Manicure: The Road Test"}],"published":"PUBLISHED","published_on":"2016-03-11T19:42:13.571Z","published_permalinks":[],"secondary_categories":["c145fba4-25e7-459e-8108-0ed1db1b678e","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023","294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902"],"seo_title":"No-Chip Manicure vs. Traditional Manicure: The Road Test | Beauty | Groupon","tags":["style_and_beauty"],"title":"No-Chip Manicure vs. Traditional Manicure: The Road Test","vhp_desc":"<p><em>I got a no-chip manicure and a traditional manicure and compared the experiences. Part of my test: how soon could I stick my hand in a bag of chips?</em></p>","name":"","schemaOrgAttr":{},"places":[],"id":"8fa96539-740c-49c0-8e8a-eb84dbd78573","guid":"8fa96539-740c-49c0-8e8a-eb84dbd78573","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/no-chip-manicure-vs-traditional-manicure-the-road-test-fve"},{"article_type":"NATIONAL","author":"34020485-4bfc-422e-9906-ceaf0345fd42","author_name":"Kelly MacDowell","author_page":false,"category":"bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023","content":"<p><img src=\"\" alt=\"The Great No-Shampoo Experiment\" /></p>\n<p>When we got the skinny on <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">the best way to wash hair</a>, our biggest takeaway was that people don&rsquo;t need as much shampoo as they think they do. In fact, many <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">salons</a> are debating whether shampoo is essential at all. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s something that&rsquo;s being talked about a lot right now in the beauty industry,&rdquo; said organic stylist <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Kristina Louise Welzien</a>. &ldquo;People are having these predictions that shampoo will no longer be needed at some point.&rdquo;</p>\n<p>We decided to test that theory with a little experiment of our own&mdash;what happens when you stop using shampoo?</p>\n<h2>The Hypothesis</h2>\n<p><em>Giving up shampoo for 30 days can help regulate oil production, improving the condition of hair and scalp.</em></p>\n<p>Kristina&rsquo;s shampoo expertise helped shape our strategy. &ldquo;If we use anything that&rsquo;s too astringent or too cleansing and we use it too often, it can actually have a reverse effect,&rdquo; she said. In layman&rsquo;s terms: the more often you wash your hair, the more oil your scalp tends to produce.</p>\n<h2>The Subjects and the Experiment</h2>\n<p>Two of our writers courageously volunteered to stop using shampoo for 30 days. To help them in their journey, Kristina created individualized regimens for each of them based on their hair type and styling challenges.</p>\n<p><img alt=\"Aimee baseball card\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><strong>Kristina&rsquo;s instructions:</strong> Aimee struggles with what Kristina says is a common result of over-shampooing&mdash;a combination of dryness and oil. She told Aimee to rinse her hair most days, and then condition the ends. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s [also] important to give a day or [so] between rinses when you&rsquo;re not messing with it at all.&rdquo;</p>\n<p>To prevent oily roots, Kristina advised brushing or combing hair daily to keep the oils distributed, and to use a hair powder or dry shampoo. Aimee was told to take it easy on styling products, and to rinse her scalp once a week with an apple cider vinegar blend (see the recipe below) to avoid product buildup. &nbsp;</p>\n<p><img alt=\"Aimee days\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"325\" /></p>\n<h3><strong>Aimee&rsquo;s observations: </strong></h3>\n<p><strong>Week one:</strong> &ldquo;Greasy, greasy, greasy. I rinsed it with apple cider vinegar [two days in a row] but it didn&rsquo;t help &hellip; I feel like everyone can see how gross my hair is.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>Week two:</strong> &ldquo;I broke down and got the grease out with <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">castile soap</a> (I used the bar, not the liquid), then rinsed with apple cider vinegar. I also bought a boar-bristle brush &hellip; to help distribute the oils better. Even [my husband]&rsquo;s noticed how great my hair looked &hellip; I f***ing love it.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>Week three:</strong> &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t think I&rsquo;ll ever buy a bottle of shampoo again.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>Day 30:</strong> &ldquo;I have not had a bad hair day since I got out of the greasy phase of this experiment.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img alt=\"Hair care banner\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a><img alt=\"Lisa baseball card\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" /></p>\n<p><strong>Kristina&rsquo;s instructions:</strong> Because Lisa&rsquo;s curls were dry, Kristina recommended rinsing just once or twice a week, then conditioning the ends. &ldquo;Even if you&rsquo;re not shampooing, any time you get the hair wet you&rsquo;re drying it out,&rdquo; she explained.</p>\n<p>For styling, Kristina suggested that Lisa fill a spray bottle with essential oil and spritz her curls whenever they needed refreshing. She could also use the apple cider vinegar blend once a week to cleanse the scalp, and brush or comb regularly to distribute oil.</p>\n<p><img alt=\"Lisa days\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"323\" /></p>\n<h3><strong>Lisa&rsquo;s observations:</strong></h3>\n<p><strong>Week one:</strong> &ldquo;I had my hair [professionally] cut before the experiment, but today my ends feel frayed &hellip; My scalp itches like crazy and I&rsquo;ve been noticing more dandruff in between rinsing days. I&rsquo;m really frustrated with my hair [so] I&rsquo;m keeping it back in a ponytail.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>Week two:</strong> &ldquo;I felt like the curls were really heavy and not very bouncy, but someone told me my hair looked clean, so at least it&rsquo;s looking better.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>Week three:</strong> &ldquo;I wasn&rsquo;t sure if it was okay to cut my hair during this trial, but I did it anyway&mdash;by myself, sans shampoo&mdash;and I LOVE it. I&rsquo;ve never had a haircut I was really happy with, but it turned out exactly how I&rsquo;d hoped &hellip; I&rsquo;ve had several compliments, and people are surprised to discover I haven&rsquo;t been shampooing it.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>Day 30:</strong> &ldquo;I have had curly hair for 34.25 years and it once again resembles what it was like when I was two and it was unmarred by products and people called me Shirley Temple. This is the greatest day of my hair-life.&rdquo;</p>\n<h2>The Conclusion</h2>\n<p><img alt=\"After pics composite\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p>Both Aimee and Lisa have fallen in love with their no-shampoo routines. Aimee&rsquo;s combination of oily scalp and dry hair has balanced out; Lisa says her hair feels softer and her curls are bouncier. They both plan to continue skipping shampoo for the foreseeable future.