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  • Carter Sledge Family Dentistry
    Dr. Michael Carter and his staff have been brightening smiles and buffing mouthscapes for 30 years. During a 15-minute consultation, receive custom tray impressions for applications of touch-up gel. Then, in the Zoom! session, ivory polishers will need a full hour and 45 minutes to imbue chompers with the whiteness necessary to blind oncoming traffic. During the treatment, a dental doyen will slather teeth with a blanching gel and expose them to a custom-made light for 15-minute increments, the combined effect of which can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Patients can watch TV or recite the numerals of pi while the gel sets in, helping them remain comfortable for two treatment cycles.
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    772 Lake Harbour Dr.
    Ridgeland, Mississippi US
  • Highland Colony Dental
    Family dentist Donald Keith Givan, DMD, and his amiable, empathic staff restore the luster to gleaming grins in time for holiday festivities with in-office Zoom! Advanced Power whitening treatments. Clinicians kick off the one-hour session by comfortably shielding the lips and gums to protect them from the whitening gel and roving tubes of disgruntled chapstick. Proprietary Zoom! whitening gel is then applied over enamel surfaces, and exposed to 45 minutes of light therapy. Clients recline while listening to music, catching up on light reading, or enjoying the company of their friendly chair as the combination of bleach and ultraviolet light works to purge stains and discoloration.
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    200 Trace Colony Park Dr
    Ridgeland, MS US
  • The Family Vet
    Twenty years ago, Dr. Billy Scott graduated from the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine and established his own private practice. During his time there, he became increasingly interested in veterinary dentistry, so he undertook hundreds of hours of training with board-certified practitioners. Now he operates The Family Vet, where he performs both medical and dental services for cats and dogs. In the full-service wellness center, Dr. Scott administers a range of vaccinations, tests for allergies, and maintains health with annual examinations. Outpatient surgical services begin with pre-anesthetic blood testing to ensure animals can safely accept anesthesia and generally end with absorbable sutures that, like stain-proof pants, do not require removal. Dental services include preventative cleanings and radiology as well as root canals, oral surgery, and orthodontic treatments.
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    7048 Old Canton Rd.
    Ridgeland, MS US
  • Lakeshore Dental Group
    At Lakeshore Dental Group, Dr. John P. Gillespie leads a friendly, professional team that maintains and beautifies smiles with a gamut of dental services. Dr. Gillespie, a lieutenant colonel and senior dentist of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, dedicates himself to administering care to fellow Mississippians with oral surgery, orthodontics, and Zoom! whitening treatments to leave smiles as attractive as anything covered in gravy.
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    4426 Terry Rd.
    Jackson, MS US
  • The Winning Smile
    The Winning Smile's trio of dentists believes that a smile is more than just a sign of happiness. It's an indicator of health, and according to Dr. Lee Gary, "Great smiles come not only from the work and expertise we provide, but are also showcased through the health of the patient." The team's services include treatments that encompass both general and cosmetic dentistry to keep clients and their mouths happy. Though the dentists can perform root canals, oral surgery, and emergency gum and bone treatments, the practice still focuses on preventative care, including regular checkups, cleanings, and a strict policy that each client refrain from chewing on peanut-butter-slathered dog bones.
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    4802 Lakeland Dr.
    Flowood, MS US
  • Gluckstadt Family Dentistry
    Before he went to dental school, Dr. Robert J. Hauptman fabricated crowns and repaired bridges at Blackburn Dental Laboratory, gaining invaluable experience in his dentistry. This training gave him the grounding necessary to expand his dental knowledge base, which he now employs regularly at Gluckstadt Family Dentistry, helping to beautify and maintain smiles with a full range of general, restorative, and cosmetic services. With the help of his staff, he performs root-canal therapy, implants veneers, brightens grins with whitening treatments, and teaches teeth to chew in a different language.
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    1716 Highway 51
    Madison, MS US

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