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  • Dr. Nael Dagstani, NMD
    Naturopathic physician Dr. Nael Dagstani aims to help his patients improve their health but also their quality of life. He does this by merging both conventional and natural medicine that focuss on the body?s inherent healing abilities. Healing treatments include bio-identical hormone therapy that aims to increase energy levels, improve focus, help with weight control, and lessen anxiety. Dr. Dagstani also uses intravenous nutrient therapy, which aims to improve immune system function and treat virtually any condition, from the flu, to migraines, to chronic pain.
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    1751 N Stockton Hill Rd
    Kingman, AZ US
  • Water Jetpack Adventure
    Double takes are common on the shores of Lake Havasu. After all, it’s not every day that you see someone hovering 29 feet above the water. The subjects aren’t paranormal apparitions, and the scene isn’t a fleeting haunting—it’s just another day for the certified flight instructors at Water Jetpack Adventure: strap customers into the five-point quick-release harness of their Jetlev R200 recreational jetpacks for gravity-defying flying sessions that include flight demos. Assembled from top-of-the-line parts and materials—such as pressure seals made with O-ring systems found on deep-sea submarines—the jetpack features a built-in stability mechanism and a multitasking hose that powers flights with pressurized water and keeps pilots attached to the boat and away from Icarus' house parties. Pilots stay protected during midair jaunts with safety equipment including a personal flotation device, a helmet and head support, and a safety saddle. For a video of what the Jetlev looks like in action, click here.
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    1400 Smoketree Avenue North
    Lake Havasu City, AZ US
  • GoZip Pirate Cove
    The Pirate Cove Resort & Marina grants families, groups, and thrill seekers a year-round fix for the adventure itch. A lineup of four heart-jolting attractions populate the resort's grounds, including the giant Bosun Swing, which oscillates riders gently above the Colorado River, granting picturesque views of mountains in the distance. Standing eight stories high, the Plank Walk plunks adventurers 80 feet to a soft, sandy landing, and the Rum Runner, a motorized zipline, whisks riders through the air at 50 mph, or the same speed as Superman's groggy shamble to the bathroom in the morning. The resort's latest addition, the Pirates Quest zipline tour, consists of five ziplines that run as long as 1,300 feet, supplying explorers an adrenaline-infused vista of the land.
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    100 Park Moabi Rd.
    Needles, CA US
  • All Mountain Cyclery
    The soaring peaks and red-rock lava flows of the River Mountains. The snaking gravel paths that form a ghostly memorial to a Hoover Dam railroad. The rippling waters of Lake Mead. At All Mountain Cyclery, these local sights headline daylong bike and kayak tours of the wilderness surrounding Boulder City. Located only a 30-minute drive from the famed Las Vegas strip and 10 minutes from Lake Mead, the cyclery rents out Specialized bikes and sells two-wheelers by big other big names, including KHS and Redline. With a fresh set of pedals beneath their feet, cyclists can confidently cruise down the manmade Bootleg Canyon single track. Gravity tows bikes down the steep path at full throttle, leaving riders free to focus on navigating the challenging terrain and throwing their sneakers at distracting birds.
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    1404 Nevada Hwy
    Boulder City, NV US
  • Awesome Adventure
    Roaring ATVs charge up Southwest Desert sand dunes in a storm of golden particles. Miles away, intrepid explorers rappel down the sheer cliffs of the Valley of Fire. Elsewhere, kayakers drift across the placid surface of Lake Mead in the sunset, and passengers inside a helicopter witness the majesty of the Grand Canyon from the breathtaking angle normally reserved for sightseeing birds. These seemingly disparate adventures have one thing in common: the people who imagined them. Each trek was dreamed up by the founders and guides of Awesome Adventures, who see the landscape of Nevada and Utah not as harsh and wild, but as a source of endless entertainment and education. The enthusiastic staffers?who specialize in recreations ranging from rock climbing to whitewater rafting?encourage visitors and locals alike to step outside the bounds of the city and explore exciting new vistas.
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    4480 Hwy 89
    Marysvale, UT US
  • Boot Camp Las Vegas
    Julie Johnston founded Boot Camp Las Vegas in 2005, when?after unsuccessfully trying to lose 60 pounds through a battery of exercise techniques?she considered enlisting in the military solely for the physical challenge and camaraderie. Upon reconsideration, she decided to reclaim some turf from the lazy birds in nearby parks and stage her own workouts to build the physical and mental toughness she knew she was capable of developing. Today, a team of instructors?all certified personal trainers who have completed 64 days of boot-camp training?preaches Johnston's program to exercisers of all fitness levels. To help monitor and maximize workouts, they stage weigh-ins, take measurements, perform physical-fitness tests, and dish out a nutrition packet to shed light on healthy eating.
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    1512 Industrial Road
    Boulder City, NV US