Food in Arlington Heights

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  • Pop O Licious
    Day in and day out, Metra’s northwest train pulls into the Des Plaines stop, just opposite of Pop O Licious Popcorn. A brick building on the corner, the shop brandishes a bright blue and yellow sign with promises of fresh-made, gourmet popcorn. The family of popcorn pioneers creates more than 60 varieties of classic and flavored kernels each and every day, from staples such as butter, kettle corn, and caramel corn to innovative flavors including creamy dill, hot cinnamon, and even fruity tutty. For casual snacking, the shop owners can scoop the fresh-popped kernels into bags that come in four sizes, while gift-givers and musicians in need of a new drum can order their snack in a decorative tub. Beyond popcorn, Pop O Licious purveys Maurice Lenell cookies and handmade milk chocolates.
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    10 S Evergreen Ave.
    Arlington Heights, IL US
  • Lowe's
    Winner of the 2010 ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence, Lowe's has been helping customers conserve energy and expletives with home improvement, gardening, and hardware solutions for every budget. With the store's friendly handypeople as their guide, nail-pounding novices and seasoned remodelers alike can outfit their toolbox for any undertaking with more than 6,000 products between $25 and $50. Impress spouses and annoy car-pooling coworkers by ably installing ceiling fans into your car roof. Add lighting fixtures to darkling domiciles, or finally finish your back yard's Super Mario Bros. level with Lowe's garden tools. The store can also mix together a rainbow of hues for painting projects involving dining rooms, nurseries, and sweat lodges. Afterwards, you can clean up the dust with a 6-Gallon HP Wet/dry Shop Vac ($44.97), or rinse off caulk-covered corpuses under the Moen Brushed Nickel 7 Spray Pattern Shower Massager ($49.98). Regardless of your mission, the accommodating staff at Lowe's will offer expert advice for completing your home's improvements.
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    990 W Algonquin Rd
    Arlington Heights, IL US
  • Coffee Planet
    In the city, coffee shops tend to thrive so much that guests often have to circle the seating area like airplanes until a seat opens up. Coffee Planet tries to bring the appeal of city cafes to its family-owned suburban location in Rolling Meadows, which features a fireplace, couches, and board games, but without the seating backlog. Even the name of its beans smack of urbanity: Metropolis Coffees get brewed in the traditional manner or poured over into cups, dripping slowly into a hot mug and thawing the palate after a stressful morning or a snowcone binge. The coffee comes in a variety of options, including a Guatemalan and Honduran mix. But the baristas can appeal to other tastes, too, by brewing Rishi Teas or hand-crafting espressos.
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    1450 Golf Rd
    Rolling Meadows, IL US
  • Go Chicago Golf
    At Go Chicago Golf, group and private indoor lessons are available year-round so students can hone their craft even in winter's foulest depths. Players take most of their lessons in front of a projection screen that simulates a sunny day out on the links. They can play their choice of 9 or 18 holes on a 100- or 300-yard practice course, or, if they fear spending another 20 years trapped in an arcade game, practice on the learning center's nonvirtual targets. Students can also use an onsite video-analysis room to objectively check their swings and postures.
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    4 Piper Lane
    Prospect Heights, IL US
  • High Tea with Gerri
    From the Revolutionary War onward, tea has never truly regained its once-prominent place in American culture. So when Gerri Gwarnicki relocated from her native Ireland to the Chicago suburbs, she decided to reintroduce the concept of high tea to her neighbors. To give the experience a proper feel, she dons Victorian attire before manning her vintage teacart. As guests recline in the quaintly decorated tearoom, she brings out trays filled with cups of steaming tea and a choice of eight finger sandwiches, such as the classic cucumber and watercress or the open-faced roquefort and pear slices. When the chattering and clinking of antique dishes and silverware slows, she refills her cart with a range of English desserts. Guests can try one of the assortment of petit fours and pastries, a slice of homemade rhubarb and apple pie, or the homemade scones layered with fresh lemon curd, strawberry preserves, and soft fluffs of devonshire cream. Gerri also curates events for little girls, in which they can sample the high tea while donning playful hats and learning the proper etiquette for eating your napkin.
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    2999 Deerfield Rd.
    Riverwoods, IL US
  • Blanell Coffee Chicago Illinois
    The result of a variety of visits to Italy by two childhood friends sharing an intense love of coffee, Blanell Coffee was brewed on a hotplate of passion to deliver American audiences fine Italian coffees and accessories. The distributor dispenses coffees from brands such as Lucaffe, Pellini, Passalacqua, and New York Caffe. These brands cater to coffee connoisseurs that prefer espresso pods, pre-ground batches, grinding their own beans with their shaking teeth. To brighten drinks with flavors such as passion fruit, almond, and amaretto, Blanell Coffee also purveys syrups from Monin—a century-old French company.
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    1431 Tonne Rd
    Elk Grove Village, IL US