Tutoring in West Columbia

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  • Smart Start International
    The teachers at Smart Start International know that there are a lot of different teaching philosophies, from that of the Waldorf School to Montessori to the one where they just give everyone a mortarboard and call it a day. But they don't subscribe entirely to any of those methodologies. Instead, they tailor their approach to each pre-schooler and kindergartner in their classes. It's more than just math, reading, and writing classes, too. Students explore their creative side in music and dance lessons, and get in touch with their bodies with yoga and karate. Finally, the school puts a heavy emphasis on developing social and emotional intelligence because a healthy adult life begins in childhood.
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    2700 Ashland Road
    Columbia, SC US
  • Aim High Education
    Academic After school program Tutoring service Math, Reading, Vocabulary, SAT, PSAT Music and Art lesson
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    4561 Hard Scrabble Road
    Columbia, SC US
  • Sylvan Learning Center Augusta
    At more than 900 learning centers across the world, Sylvan offers kids a leg up through personalized, one-on-one programs prescribed by an in-depth skills assessment. Students build on past lessons to learn progressively, and sessions may hone in on different disciplines, granting kids the confidence to interpret literature and the rhetorical skills needed to negotiate a later bedtime. The positive mindset of personable, invested instructors helps to inspire kids to greater academic feats, as does a prize program that rewards hard work with CDs and gift cards.
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    229 Furys Ferry Rd Suite 119
    Augusta, GA US
  • Adsap
    Keystone Substance Abuse Services is a non-profit organization that serves as the Act 301 substance abuse authority in York County, South Carolina. Keystone offers nationally accredited and licensed services--including education, prevention, and treatment (both outpatient and inpatient)--to meet the needs of individuals, fa
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    199 S Herlong Ave
    Rock Hill, SC US
  • Brain Balance Charlotte
    Ten-year-old John refused to wear socks. His Asperger’s made him hypersensitive to touch and unpredictably violent with siblings and classmates. Four years on medication weren’t bringing the results his parents were hoping for, so they enrolled him at Brain Balance Achievement Centers, a network of therapeutic facilities aiming to assuage the symptoms of kids’ behavioral disorders without the use of pharmaceuticals. Within three months of starting his program, John’s tantrums lessened significantly, he became a member of the Boy Scouts, and his doctor approved eliminating his medication. John’s journey is just one of many success stories shared by Brain Balance. Their programs strive to remedy the adverse effects of functional disconnection, a miscommunication between the two hemispheres of the brain, which they believe to be the root of conditions such as autism, dyslexia, and ADHD. After an assessment of a child's physical and cognitive ability, a team of professionals designs a custom program of academic exercises, sensory-motor activities, and nutritional changes that can improve brain function. Along the way, continual feedback keeps families notified of the child’s progress. To achieve further awareness of developments in children’s neuroscience, Brain Balance partners with various research facilities such as New York’s F. R. Carrick Institute and the Children’s Autism Hope Project.
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    9101 Pineville Matthews Rd
    Pineville, NC US
  • Marlyvia Academy of All Stars Today, Inc.
    The teachers at Marlyvia Academy of All Stars Today, Inc. know that learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. That's why their tutoring programs cover both spheres. Within the realm of academia, they tutor kids in K–12 or help them get ready for the SAT or ACT using techniques custom-tailored to each student's learning style. In the extracurricular enrichment courses, they focus on the nuances of socializing, from etiquette and manners to resisting peer pressure.
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    163 S Trade Street
    Matthews, NC US