</p>\n<p>That&rsquo;s not to say the shampoo-free lifestyle is for everyone. &ldquo;Just like any trend, one thing is not ever going to be good for everybody,&rdquo; Kristina said. &ldquo;Though, as a hairdresser, I always think it&rsquo;s great to give the hair a break from time to time.&rdquo;</p>\n<h2>Want to conduct an experiment of your own?</h2>\n<p>Kristina gave us four reasons why you might want to give up shampoo&mdash;at least for a little bit.</p>\n<p><strong>1. You&rsquo;re addicted to heat styling.</strong> &ldquo;Taking a break from shampooing and getting a nice haircut can do wonders for healing the hair,&rdquo; Kristina said. &ldquo;Set your hot tools down for 2&ndash;4 weeks, take it easy on the shampooing, and your hair will be incredible.&rdquo;</p>\n<p><strong>2. You have <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">highlights</a> or change your hair color often.</strong> Going blonde is especially harsh on hair, as is jumping around from color to color. Cutting shampoo from your daily routine will help your hair&rsquo;s pH balance by restoring some natural moisture.</p>\n<p><strong>3. You get <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">keratin</a> or other straightening treatments.</strong> Kristina finds that &ldquo;letting [hair] just chill out for a minute before getting another straightening treatment&rdquo; helps prevent damage. This is doubly true if you keratin and color.</p>\n<p><strong>4. You have curly or textured hair.</strong> &ldquo;Texture in general has a tendency to be more dry,&rdquo; Kristina said. &ldquo;If you&rsquo;re shampooing it on a regular basis, textured hair rarely will have a moment to be naturally conditioned by its own oils.&rdquo; She noted that natural oils can improve curl pattern and reduce frizz.</p>\n<p>Ready to get started? Don&rsquo;t forget your <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">apple cider vinegar</a> blend&mdash;here&rsquo;s a recipe, along with some tips and tricks for using it.</p>\n<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img alt=\"Apple cider vinegar recipe card\" class=\"artimg\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></a></p>\n<p><em>Conclusion image by Matt Schwerin, Groupon. Progress photos by Kelly MacDowell and Mae Rice, Groupon.</em></p>\n<h2>Get more haircare tips from the Groupon Guide:</h2>\n<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img alt=\"Shampoo\" class=\"alignleft\" style=\"float: left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; display: block; z-index: 100;\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"200\" height=\"130\" /></a></p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Are You Washing Your Hair Wrong?</a><br /><br /><br /></h2>\n<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img alt=\"Beach spray\" class=\"alignleft\" style=\"float: left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; display: block; z-index: 100;\" title=\"\" src=\"\" width=\"200\" height=\"130\" /></a></p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Get Beachy Waves with This DIY Sea-Salt Spray</a></h2>\n<p><br /><br /><br /></p>","created_on":"2015-03-30T15:38:10.880Z","deal_keywords":[],"fb_og_description":"Two of our writers gave up shampoo for 30 days to find out whether or not they'd melt into an oily puddle.","fb_og_title":"The Great No-Shampoo Experiment","imported":false,"last_modified_by":"54bec1760d316a279e000003","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:21:02.996Z","locale":"en_US","location":null,"meta_description":"For this 30-day experiment, two Groupon Guide writers learned how to stop using shampoo.","mobile_title":"","permalink":"how-to-stop-using-shampoo","photos":[{"hero":false,"altText":"Aimee baseball card","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"altText":"Lisa baseball card","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":true,"altText":"The Great No-Shampoo Experiment","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"altText":"Apple cider vinegar recipe card","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"altText":"After pics composite","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"altText":"Aimee days","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"img_key":"","img_url":"","caption":"","altText":"Lisa days","hero":false},{"img_key":"","img_url":"","caption":"","altText":"Hair care banner","hero":false},{"hero":false,"altText":"Shampoo","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"altText":"Beach spray","caption":"","img_url":"","img_key":""}],"places":[],"published":"PUBLISHED","published_on":"2016-03-08T20:05:31.001Z","published_permalinks":["how-to-stop-using-shampoo"],"secondary_categories":["bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"seo_title":"This Is What Happens When You Stop Using Shampoo","tags":["style_and_beauty","shampoo","hair","beauty_routine","hairdresser","apple_cider_vinegar","no_shampoo","beauty_experiments","before_and_after"],"title":"The Great No-Shampoo Experiment","vhp_desc":"<p>Two of our writers gave up shampoo for 30 days to find out whether or not they'd melt into an oily puddle.</p>","name":"","schemaOrgAttr":{},"id":"af77a497-42ec-4b81-8026-09146dff59b1","guid":"af77a497-42ec-4b81-8026-09146dff59b1","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/how-to-stop-using-shampoo"},{"article_type":"NATIONAL","author":"b4b82c44-135b-4735-9a74-2d3a3a4d4750","author_name":"Favin the Maven","author_page":false,"category":"55146a3d-4bd7-4d99-9109-382b1015e3c9","city_guide_banner":{"source":null,"caption":null,"link":null,"image":null},"content":"<p>I&rsquo;m old-fashioned when it comes to tanning&mdash;I just need a towel, a sun beam, and someone to wake me up after a while. But sometimes, like during the most brutal winter in decades, a trip to the beach isn&rsquo;t feasible. That&rsquo;s when I can get behind the idea of a quick and safe spray tan.</p>\n<p>I decided to visit <a href=\"\">Spray of Sunshine</a>, where they deal exclusively in spray tans. (They know the process inside and out, so I felt confident I wouldn&rsquo;t end up looking like the love child of a human and a carrot.) They have two spray-tanning methods at their studio: an automated Mystic booth and a custom airbrush tan.</p>\n<p>Instead of picking one, I decided to try <em>both</em>, taking a week off in between appointments. Read on to see which one sounds best for you.</p>\n<h2>Mystic Spray Tan</h2>\n<p><img class=\"alignnone size-full wp-image-19001\" src=\"\" alt=\"should-you-get-a-spray-tan-from-a-person-or-a-talking-robot_mystic_600c390\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><strong>Price at Spray of Sunshine:</strong> $30</p>\n<p><strong>Time:</strong> Less than 2 minutes!</p>\n<p><strong>Lasts:</strong> 3&ndash;5 days, on average</p>\n<p><strong>Prep:</strong> I put lotion all over my hands and feet, including in between my fingers, around my cuticles, and on my heels. (This keeps the tanning solution from getting too dark or blotchy in those thin-skinned areas.)</p>\n<p><strong>Coverage:</strong> The booth definitely sprayed my entire body. In fact, it was a little too thorough&mdash;even though I put the lotion on my feet, their bottoms looked darker and more orange than the rest of me. A few go-overs with a pumice stone at home took care of that, though.