Sugaring in Inman Square

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  • Image Care Electrolysis & Advanced Skin Care
    Image Care Electrolysis & Advanced Skin Care owner Kerrin Mazzola takes hair removal seriously, picking up the electrolysis wand herself to permanently eliminate unwanted fuzz. Together with her fellow defoliators, she zaps offending follicles with quick currents of electricity, destroying and cauterizing hair-growing follicles to prevent subsequent regrowth. The center takes care of underlying skin as well, with dermatological services that include facials and microdermabrasions that buff away dead cells and polish rocks' geode-flecked faces.
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    1426 Cambridge St.
    Cambridge, MA US
  • Newbury Electrology
    Newbury Electrology founder Deborah Kennedy holds a degree in Medical Electrology. But she also understands that self-confidence often begins where blemishes end. Deborah uses electrolysis and results-oriented skincare treatments to help clients overcome the obstacles that hinder beauty and confidence. Electrolysis, the marquee service, is an FDA-approved hair-removal treatment that stops hair growth at the root, thereby preventing unwanted growth on the face, body, or lucky rabbit's foot. The skin care specialist also offers DermaSound ultrasonic treatments improving fine lines and wrinkles, acne and rosacea, rendering skin smooth and unblemished. In 20 years of business, Newbury Electrology has expanded its menu of treatments to also include custom blend foundation, creating just the right combination for your skin tone and type.
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    271 Newbury St.
    Boston, MA US
  • Skin Spa Clinic
    The practitioners at Skin Spa Clinic want guests to feel as comfortable as if they were still at home, so they deck the studio with domestic touches. The treatment tables, for example, more resemble high-end couches, inviting visitors to relax atop embroidered pillows and ultrasoft fringed blankets woven from clumps of cloud nine. As clients sink into these creature comforts, technicians focus on their specialties of laser hair removal and photorejuvenation treatments that combat everything from facial wrinkles to leg veins. Some services, such as the acne treatment and MedFacials, combine light and radiofrequency energy, giving clients two forms of therapy with less overall energy output. This in turn lessens the risk of skin damage. Skin Spa Clinic's staff also enhances façades with nonlaser treatments, such as microdermabrasion and peels.
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    205 Newbury St.
    Boston, MA US