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  • Strength of Mind and Body
    Strength of Mind and Body and Strength of Mind Behavioral Health share more than just a campus and half a name. Founded in the belief that balance requires psychological and physical fortitude, the two wellness centers partner together to help clients achieve happier, more peaceful lives. Led by owner Teresa McIlroy, the team behind Strength of Mind and Body step up to the plate with four distinct services?Pilates, personal training, yoga, and wellness coaching. In Pilates classes (both mat and Reformer), instructors help students strengthen cores, improve alignment, and look really serene, and yoga sessions increase flexibility and improve balance.
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    1621 South Eucalyptus
    Broken Arrow, OK US
  • Gaynor and Morris PC
    Amanda Preston are serious about relaxation. The licensed massage therapists offer seven types of massage such as sports massage which help athletes avoid injuries by stretching muscles, and hot-stone therapy, which relaxes guests by applying gentle pressure with warmed rocks.
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    5610 S Memorial Dr
    Tulsa, OK US
  • Maid Pro
    Three hours of house cleaning polishes any homestead sullied with discarded soda cans, tumbleweeds of cat hair, and an increasingly feral population of white-cheeked gibbons. MaidPro is staffed with professionally trained employees who have all passed background checks, so they're fully certified to handle a filthy hearth and home. In fact, all houses are cleaned on a standard 49-point checklist, ensuring that no surface will remain dusty, no incriminating fingerprints will stain the balustrade, and no spigot will be left unturned. These grime-gutting go-getters use their own chemicals and cleaning supplies to scour every room that can be tackled in a three-hour window. If for some reason you're not satisfied with the job done, call the office within a 24-hour window, and they'll return to re-clean the afflicted area for free.
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    12802 E 31st St
    Tulsa, OK US
  • Dietert Craig
    Since dog is man's best friend, then dog (and possibly cat) deserves man's best grooming, toys, apparel, ink cartridges, 3D glasses, and more. Today's Groupon gets you $75 worth of premier pet-pampering, hairstyling (dye your puppy screaming pink if you like), toys, and pet accessories at The Salty Paw, located in the Financial District. The downtown pet center, featured in Time Out New York and New York magazine, is a luxury oasis for the stress-ridden pet worried about the college application process or an impending marriage.
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    6528 E 101st St
    Tulsa, OK US
    Hands On Cleaners' professional house scrubbers travel throughout the greater Tulsa area to sanitize homes with a hearty band of cleaning services and provided supplies. Wielding furniture polish and feather dusters shaped like carrots, the dirt decimators lure dust bunnies from tabletops and ceiling fans and take out the trash and vacuum in each room. Residue from reheated meals is scraped from the insides of microwaves before cleaners polish chrome fixtures and banish grime and germs from kitchen surfaces, toilets, and bathtubs. The sparkle mavens then move on to sleeping chambers, where they will change linens if fresh replacements are left upon the bed and tidy pillows, bedspreads, and sheets till they are as taut as a kangaroo's trampoline. Although the staff at Hands On Cleaners comes prepared with their own supplies, they are willing to use clients' equipment if it is preferred.
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    7920 North 126th East Avenue
    Owasso, OK US
  • Circle K
    So established is Circle K that even brand-new vehicles recognize what its red-and-white logo stands for—fuel, snacks, and everything else a car might need to keep powering down the road with its driver. Circle K's story starts back in 1951, when Fred Hervey bought three Kay's Food Stores in El Paso, Texas. Under his guidance, these three little shops grew into the more than 3,000 convenience stores that crouch on our nation's street corners today. After rolling up to a Circle K, drivers can pump their faithful roadsters full of high-octane fuel and send them skipping through a car wash to experience the cleansing touch of Blue Coral Beyond Green and Rain-X products. Then it's time to step inside the air-conditioned shop for a peek at the provisions. Rows of sodas hibernate behind glass doors, and snacks, candy, and their ATM guardians stand boldly out in the open. Some Circle Ks also offer the Take Away Café, which presents an appetizing lineup of healthy road fare including Ball Park hot dogs. Drivers can gear up for a long drive with Premium Coffees or enjoy a cold Polar Pop, whose specially formulated cup keeps drinks colder thanks to the family of tiny snowmen trapped in its foam walls.
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    5601 Tinker Diagonal
    Oklahoma City, OK US