</p>\n<p><strong>Cool factors:</strong> You&rsquo;re inside a<em> talking robot</em>. Once the door was closed and the booth was activated, a friendly female voice told me how to position and reposition my feet. At the end, she even said bye to me! Another cool thing: When the spraying is over, you magically don&rsquo;t feel wet.</p>\n<p><strong>Least favorite part:</strong> The spray was cold. The team keeps the solution at room temperature, but it still feels freezing when it hits your body. Thankfully, it&rsquo;s supposed to feel refreshing in the summer.</p>\n<p><strong>Overall:</strong> The Mystic booth gave me a strong, all-over tan in a crazy-short amount of time. It&rsquo;s the perfect choice if you have a really busy schedule or want to look sunkissed immediately. Just take your time with that lotion application!</p>\n<h2>Custom Airbrush Tan</h2>\n<p><img class=\"alignnone size-full wp-image-19002\" src=\"\" alt=\"should-you-get-a-spray-tan-from-a-person-or-a-talking-robot_2_600c390\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><strong>Price at Spray of Sunshine:</strong> $48</p>\n<p><strong>Time:</strong> 7&ndash;15 minutes. Mine took about 12.</p>\n<p><strong>Lasts:</strong> 7&ndash;10 days, on average</p>\n<p><strong>Prep:</strong> I just walked into a private room and stood on a towel. Emotionally, though, you should prepare yourself for being nearly to completely naked in front of someone! In my case, it was airbrush artist Nikki Myers, whose cheeriness made me feel totally comfortable.</p>\n<p><strong>Coverage:</strong> Just as total as the Mystic but more detailed. Nikki had me spread my fingers for her, did quick swipes of spray across my wrists, and even used a mini paint roller on my shoulders afterward to make sure that my tank-top straps didn&rsquo;t leave a line.</p>\n<p><strong>Cool factors:</strong> The airbrush is a brown nozzle that looks like a gun from a sci-fi western. Plus, you get to chat with whoever&rsquo;s airbrushing you.</p>\n<p><strong>Least favorite part:</strong> The solution felt even colder than it had in the booth, although every once in a while, Nikki would pause and blast me with warm air, which helps dry the solution. I was also quite sticky afterward, and I couldn&rsquo;t wash off the feeling&mdash;I had to wait the recommended eight hours before showering.</p>\n<p><strong>Overall:</strong> The custom airbrush costs more, but it looks a tad more natural and you get more personalization&mdash;they can tweak the solution and their techniques to create the look you want. I&rsquo;d totally endure the initial stickiness again for longer trips and special events like weddings.</p>\n<p><em>Photo by Mahreen Younus, Groupon</em></p>","created_on":"2014-03-06T18:31:08.000Z","fb_og_description":"I tried both! And both times, I was very cold. Here are my field notes.","fb_og_title":"Should You Get a Spray Tan from a Person or a Talking Robot?","imported":true,"last_modified_by":"IMPORT","last_modified_on":"2016-11-10T15:24:25.656Z","locale":"en_US","location":null,"meta_description":"I tried both! And both times, I was very cold. Here are my field notes.","mobile_title":"","permalink":"should-you-get-a-spray-tan-from-a-person-or-a-talking-robot-fv","photos":[{"hero":true,"img_url":"","img_key":""},{"hero":false,"img_url":"","img_key":"","altText":"should-you-get-a-spray-tan-from-a-person-or-a-talking-robot_mystic_600c390"},{"hero":false,"img_url":"","img_key":"","altText":"should-you-get-a-spray-tan-from-a-person-or-a-talking-robot_2_600c390"}],"published":"PUBLISHED","published_on":"2015-09-10T21:50:24.940Z","published_permalinks":[],"secondary_categories":["55146a3d-4bd7-4d99-9109-382b1015e3c9","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023","294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902"],"seo_title":"Should You Get a Spray Tan from a Robot or an Airbrush Tan from a Person?","tags":["style_and_beauty"],"title":"Should You Get a Spray Tan from a Person or a Talking Robot?","vhp_desc":"<p>I tried both! And both times, I was very cold. Here are my field notes.</p>","name":"","schemaOrgAttr":{},"places":[],"id":"8e016e8e-385a-4fd4-89a3-4e704c89c5e4","guid":"8e016e8e-385a-4fd4-89a3-4e704c89c5e4","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/should-you-get-a-spray-tan-from-a-person-or-a-talking-robot-fv"}],"featuredArticles":[{"title":"Where to Find a Groupon Spa Service Offered by One of the Country's Top Beauty Experts ","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p>\n<script src=\"//\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>\n</p>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p>There's a dentist's office on Wilshire Boulevard in LA where celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, Christina Applegate, and chef Gordon Ramsay all go when they need some dental work. That such a place exists is not surprising. What is surprising is that anyone can go there, even if they don't have the name, the money, or the pocketful of pizza typically required to bribe their way in. But the most astonishing thing about this place is that you can find it on Groupon.</p>\n<p>People looking for a Groupon <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">spa or wellness treatment</a> are often surprised to find such renowned merchants on the site. Yet they shouldn't be. Groupon partners with many top merchants around the country, from salons with celebrity stylists to spas located inside some of the nation's nicest hotels. Let us introduce you to a few of the best Groupon beauty and Groupon spa deals in your city.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">New York</a></h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Midoma</a>: Midtown</h3>\n<p>This highly creative space, with vibrant works of art backdropped by clean white walls and mannequins draped in dresses, is part hair salon, part gallery, and part boutique. Here, stylists from all around the world give dramatic cuts and soft balayage color to a wide range of New Yorkers, including Broadway stars and models in editorial shoots. Midoma also frequently hosts exhibitions for renowned artists.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Russian and Turkish Baths</a>: East Village</h3>\n<p>If you come here to get pampered, you might be disappointed. If you come here for a good shvitz and a brisk thrashing with oak leaves sopped in olive oil soap, you'll be thrilled. Most people come to the tenement-basement baths precisely for its no frills Old World atmosphere. In fact, since 1892, the traditional bathhouse has been attracting everyone from gangsters to celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and John Belushi.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Sisley-Paris Spa in the Carlyle Hotel</a>: Upper East Side</h3>\n<p>The glamorous Sisley-Paris Spa may be the polar opposite of the bathhouse, lavishing patrons with indulgent spa services in an opulent space tucked away in the Art Deco&ndash;style Carlyle Hotel. Each spa service begins with a lavender oil aromatherapy treatment and incorporates luxe French skincare products. And when you leave the intimate, chandelier&ndash;bedecked space, there's a small chance you'll see someone famous, as the Carlyle has catered to celebrities and royalty since opening in the 1930s.