Restaurants in Tallahassee

What are the best Tallahassee restaurants? Florida’s capital city, with two excellent universities (Florida State and Florida A&M) understandably has one of the state’s best dining scene, ranging from Italian trattorias to upscale steakhouses to fantastic food trucks. We love it all, but if we had to choose the best Tallahassee restaurants, we’d focus on the spots highlighted below:

3 Great Downtown Tallahassee Restaurants

If you’re searching for nice restaurants in Tallahassee, chances are you’re headed downtown. Everybody has their own opinion of the best downtown Tallahassee restaurants...and so do we! Here are three favorites:


  • Jasmine Cafe: Creative Japanese restaurant with more than 24 types of maki rolls and two of the spiciest ramens in town. See our Jasmine Cafe deal.


  • Tin Lizzy’s Cantina: A favorite of nearby students at Florida State, this Mexican joint offers 15 different types of tacos, including a Philly Cheesesteak kind. Too crazy? Just stick to the margaritas! See our cash-back Tin Lizzy’s deal.
  • Soul Veg Express: Beloved by Tallahassee’s vegan/vegetarian community, this soul-food spot offers vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, southern-style steamed veggies, and much more. See our Soul Veg Express deal here.

Spotlight on: Daffodale Estate

See our Daffodale Estate deals here.


Built in 1897, the Victorian mansion at Daffodale Estate is worth visiting just to step back in time. But if you’re heading here for dinner, a tea party, or a wine and beer tasting, you’ll also get to hear spooky stories about the estate’s history of paranormal activity. Ghost-hunting teams have claimed to feel an unusual presence here, attracting mystery lovers of all people who simply love a good ghost story.


Here’s what actual customers have to say about Daffodale Estate:


“The evening was a great chance to meet new people, have a delicious and plentiful meal and be entertained and amazed by our hosts Scotty and Cathy. The paranormal energy is real and exists in this beautiful home.” - Judith B.


“The hosts were so friendly and welcoming! The estate has so much history, and there are tons of things to look at. My wife and I had a fun night filled with a good dinner, laughs, fun, and intrigue.” - Jeff O.

“Fantastic experience with excellent hosts. The food was delicious and the tea was AMAZING.” - Raquel A.


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Best Dinner + Entertainment in Tallahassee

Sometimes, you want a little extra. To not just have a tasty dinner, but to also have something else, some entertainment as the perfect side dish. To that end, we recommend these Tallahassee treats:


  • The Daffodale Estate: This is an exquisite dinner, and its paired with spooky ghost stories from those who know all about the 19th-century mansion’s paranormal activity. See our Daffodale Estate deal here.


  • Fifth and Thomas: Part-kitchen (think pub food, like cheeseburgers and fish ‘n chips) and part-music house, with some top-flight singer-songwriters taking the stage (think Justin Townes Earle and the Electric Apostles).
  • Geo’s Pool and Pub: Play a little pool, have a beer or two, and get some grub from the kitchen. It’s a night out with little fanfare. Get the Geo’s Pool & Pub deal here.

Best Foodie Day Trip from Tallahassee: Still Pond Vineyard

See our Still Pond Vineyard deal here.

Want to get out of town for a few hours? Take a drive through rural Georgia, past bucolic farmland, until you get to Still Pond Vineyard, near the tiny town of Morgan. Here’s you’ll find an inviting, picture-perfect tasting room and patio, ideal for sampling the winery’s trademark Muscadine wines, a varietal native to southeastern USA.

See what actual customers have to say about Still Pond Vineyard:


“The people at Still Pond Winery love what they do. When you enjoy a wine tasting there, it feels like you are with wine-loving friends. They are proud of their products and for good reason.” - Michael S.

“Amazing day! The tour was wonderfully informative. This is a very different wine than I'm used to, but I loved the complexity they've created.” - Elizabeth R.

“Lovely owners. Enjoyed sampling the wines. They offer vodka and gin sampling as well. Went home with a case of wine for Christmas gifts and my own enjoyment. Great trip for a group of ladies or an afternoon with the spouse.” - Joy M.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Tallahassee

When you’re in the mood for a taco or a burrito, nothing beats going to a local Mexican joint. Thankfully, there are several Mexican restaurants in Tallahassee that are just what the doctor ordered. Here are our three of our favorites:


  • Los Compadres Express: Friendly Tex-Mex joint (with an especially lively Facebook page) offering three different types of salsas (jalapeno, habanero, and chipotle) plus their signature “Crazy Fries,” topped with cheese, meat, and pico de gallo. See our deal here.


  • La Tiendita: Its name means “little shop,” so it’s apropos that La Tiendita is small, colorful, and charming. This is a great place to try Mexico’s beloved tortas—La Tiendita’s range from al pastor to salchicha con huevo (sausage with egg).
  • El Jalisco: This fajita-centered joint has four locations throughout the Tallahassee area, evidence that the masses love its menu, featuring six different kinds of dip (queso, beach, spinach, guacamole, “Mexi,” and chori-queso).

Spotlight on: Jasmine Cafe

See our Jasmine Cafe deal here

A classy-but-comfortable dining room makes for a casual backdrop for Jasmine Cafe, a Japanese restaurant serving sushi, sashimi, and more. If sushi isn’t your speed, try the ramen—it’s packed with either pork belly or seafood, and served in a scrumptious, spicy broth.

Here are what actual customers say about Jasmine Cafe:

“The restaurant is so perfect! Super cool space, awesome, and friendly sushi chefs, wait staff is attentive, and of course the food is phenomenal! By far the best sushi I’ve had in years if not ever. This will be the only place we go for sushi from now on!” - Angel D.

“We enjoyed our meal. I don’t get a chance to have sushi very often, my husband won’t eat it, but he really liked the beef bowl that he had. He said it was full of flavor.” - Rosanne E.

“This hip little spot is cafe-meets-sushi-bar. Its downtown location made us feel like we were somewhere else casual and fun, if only for the evening. ... We love the bar-height seating in the bay of windows, with the street view of this lovely section of town. The appetizers, salads and sushi rolls are creative and delicious. ” - John F.


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