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  • Curves
    With machines set up in rows to encourage competition, many ordinary gyms cater to men's bodies and psychology, right down to the urinals that were accidentally installed in the women's locker room. At Curves, you'll move around a circle of hydraulic resistance machines designed to work with women's bodies and promote weight loss, protect against osteoporosis, and deal with arthritis. An experienced trainer is always nearby to help manage machine maneuvering and muscle making. Instead of fiddling with weight stacks and losing momentum, the hydraulic machines use body weight and fitness levels to create resistance that matches abilities, decreasing the risk of soreness or injury. Because traditional lift-and-lower motions create bulky muscles, each machine uses push-and-pull motions to create toned, lean muscles perfect for crushing a grapefruit without looking like you can.
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    2034 Highway 80
    Haughton, LA US
  • Anytime Fitness Shreveport
    Anytime Fitness, which boasts more than 2,000 clubs in North America, makes it easier for average folks to etch out time for exercise by doing one simple thing: staying open 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. As fitness seekers challenge themselves on cardio and Hammer Strength machines and hoist Iron Grip free weights in clean, well-stocked facilities, security monitoring ensures they’re safe and producing enough sweat to meet official government standards. Members can also ramp up their exercise regimens with the help of Anytime Fitness’s staff of personal trainers, who demonstrate moves and sling motivating tips. After workouts, guests can shower in the private restrooms or hop into one of the tanning booths available 24 hours a day.
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    2091 Stockwell Rd.
    Bossier City, LA US
  • Photographic Workshops America
    Experienced photo gurus Doug Box and Randy Kerr impart practical photo skills to curious shutterbugs during engaging seminars that have appeared across the States and in eight countries abroad. Doug Box, author of myriad photography-technique books, is one of 13 Kodak mentors and is the Executive Director of the Texas Professional Photographers Association. His co-teacher, Randy Kerr, heads World Photographic, which uses photography as a vehicle for illuminating humanitarian and environmental topics. Both men have been teaching photography classes for years and help amateurs take photos that capture piercing looks, toothy smiles, and elusive dodo sightings.
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    620 Benton Road
    Bossier City, LA US
  • Fit Nation
    Fit Nation's BootyBarre classes brim with unusual ballet barre moves. Backward high kicks, for instance, and squats paired with resistance band work. These isometric movements, all together, build lean muscle, lift seats, and teach students barres are good for more than hanging laundry out to dry.?That's just one of the fitness center's many classes, which number in the dozens. Others hinge on high-intensity interval training, stationary biking, or Pilates, and the facility boasts plenty of cardio and strength equipment for solo workouts, too.
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    1701 Old Minden Road
    Bossier City, LA US
  • NOLA Theatre Labs
    NOLA Theatre Labs exists as a partner of New York Theatre Labs, which is under the leadership of Ren?e Souli?, who has decades of experience in the NYC and LA theater-and-film scenes. At NOLA Theatre Labs, she leads a variety of classes that focus on helping actors of all skill levels hone their crafts. Introductory classes involve subjects such as listening, staying in the moment, and moving on stage. Advanced classes dive deeper into scene work and concentrate on producing a full play.
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    NOLA Spaces 1719 Toledano Street
    New Orleans, LA US

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