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Chicago</a></h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Ruby Room</a>: Wicker Park</h3>\n<p>Ruby Room has gotten plenty of attention for its unconventional treatments: chakra and crystal energy healings, numerology sessions, and aura readings. (It even has infrared biomat sessions, which have reportedly been used by NASA to help with chronic pain, and involve lying on an infrared bed lined with crystals.) However, the brownstone spa has more traditional offerings, too, including hair-color services to create trendy bronde and blorange shades.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Bliss Spa</a>: Near North Side</h3>\n<p>Yes, Bliss has some great services, including oxygen facials and love-handle treatments utilizing Bliss's famed Fatgirlslim cream, but what Chicagoans really rave about are the amenities. These include nail stations with movie screens, a scented steam room, and a relaxation room that overlooks Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. And of course there's the legendary brownie buffet.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Salon 1800</a>: Lincoln Park</h3>\n<p>Everyone from chic Lincoln Park ladies to local TV personalities head to Salon 1800 whenever they need a new 'do, which is unsurprising given the number of on-trend looks that come out of the salon. Its stylists specialize in&nbsp;both subtle balayage and bold colors, transforming brown locks into bronde ones with strategically placed blond highlights, and creating vibrant rainbow hair. One look at the salon's Instagram also makes it clear that they have mastered waves and braids.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Los Angeles</a></h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Aqua Star Babor Beauty Spa at The Beverly Hilton</a>: Beverly Hills</h3>\n<p>When you look at the history of The Beverly Hilton, you realize that its spa's aestheticians probably know what they're talking about when it comes to the Red Carpet Ready facial. That's because the hotel hosts more than 150 red carpet events each year, including the Golden Globes, star-studded charity galas, and Clive Davis's legendary pre-Grammy party. During the 80-minute glow-inducing Red Carpet facial, they utilize products from Babor, the famed German skincare company that blends science and nature in its formulations. Aqua Star is the only Babor spa in America.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Zakhor Dental Group</a>: Westwood/UCLA</h3>\n<p>This is the office of Dr. Mansour Zakhor, the aforementioned dentist to the stars. They and his other patients trust him to make over their smiles, whether that means using thin porcelain veneers to cover stains and chips or using Zoom! whitening treatments to brighten teeth up to eight shades. He treats other oral problems, too, including recommending&nbsp;special dental appliances to help patients stop snoring.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Bokaos Pasadena, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa</a>: Pasadena</h3>\n<p>Bokaos's owner, celebrity stylist Hasblady Guzman, has worked on stars such as Gerard Butler and Ana Ortiz from <em>Ugly Betty,</em> and has helped entertainment reporters get glamorous for the Oscars. Hasblady, who contributed to our <a href=\"\">spring beauty lookbook</a>, has been featured by <em>OK!</em> and <em>Teen Vogue</em>, as well. At her salon, she and her Aveda-, Vidal Sassoon&ndash;, and Toni &amp; Guy&ndash;trained staffers buzz designs into <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">undercuts</a>, attach extensions, and apply American Wave foam curlers to create soft waves, famed stylist Nick Arrojo's modern-day version of a perm.</p>\n<p><a href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Phoenix</a></h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort and Spa</a>: Camelback Mountain base</h3>\n<p>This Phoenix hotel has attracted many important people over the years, including President George W. Bush, because of its luxurious amenities. Perhaps the most impressive of these is the Alvadora Spa, which has Mediterranean treatment rooms that spill into private courtyards, plus crackling fireplaces and impressive 8-foot outdoor waterfall showers. One of the more unique treatments is an in-water massage in the heated Watsu pool, during which the therapist rocks, cradles, and stretches guests.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">R Salon</a>: Biltmore</h3>\n<p>With its electric blue furniture and lime-green walls&mdash;not to mention the assymetrical, cheetah-spot hairdos exiting from its doors&mdash;R Salon feels like an edgy New York salon. It's so popular that it has expanded from 4 stylists to more than 50, who also execute more classic haircuts and subtle color. These stylists have been educated all over the country and also internationally&mdash;one even trained in France and another has worked with celebrities such as Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie in Beverly Hills.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Senza Pelo Med Spa</a>: Christown</h3>\n<p>Senza is known as the place to go for electrolysis, not just in Arizona, but across the country. Thank owner Maria DeNicola, who has been zapping away unwanted facial and body hair since the 1980s. Maria is an ally of the trans community, and in 2016, the Human Rights Campaign awarded her its Independent Equality Award for her efforts helping her transgender clients transition, both by performing electrolysis and by offering emotional support. With the help of her med spa team, which includes three nurses, DeNicola also treats faces with microdermabrasion, lasers, and high-end products from La Maison Clayton Shagal and PCA Skin.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Washington DC</a></h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Drybar</a>: Multiple Locations</h3>\n<p>Drybar, which has been featured extensively in the media, was the first blow-dry bar in the country. At each Drybar location, customers sit around a sleek center bar as stylists blow-dry, straighten, and curl their hair, prepping them for special events with cocktail-themed blowouts. While stylists create a Mai Tai (messy beachy waves) or Manhattan (sleek and smooth), guests sip wine or tea, recharge their phones at their chair's USB port, and watch classic chick flicks.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Salon Roi</a>: Woodley Park</h3>\n<p>Though she was never there, Salon Roi attracts droves of Marilyn Monroe fans, including fans aboard the Old Towne Trolley, which makes a stop at the salon. The reason for all the fuss? The salon's well-known mural of Marilyn Monroe, an iconic image that decorates the upper levels of the four-story historic townhouse. This unexpected Washington landmark has been reproduced on postcards, T-shirts, and calendars. But the area's first unisex salon is known for more than just its homage to the blonde bombshell; it also draws in people looking for trendy cuts and color, who love the a cozy atmosphere complete with a fireplace and cups of hot tea or Starbucks coffee.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">ProMD Health</a>: DC and Timonium, MD</h3>\n<p>Dr. George Gavrila helms this med spa, where he performs everything from cosmetic injections to Y Lift face-lifts. He was one of the first doctors in the country to perform this 30-minute face-lift, and he's constantly utilizing new cutting-edge treatments at ProMD. This might mean injecting the dermal filler Sculptra into butts to lift them, instead of relying on more invasive surgical fat transfers. Or, replacing sharp needles with blunt-tip instruments to perform facial injections. He has taught many of his techniques to other doctors around the country.