Career Certifications in Caldwell

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  • Milan Institute
    Founded with the goal of outfitting its pupils with the skills necessary to excel in the spa and salon industries, Milan Institute of Cosmetology deploys a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes professionalism and hands-on learning to train fledgling cosmetologists and aestheticians around the country. As the most important aspect of the course of study, student salons and spas serve as a real-world classroom wherein nascent beauticians—under the careful supervision of their instructors—can practice their newly minted skills on humans or sentient mannequins. The beauty apprentices gussy up patrons head to toe via sundry lavish salon and spa services—specific to each location—that may include nail services, haircare, facials therapeutic massages, or nourishing body wraps.
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    1021 W Hemingway Blvd
    Nampa, ID US
  • Meadowbrook Educational Services
    A strong structure can only be built on a strong foundation. Knowing this, the instructors at Meadowbrook Educational Services aim to strengthen their students' foundational learning skills. Their sessions start with an assessment so tutors customize an educational plan to fit the student's issues, which could range from trouble concentrating to poor study or communication skills. Along the way, instructors could use some targeted, unconventional approaches to help children learn, such as sound therapy. Sound therapy has been known to be effective in calming active children and helping others acquire vocabulary words at a faster pace.
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    1015 Caldwell Blvd.
    Nampa, ID US
  • Hastings Books Music & Videos
    Boasting more than 150 superstores nationwide, Hastings keeps entertainment enthusiasts entertained and enthused with 20,000 square feet of new and used movies, music, games, books, novelty gifts, and more. Adorn coffee tables with an array of readable coasters, including Jon Stewart's Earth ($13.99 used/$18.99 new), or add to video libraries with a vast selection of classic and newly released DVDs, such as The Social Network ($19.38 new). Hastings also hooks up sundry electronics with helpful accessories such as the iPod Touch G3 Defender case ($19.99), which protects portable jukeboxes from spillage and Henry Winkler's elbow. Hastings' rental service for films and video games makes it as easy to try before you buy as the popular online service NetHusbands.
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    1769 North Lakes Place
    Meridian, ID US
  • 10-32 Firearms Training
    Working on a SWAT team, investigating with a federal violent crimes and gang task force, and teaching policing both domestically and overseas—Raul Garcia has done them all during his nearly two-decade career in law enforcement. At 10-32 Firearms Training, the NRA-certified instructor draws upon those experiences in the field and the classroom to teach firearms safety at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Raul teaches small groups in nonclassroom settings, maintaining a close teacher-to-student ratio and frequently customizing private and semiprivate classes around each guest's firearm interests. His other courses cover skills including reloading and shooting on the move.
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    2361 West Grassy Branch
    Meridian, Idaho US
  • PCS Learning Centers
    With a high-tech kid friendly lab full of solar-powered robots, digital media, and even a 3D printer, PCS Learning Centers are more than equipped to compete with such timeworn activities as video games. During 75-minute STEM classes, students in grades 4 through 12 get hands-on experience in some of the fastest growing industries, such as robotics, engineering, and programming, getting a chance to creative everything from their own computer programs and videogames to designing their own robots. The focus shifts with each month so that students are introduced to a variety of activities, and there are no prerequisites: each session is designed to benefit first-timers as well as experienced attendees.
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    3425 W Flint Ave
    Eagle, ID US
  • Cole/Marr Photography Workshops
    In 1975, photographers Kristen Cole and David Marr founded their eponymous workshops in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, with only a darkroom, some developing equipment, and a classroom that could barely hold five students and a small grizzly bear. After 20 years of educating New Englanders, the talented duo relocated its expanding school to Boise to impart the duo's commercial and artistic expertise to students in the Treasure Valley. Cole/Marr Photography Workshops now illuminates the art of image capture in Boise's renovated Cultural Center, which houses the school's three darkrooms, studio and framing areas, digital workstations, and a photo library. Open to new framers and advanced snappers alike, the workshops' curriculums span fundamentals of both traditional and digital photography, with seminars on topics such as the darkroom process, Photoshop editing, and portraiture. Pupil and instructor galleries inspire with beautiful shots, many taken during photo safaris led by Cole and Marr to destinations as diverse as the contents of a communal diary.
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    404 S 8th St
    Boise, ID US