Dry Cleaning in Boardman

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  • La France Dry Cleaners
    Backed by more than 60 years of squeaky-clean tradition, LaFrance's experienced professionals remain dedicated to customer satisfaction and will dig dirt out of professional wardrobes and sullied everyday wears alike. Two-piece suits ($13.20), neglected evening gowns ($26.25), and shirts ($2.19+) can all be taken care of swiftly and thoroughly. LaFrance Cleaners currently extends its services to citizens through five local storefronts, most of which offer free pick-up and delivery (click here for full pricing).
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    18 N Broad St
    Canfield, OH US
  • Rite Cleaners and Drapery Service
    Rite Cleaners handles besmudged body drapery with the utmost care to expunge thread dirt and vanquish stains. Under the scrutinizing eyes of skilled technicians, garments will be checked for blemishes and treated according to each customer's needs. Whether it's a soiled dress shirt ($1.87), a plain disheveled dress ($10.95), or grimy pants ($5.60), Rite Cleaners will use their wardrobe wizardry to mitigate the damage done by a red wine explosion or yellow mustard downpour. Although not included in the Groupon, the filth fighters also specialize in textile restoration, so customers can drop off and revive tattered wares damaged by time, disasters, or pomeranian stampedes.
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    705 Main Ave SW
    Warren, OH US
  • Owl Cleaners
    Owl Cleaners accommodates dry-cleaning needs for on-the-go customers with a range of clothing freshening. Impress a job interviewer with freshly pressed getup rather than rapid-fire knock-knock jokes by laundering wrinkled dress pants ($8.78), a button-down shirt ($3.09), or a two-piece suit ($16.75). For domestic deterging, deft bedding de-blotchers aerate double bedspreads ($31.45) and double comforters ($31.44). Short dresses ($16.76 each) or plain long gowns ($35.64 each) fix up for a night on the town, and smoke- and fire-damage restoration services can erase evidence of attempts to court firemen. Dry-cleaning orders enjoy free pickup and delivery, as do laundry orders with at least a quintet of shirts. Owl Cleaners delights in providing a quote for any uncommon or uncommonly smudged article in need of special care.
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    20510 Route 19
    Cranberry Twp, PA US
  • Metro Dry Cleaners
    A member of the Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association, Metro Dry Cleaners rejects harmful detergents and instead, cleans with organic solvents, which prevent shrinking and extend the life of clothing much like doing laundry in the Fountain of Youth. Dexterous dry cleaners can revitalize suits (up to $15.85), dresses (up to $12.91), and winter coats (up to $13.33), or use their expertise to deep clean household items such as drapes (up to $20) or comforters ($24.79–$42.18). Free pick-up and drop-off services to local areas helps customers enjoy crisp, clean clothes on the same or next day, in other words: faster than the speed at which electricity flows through copper wiring.
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    20111 route 19
    Cranberry Township, PA US
  • Blair's Cleaners
    The exclusive Sanitone drycleaners for Stark/Summit Counties, Ohio. Full services include alterations, suede/leather cleaning and UGGS cleaner. We offer the the service you deserve, the quality you expect. Quality hand finished shirt laundering from over 35 years of experience.
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    6404 Market Avenue North
    Canton, OH US
  • Towne and Country Cleaners
    Locally owned and operated full service dry cleaning business. 3 Locations: Canton, Jackson Buehlers, & Dover Buehlers
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    3984 Fulton Dr NW
    Canton, OH US