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">San Francisco</a></h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">The I Spa at the InterContinental Hotel</a>: SoMa</h3>\n<p>The I Spa is all about customization, from the essential oils bar where guests create their own aromatherapeutic blend to use in their massage, to the treatment rooms wired for personal iPod access. Before and after their spa services, guests can relax in the eucalyptus-infused steam room, Jacuzzi, and Swiss showers. Or, they can swim laps in the indoor saltwater lap pool before soaking in the sunshine on the outdoor terrace.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Zazen</a>: Cow Hollow</h3>\n<p>Peaceful. That word best sums up this calming retreat, where visitors flow through yoga poses near a fireplace or zone out in the float chambers, practically becoming one with the warm, salty water. A reporter from the <em>San Francisco Chronicle</em> tried one of these float chambers and said, \"All in all, the experience was meditative ... and very relaxing.\" Zazen seeks to improve well-being with massages and acupuncture too.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Andromeda Quan</a>: Castro</h3>\n<p>Andromeda may not be as well known as other San Francisco stylists, but that's sure to change soon. Her customers all seem to adore her work, which has been featured in <em>Bob Cut</em> magazine, and Andromeda can execute everything from balayage-highlighted long waves to lotus-flower undercuts. Where she really excels, however, is braids, and can twist up anything from soft dutch crown braids to perfectly pancaked pigtails.</p>\n<h2><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Dallas</a></h2>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></a></h3>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Pouf Blowout and Threading Studio</a>: Upper Greenville</h3>\n<p>Inside this chic beauty space, chandeliers that look like dandelion puffs illuminate stylists as they curl strands and twist locks into edgy mohawk braids and fairytale fishtales. Nearby, brow experts quickly thread away unwanted hairs and shape arches. Pouf is owned by Sunita Muppagovini, who was deemed an eyebrow expert by NBC 5 after they featured her for her threading services and 3D eyebrow sculpting technique.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Mapleshade Spa</a>: North Dallas</h3>\n<p>Before it was a spa, Mapleshade was a home. The spas owners transformed the sprawling yellow house, first built in 1963, into a charming spa retreat complete with a huge wraparound porch and garden fountains set among aromatic thickets of rosemary, thyme, mint, lavender, and roses. On nice days, treatments can take place outside. Otherwise, facials utilizing botanical skincare products from Pevonia and &Eacute;minence Organic are performed inside by a warm fire, while mani-pedis unfold in either the lively nail loft or a private treatment room.</p>\n<h3><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Laser Beauty Medical Spa</a>: North Dallas</h3>\n<p>The top-rated Laser Beauty Medical Spa, which works with the Dallas Mavericks dancers, is helmed by Dr. Naveen Setty, a plastic surgeon who was named one of <em>D Magazine</em>'s top doctors in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. The Ivy League grad works alongside various laser technicians and medical aestheticians, as well as a nurse injector who has been working in aesthetic medicine for nearly 20 years and medicine in general for nearly 40 years. Together, they perform laser hair removal, fractional laser skin resurfacing, and cosmetic injections.</p>\n<h4>Beauty lovers&nbsp;can also find makeup, skincare, and hair products from some of the <a href=\"\">top beauty brands</a> on Groupon Goods.&nbsp;</h4>\n<p><a href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></p>","created_on":"2017-03-08T17:59:24.567Z","last_modified_on":"2017-04-07T18:22:23.842Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Groupon Editors","author":"df385855-6978-440d-b5a2-7d14dc0f0515","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"The Best Groupon Spa Deals Across the Country ","meta_description":"You may be surprised to learn that some of the country's best doctors and beauty experts run Groupon spa deals. Which ones are offering deals in your city? ","fb_og_title":"Some of the Best Beauty Experts on Groupon ","fb_og_description":"You may be surprised to learn that some of the country's best doctors and beauty experts run Groupon spa deals. See which ones are offering deals in your city.","vhp_desc":"<p>You may be surprised to learn that some of the country's best doctors and beauty experts run Groupon spa deals. See which ones are offering deals in your city.</p>","tags":["beauty"],"category":"294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","secondary_categories":["294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","9e8148e8-c25d-4ae3-9e2e-3495e835f88d","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"stylist_curling_hair_at_Pouf_Blowout_and_Threading_Studio_in_Dallas_jpg-600x390","caption":"stylist_curling_hair_at_Pouf_Blowout_and_Threading_Studio_in_Dallas_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Alli_Webb_founder_of_Dry_Bar_styling_clients_hair_in_DC_jpg-600x390","caption":"Alli_Webb_founder_of_Dry_Bar_styling_clients_hair_in_DC_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Pool_at_Alvadora_Spa_at_Royal_Palms_in_Phoenix_jpg-600x390","caption":"Pool_at_Alvadora_Spa_at_Royal_Palms_in_Phoenix_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"aqua-star-babor-beauty-spa-at-the-beverly-hilton_Los_Angeles_jpg-600x390","caption":"aqua-star-babor-beauty-spa-at-the-beverly-hilton_Los_Angeles_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Crystals_at_Ruby_Room_in_Chicago_jpg-600x390","caption":"Crystals_at_Ruby_Room_in_Chicago_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Midoma_hair_salon_gallery_and_boutique_in_New_York_City_jpg-600x390","caption":"Midoma_hair_salon_gallery_and_boutique_in_New_York_City_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"Hunky_hairstylist_consulting_with_customer_in_trendy_salon-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"Hunky_hairstylist_consulting_with_customer_in_trendy_salon-1_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw_jpg-600x66","caption":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw__1__jpg-600x66","caption":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw__1__jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"best-groupon-spa-deals","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"acc5edae-9e94-4b41-b85b-4e59bb597d7d","published_on":"2017-03-09T22:58:24.434Z","last_published_on":"2017-04-07T18:22:21.808Z","guid":"acc5edae-9e94-4b41-b85b-4e59bb597d7d","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/best-groupon-spa-deals"},{"title":"Is it a Bob, Lob, or Shag? A Guide to Haircuts for Women","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">From the </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">towering hair sculptures</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> festooned with live birds in 1700s Europe to the bobs that symbolized rebellion and independence in 1920s America, hair has always been an extension of a woman&rsquo;s personality. It quickly expresses to the world who she is&mdash;or who she wants to be&mdash;whether that&rsquo;s a boho beauty with long mermaid locks or an edgy rocker with a piecey </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">pixie haircut</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">. </span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">But it&rsquo;s easy to fall into a hair rut, to stick to the same style you&rsquo;ve worn for years despite the fact that you have grown as a person. That&rsquo;s why we created a guide to modern haircuts for women. It&rsquo;s a great jumping-off point if you&rsquo;re looking to change things up and need some ideas to bring to your&nbsp;<a href=\"\">stylist</a>.