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  • Double D Equestrian Center
    Double D Equestrian Center is a scenic 867-acre horseback-riding facility complete with expert trainer, miles of riding trails, and stables full of well-maintained steeds. Each lesson is lead by the expert noodle and muzzle of Double D's resident trainer, Tory Jordan, who boasts 20 years of professional training and teaching experience and a keen ability to unite human and horse sans mad science. Seasoned pros can perfect their skills during advanced group lessons, and beginners are best served in private lessons as they learn to develop trust and control of their equine locomotive. Above all, both lesson levels focus heavily on building confidence in the saddle as well as on safety and correctness, with the potential goal of competitive riding in mind.
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    733 Egypt Church Rd
    Louisburg, NC US
  • Thinking Dog LLC
    Dog Socialization: Pup Meets World It's said that puppies ultimately grow into their paws, but the same can be said about their brains. Brush up on your doggie development with Groupon's study of dog socialization. A puppy's development can be limited by the length of its leash. Veterinarians urge owners to introduce canines to as many new experiences?people, places, fellow dogs, and even inanimate objects?as possible in controlled, nonthreatening environments in a process called dog socialization. This is particularly critical in the window between 4 and 14 weeks of age, when a puppy's brain is actively codifying proper and improper behaviors and working to distinguish safe stimuli from threatening situations. Like all other animals, dogs are most likely to misbehave or react aggressively when afraid. Whether their fear stems from the noise of a passing vehicle or the beard of a next-door neighbor, owners can help put them at ease by exposing their four-pawed friends to potentially uncomfortable situations and making them feel at ease. The more experiences, the better. But simply taking the pup out of its comfort zone is not enough. Spending time off the leash at a dog park can be great for canine socialization, but owners must be sure to monitor their dog's behavior. Veterinarians insist that dogs be allowed to enter into new environments voluntarily, and advise owners to reinforce model behavior with treats and praise. If they respond fearfully or aggressively from any stimuli, owners should withdraw them from the situation and not return until their pup has calmed down. If the source of the fear happens to be human, owners should ask the person to step back, as this teaches the dog that it is not responsible for protecting the pack from undercover mailmen. If this sounds like a lot to manage, most cities abound with ready-made, controlled socialization environments: obedience classes. Along with strengthening the bond between pup and owner, group classes are great venues for socialization. There, puppies can take their behavioral cues both from their owners' instructions and through modeling, as the human praise bestowed upon their well-behaved classmates encourages them to follow suit.
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    927 Durham Rd (suite 105)
    Wake Forest, NC US
  • Wild Wynn Stables
    One hundred acres of scenic meadows and forested trails wind around the perimeter of Wildwynn Stables, which features a 5,184-square-foot boarding barn, a 220'x180' arena of jumps and obstacles, a 60-foot wooden ring, and a 100'x80' paneled training pen. Owned by a family boasting three decades of experience with equines, the stables board steeds in comfy 12'x12' stalls. Cynthia Cooke, 2010 East Coast Open Show Circuit Trainer/Instructor of the year, lays the foundation for showmanship competitions in private and group lessons. At weeklong summer camps, Cynthia demonstrates her expertise during daily riding sessions and wrangles kids as they learn riding safety and how to care for their own steed, which covers grooming and braiding carrots into their manes for later.
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    401 East Main Street
    Youngsville, NC US
  • Headstrong Dog Training
    At Headstrong Dog Training, certified trainer Charles draws on his experience at the Animal Behavioral College to teach even the most unruly pooches to behave. Owner of four hounds himself, as well as having been the foster home for more than 30 pups in four years, Charles understands what dogs need. In his sessions, he uses positive-reinforcement techniques inside the dog's home environment, applying his knowledge of canine motivation to get dogs to change their ways.
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    Wake Forest, NC US
  • Healthy Paws Animal Hospital
    At Healthy Paws Animal Hospital, licensed veterinarians and their well-trained medical staff care for pets of all stripes, including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, and birds. Both of the animal hospital's locations are equipped with digital x-ray technology, onsite laboratories, and surgical facilities to handle anything from emergency care to routine medical and dental procedures and checkups.
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    3112 Heritage Trade Dr
    Wake Forest, NC US
  • North Wake Animal Hospital
    Founded in 1978, North Wake Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital in the heart of Wake Forest. Their team of five doctors and their support staff perform comprehensive annual checkups, clean teeth, or conduct surgeries to heal soft-tissue and injuries. Treatments and preventative care are tailored to each patient's specific needs, keeping pets happy and healthy.
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    2160 S Main St.
    Wake Forest, NC US

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