Things To Do With Kids in West Palm Beach

As parents know, it can be easy to fall into a rut when planning family outings—leaving both parents and children bored. We’ve got ideas on things to do in West Palm Beach with kids to keep your repertoire fresh—and deals that will help you do all the things you want to do. So if you’re looking for things to do in West Palm Beach with kids, read on—we’ll share our best selections.

Best Museum/Exhibit for Kids in West Palm Beach

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Between the Everglades and the Atlantic coast, South Florida is brimming with natural wonders. At the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, anyone with a curious mind can delve into the region’s latest scientific and technological discoveries. It’s all under one roof: a full-dome digital planetarium, more than 100 interactive exhibits, and a conservation-themed mini-golf course. But the center’s crown jewel is Aquariums of the Altantic—a 10,000-gallon aquarium brimming native Florida species such as queen angels, moray eels, and seahorses.

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant in West Palm Beach

Have a Seaside Meal at E.R. Bradley's Saloon

Located directly on the waterfront for over 30 years, you won’t just get a meal here—you’ll also get a history lesson. It’s the namesake of iconic Florida philanthropist E.R. Bradley, a cowboy-turned-businessman and friend to Wyatt Earp. At this location, Mr. Bradley owned and operated a casino that was known for both its illicit activity and its elite patronage. Today, the restaurant is a stalwart of the West Palm Beach scene, serving new American favorites and tavern classics for breakfast, lunch, dinner—sure to please kids and parents alike.

Best Water Park in West Palm Beach

Rapids Water Park | Riviera Beach, FL

At Rapids Water Park, the attractions sort into three categories—kid rides, family rides, and thrill rides—which means that all family members can find a slide to fit their speed. For smaller kids, the slides at Splash Hill are fun but approachable, though nothing can beat the Lazy River for a mellow vibe. Raging Rapids is a great precursor to thrill rides: sure, it’s a splashy flume ride, but the raft is big enough to fit the whole family. The Black Thunder is catnip to adventurous riders, who love careening down its tight curves. No matter where you are in the park, Ellis-certified security guards and complimentary life vests keep things safe.

Best Ice Cream in West Palm Beach

Treat Yourself at Sloan's Ice Cream

Sloan’s Ice Cream has been a West Palm Beach staple since 1999. Don’t be deceived by the appearance of ice-cream shop classics—sodas, waffle cones, and shakes—on its menu. It’s the flavors that are truly inventive: think harder-to-find flavors such as dulce la leche and nutella-vanilla, alongside cranked-up classics like pistachio (with extra nuts) and coffee-and-donuts (with actual Krispy Kreme chunks!). Read on for three sundaes to consider for your first time visiting this Sloan’s:

Circus Box Sundae:  instead of gold or vintage action figures, a pink treasure chest cradles a scoop of circus ice cream (cotton candy flavored ice cream studded with gummy bears), hot fudge, whipped cream, and even more gummy bears

Tracy's Kitchen Sink: 12 scoops of ice cream, peaks of whipped cream topped with cherries, served in the one thing that can hold it—an actual kitchen sink

Sandcastle Sundae: this beach bucket is filled to the brim: first a chocolate chip cookie on the bottom, then five scoops of ice cream, and finally the usual sundae toppings, such as hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and cherries

Best Indoor Activity for Kids in West Palm Beach

Cool Off at Palm Beach Ice Works

What better respite from the heat and humidity than gliding around the ice at Palm Beach Ice Works? While this 58,000 square-foot enclave touts itself as an Olympic-size training facility, it’s as comfortable for the casual skater as it is for the aspiring professional. When families arrive for open skate sessions, they can rent not only skates, but scooters to assist tykes new to the sport. The center also houses a conditioning gym, a ballet room, snack shop, and classes to keep skaters in shape on or off the ice.

Best Educational Activity in West Palm Beach

Talk with the Animals at Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo hopes to inspire visitors to become better caretakers of our planet’s wildlife, and who better to advance that agenda than the 500+ animals who call it home? Every day, interactive shows lend to visitors more in-depth knowledge about specific animals, such as the trained birds that perform aerial feats in the “Wings Over Water” show. Families can also reserve facetime with certain animals in special behind-the-scenes “animal experiences”—for example, kids can take a selfie with a koala or feed an anteater.

Best Outdoor Activity in West Palm Beach

Check Out the Swamps at Airboat Rides West Palm Beach

Less than an hour from downtown West Palm Beach lies the northeast edge of the Florida Everglades. The state’s famed marshlands are best explored via airboat; since they glide just atop the surface of the water, the ride is sure to be smooth.

Airboat Rides West Palm Beach takes visitors on private tours of the Everglades’ vast ecosystem, where they’ll encounter marsh-dwelling plants, bird life, and, in all likelihood, alligators. The tours range from a speedy one-hour jaunt through the marsh, to a three-hour cruise along the River of Grass—the perfect place to spot deer and other native species (in other words: even more alligators).