&nbsp;</span></p>\n<h1><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Types of Haircuts for Women&nbsp;</span></h1>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Pixie<br /></span></h2>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">The elfin pixie, one of the most iconic </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">short haircuts for women</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, keeps hair on the back and sides trimmed to a couple inches and leaves the hair on top slightly longer. Styles vary, but the longest pixie generally doesn&rsquo;t extend much past the earlobes.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Halle Berry, Lupita Nyong'o</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want a daring change and don&rsquo;t mind attention (there&rsquo;s no hair to hide behind)</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: </span></em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">want a wash-and-go cut (it takes some effort in the morning) or don&rsquo;t want to go to the salon every 4&ndash;6 weeks for a trim</span></li>\n</ul>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Bob</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Bobs typically refer to hair that falls straight around the head, though some graduate from shorter length in the back to longer in the front. Bobs usually hit somewhere between the jawline and an inch above the collarbone. They may be blunt or full of layers.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Clara Bow, Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lawrence, Hillary Clinton</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to show off your bone structure and want a little bit of length that still feels light and effortless</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: don&rsquo;t want to go to the salon often for trims and love pulling your hair back into different styles</span></li>\n</ul>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Lob</span></h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">The lob has been one of the trendiest </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">haircuts for women</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> for years now because it works on pretty much everybody as it&rsquo;s neither too long, nor too short. It is considered a </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">shoulder-length hairstyle</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> in its longest form, though it often lies right at the collarbone.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: nearly every celebrity in recent years, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Kerry Washington</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to go longer between visits to the salon and want some length so you can pull your hair into a ponytail or topknot</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: have extremely thick hair or hair so fine it&rsquo;s almost see-through </span></li>\n</ul>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Lobs are long enough for braids. Check out our </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">braiding videos</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> to learn how to create three plaits.</span></em></p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Shag</span></h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></em></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Shags are characterized by their copious amounts of choppy layers. Shags come in all lengths, though most modern iterations are mid-length with heavy eye-grazing bangs and messy texture.</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Stevie Nicks, Farrah Fawcett, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want a wash-and-go cut (depends on your texture) and cool-girl disheveled waves</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: have stick-straight hair and don&rsquo;t feel like curling it (it can look at little dated)</span></li>\n</ul>\n<h2>Undercut</h2>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<h2><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">This traditionally masculine style gets a feminine update by pairing a buzzed nape of the neck or temple area with longer hair. The buzzed area might or might not have a design shaved into it. To ease into the style, try an undercut on the nape of the neck, where it will likely be seen only when the hair is pulled up into a ponytail or topknot.&nbsp;</span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Tilda Swinton, Jada Pinkett Smith </span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to be a little more edgy or want to be a little more edgy while still being presentable for a traditional workplace </span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: fear a tricky grow-out phase</span></li>\n</ul>\n</ul>\n<h2>Asymmetric Cut</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">As the name implies, an asymmetric cut is uneven, with the hair on one side of the head longer than the other. The more subtle examples are slightly higher on one side than the other, whereas the more noticeable cuts mix really short hair with really long hair. </span></em></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Marion Cotillard, Rosamund Pike</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: want to make a statement with your hair </span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: fear a tricky grow-out phase and don&rsquo;t want to go back to the salon for frequent cuts to maintain the bold shape</span></li>\n</ul>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Need some helping styling an asymmetric cut, undercut, or lob? Here&rsquo;s how to create </span></em><a href=\"\"><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">everyday and party hairstyles</span></em></a><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> on these cuts.