Deep Tissue Massage in North Chula Vista

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  • Shanghai Foot Spa
    A stop in for a massage at Shanghai Foot Spa is good for the sole. Both soles, in fact. And though the Shanghai Foot Spa seems like it will put the pressure only on your feet, the “foot massage” actually includes a full body massage. Your feet are submerged in warm water while the massage therapist starts at your head and neck. The massage therapists certainly don’t tiptoe around kneading out your knots; they will use deep tissue and reflexology techniques to work out all your tension. The room is clean and dimly lit, and soothing Chinese music plays in the background to aid relaxation. The massage chairs are a nice black leather and recline comfortably. You can also choose to have a table massage, where you get more privacy.
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    220 Broadway
    Chula Vista, CA US
  • Balensi's Institute Skin Care & Spa
    Featured at two star-studded award ceremonies in 2011, Balensi's Institute Skin Care & Spa makes everyday clients feel like VIPs with luxurious spa services. Guest pass by a water fountain and tropical plants as they enter a cozy, renovated bungalow that dates back to 1910, the same year that the Great Sphinx had her first microdermabrasion. Medical aesthetician Lorena Balensi performs most treatments?from facials to enzyme peels?with pharmaceutical-grade products. For more than 10 years, certified medical assistant Jean-Michel Balensi has applied principles of color theory, facial geometry, design/application, skin health and wound healing, anatomy and physiology to all aspects of his craft, servicing more than 3,000 clients. Applied one by one, his ocular artistry of eyelash extensions give eyelids the volume and length to attract compliments or entire butterfly colonies. Massage therapies include relaxing and healing modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, stone, pre-natel, and sports massage. Garden fountains perform a liquid symphony for patrons who relax at a shaded outdoor patio.
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    280 Landis Ave.
    Chula Vista, CA US
  • Rest. Tranquility Spa
    Inside Rest. A Traquility Spa's treatment rooms, soft, translucent drapes filter sunlight trickling between the padded massage beds. This soothing ambiance sets a relaxing tone that's appropriate for each of the team's hot-stone, Swedish, and fascial-release massages. To further rejuvenate their clients, they combine these massages with a menu of refreshing facials.
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    401 H Street
    San Diego, CA US