</span></em></p>\n<h2>Mermaid Hair</h2>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></em></p>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Yes, this is a hairstyle more than a haircut, but long haircuts don&rsquo;t have specific names (we should probably sign a petition asking Anna Wintour to come up with something). However, really long hair does have this nickname, which refers to manes that cascade past a bra band. The best </span></em><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">haircuts for long hair</span></em><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> like this add long layers to remove bulkiness and add movement. </span></em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><br /></span></p>\n<ul>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>As seen on</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Cher, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Get this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: love attention-grabbing hair and romance</span></li>\n<li style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><strong>Avoid this style if you</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: overheat easily and don&rsquo;t want to spend all your free time washing and drying your locks</span></li>\n</ul>\n<p><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Whatever type of cut you&rsquo;re looking for, stylists recommend that you bring in a picture of the exact haircut you want. See what else </span></em><a href=\"\"><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">hairstylists want you to know</span></em></a><em><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">.</span></em></p>\n<p><a title=\"Spring Beauty Collection\" href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></p>","created_on":"2017-02-24T16:12:34.827Z","last_modified_on":"2017-03-15T14:56:39.318Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Colleen Loggins","author":"cc0d0851-17d1-4916-a694-26ab87c79927","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Haircuts for Women and the One That’s Right for You","meta_description":"Our guide to haircuts for women breaks down the difference between 7 popular cuts, from lobs to shags. And it just may help you find your next style.","fb_og_title":"Is it a Bob, Lob, or Shag? Our Guide to Haircuts for Women Explains","fb_og_description":"Help a stylist out—knowing what to call a haircut means you’re more likely to get what you want the next time you visit the salon. ","vhp_desc":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Looking to get out of your hair rut? Our guide to the 7 trendiest </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">haircuts for women</span><span styl...","tags":["haircuts","haircuts for women"],"category":"c62bc48d-e26a-401a-9efc-7a418f903b74","secondary_categories":["c62bc48d-e26a-401a-9efc-7a418f903b74","294ea30b-dd37-49a1-9805-e9e6c7617902","4353b74c-48dd-4ac8-a8e5-22b2dd5b0b72","d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"brunette-woman-getting-salon-haircut-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-getting-salon-haircut-1_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"dark-skinned-woman-with-short-curly-pixie-cut_jpg-600x390","caption":"dark-skinned-woman-with-short-curly-pixie-cut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"mature-woman-with-stylish-bob-haircut_jpg-600x390","caption":"mature-woman-with-stylish-bob-haircut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"young-brunette-woman-with-long-bob-lob-and-fringe-bangs_jpg-600x390","caption":"young-brunette-woman-with-long-bob-lob-and-fringe-bangs_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"young-light-brunette-woman-with-layered-shag-haircut_jpg-600x390","caption":"young-light-brunette-woman-with-layered-shag-haircut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"brunette-woman-with-buzzed-undercut_jpg-600x390","caption":"brunette-woman-with-buzzed-undercut_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"asian-woman-with-long-wavy-brunette-mermaid-hair_jpg-600x390","caption":"asian-woman-with-long-wavy-brunette-mermaid-hair_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"GUIDE_SHOP_BANNER_HAIRCUTS_jpg-600x66","caption":"GUIDE_SHOP_BANNER_HAIRCUTS_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw__1__jpg-600x66","caption":"600x66_shopbanner_OUT-TO-WOW_lw__1__jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"7-common-haircuts-for-women","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"81dfaadb-6f9f-4fae-b6a3-19bdf798a832","published_on":"2017-02-24T19:27:44.411Z","last_published_on":"2017-03-15T14:56:39.151Z","guid":"81dfaadb-6f9f-4fae-b6a3-19bdf798a832","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/7-common-haircuts-for-women"},{"title":"Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered","imported":false,"mobile_title":"","name":"","article_type":"","content":"<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"><img src=\"//\" alt=\"Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered | Hero\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">&ldquo;The grass is always greener on the other side&rdquo; is </span><span style=\"text-decoration: line-through;\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">probably</span></span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> definitely a reference to women&rsquo;s hair. Women with straight locks always seem to want voluminous curls, and those of us with texture wish for sleek, straight strands. And as someone whose natural hair state is ultra-frizzy and unruly, I know firsthand about wanting what we don&rsquo;t have. That yen for silky, smooth locks led me to </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Japanese hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">, a type of </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">permanent hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">&nbsp;and </span><a href=\"\"><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">a way to enjoy permanently straight hair</span></a><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> no matter how many times you wash it. Is this finally the solution to all my hair woes? Possibly, but first I want to make sure I know exactly what it entailed. Here&rsquo;s what I found: </span></p>\n<h2>First things first, what <em>is</em> Japanese hair straightening?</h2>\n<p>Also known as &ldquo;thermal reconditioning,&rdquo; this permanent method of straightening hair traces its origins back to the &rsquo;90s in Japan, thus the region-specific name. The meticulous process transforms curly, wavy, and unruly hair into luscious, silky locks.</p>\n<h2>You&rsquo;ve got my attention, so how does it work?</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Although it may seem like magic, </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Japanese hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> is actually a precise science. The process physically changes the internal structure of hair by breaking down the protein bonds that give hair its unique shape and texture. Once the solution is applied to the hair, a professional-grade flat iron set to an exact temperature locks in its effects, leaving you with permanently straightened hair.</span></p>\n<h2>But how can I be sure Japanese hair straightening will work for me?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Before booking your appointment, a professional stylist will walk you through a detailed consultation to determine if this </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">permanent hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> service is the best option for you. During this discussion, it is crucial to tell your stylist about any and all treatments you&rsquo;ve had done to your hair in the past two years to prevent any adverse chemical reactions. If you&rsquo;re still not convinced, the stylist can do a strand test to see how your hair will respond to the treatment. </span></p>\n<h2>What exactly is the styling process like?</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Though it can vary in time depending on the the thickness and the length of the hair, the whole process is done in nine very precise steps that require many different chemicals, techniques, and tools. </span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 1</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Fresh shampoo to make sure hair is clean and ready to go.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 2</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: A pre-treatment solution is applied to small chunks of hair at a time to protect and prepare hair for the straightening solution.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 3</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: An activator solution is applied evenly all over the hair and given time to process; the amount of time the solution is left in your hair depends on your hair&rsquo;s texture. This step can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to work.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 4</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: The activator is rinsed out and a conditioner and heat protectant are distributed throughout the hair.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 5</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Your hair is partially blow-dried and then flat-ironed at an exact temperature to lock in the straightening solution&rsquo;s effects.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 6</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: After the hair is fully straightened, a neutralizer is used to stabilize the pH balance of the hair. It will be rinsed out after about five minutes.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 7</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: A treatment conditioner that corresponds with your specific hair type is applied. </span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 8</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: Hair is blow-dried again, this time in the direction of the cuticles to lock in your hair&rsquo;s new shape and shine.</span></p>\n<p style=\"padding-left: 30px;\"><strong>Step 9</strong><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">: One last run-through with a straightening iron to ensure hair is completely straight.</span></p>\n<h2><a title=\"Hair Straightening\" href=\"\"><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"66\" /></a></h2>\n<h2>Is there any upkeep once I leave the salon?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Once you leave the salon, you&rsquo;re only halfway done. After-care is just as important as the actual treatment because there can still be remnants of chemical residue within the hair shaft. While your hair is settling into its new shape, it is important to keep it away from water and moisture and kinks for at least three days. That means no buns, ponytails, hats, or even tucking your hair behind your ears, or else it&rsquo;ll cause a bend in your hair that won&rsquo;t go away.</span></p>\n<h2>Does Japanese hair straightening <em>really</em> last forever?</h2>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">It&rsquo;s permanent. This process literally changes the structure of hair from the inside out, which means that treated hair won&rsquo;t frizz or curl up and will remain straight as long as it&rsquo;s on your head. Also beware that you&rsquo;ll most likely be rocking that sleek, straight &rsquo;do exclusively because curling irons and hot rollers won&rsquo;t be very effective in creating waves, volume, or curls.</span></p>\n<h2>As a first-timer, any tips I should know before getting it done?</h2>\n<p><img src=\"//\" width=\"600\" height=\"390\" /></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Because of the intensity of the treatment, it&rsquo;s extremely important to do your research on the stylist. If done incorrectly, </span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Japanese hair straightening</span><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\"> can wreak havoc on your hair, causing major damage and even hair loss. I asked a friend who&rsquo;s been getting the treatment done for almost 10 years now and according to her, the only downside is &ldquo;the awkward grow-out period where you have to wait to get your roots treated.&rdquo;</span></p>\n<p><span style=\"font-weight: 400;\">Other than that, she couldn&rsquo;t stop raving about her treatment, saying &ldquo;it literally has changed my life, I went from spending two hours on my hair after each wash to a quick and easy wash-and-go routine. My hair dries quicker and it&rsquo;s virtually frizz-free without needing any styling products. I can&rsquo;t say enough good things about how it&rsquo;s transformed my hair and all the time it has saved me.&rdquo;</span></p>","created_on":"2017-02-01T19:49:50.850Z","last_modified_on":"2017-02-03T15:09:21.599Z","last_modified_by":"","location":null,"author_name":"Anam Ather","author":"cba3f221-830d-4063-b5b8-bbde6cb0d7df","locale":"en_US","seo_title":"Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered","meta_description":"With Japanese hair straightening say goodbye to those kinks and curls. Permanently.","fb_og_title":"Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Japanese Hair-Straightening Treatment ","fb_og_description":"Toss your flat-iron and blow dryer out, it’s time to break up with those kinks and curls once and for all.","vhp_desc":"<p>With Japanese hair straightening, say goodbye to those kinks and curls. Permanently.</p>","tags":["japanese_hair_straightening","hair_smoothing","hair_salon","frizzy_hair","style_and_beauty"],"category":"d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","secondary_categories":["d9834fcb-5d58-47c5-93ba-d9bf2632e03b","d1bd4740-c1cc-4eb3-98f5-3d131f6f1838","bbb66410-cda4-4468-90a2-a48d4c7c9023"],"published":"PUBLISHED","photos":[{"altText":"woman_playing_with_her_shiny_straightened_hair-1_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_playing_with_her_shiny_straightened_hair-1_jpg-600x390","hero":true,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"shop_banner_jpg-600x66","caption":"shop_banner_jpg-600x66","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"woman_having_her_hair_styled_at_a_salon_jpg-600x390","caption":"woman_having_her_hair_styled_at_a_salon_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""},{"altText":"young_woman_with_straight_hair_smiling_jpg-600x390","caption":"young_woman_with_straight_hair_smiling_jpg-600x390","hero":false,"img_key":"","img_url":""}],"schemaOrgAttr":{},"permalink":"japanese-hair-straightening-questions-answered","places":[],"validationError":[],"id":"8426b51a-b65a-498d-b5d1-59160b196938","published_on":"2017-02-01T20:06:59.403Z","last_published_on":"2017-02-03T15:09:21.238Z","guid":"8426b51a-b65a-498d-b5d1-59160b196938","imageUrl":"//","bodyColumns":"nine","url":"/articles/japanese-hair-straightening-questions-answered"}]}}}}}