Charity & Grassroots in Coon Rapids

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  • Paws for a Cause
    Paws for a Cause is a 3 year old non-profit animal rescue that is dedicated to the rehoming of abused, abandoned and homeless dogs in MN, IA and WI
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    3059 16th Street Northwest
    New Brighton, MN US
  • Operation Glass Slipper
    Mother-and-daughter team Pam and Emily Philipp founded Operation Glass Slipper in 2006 to help high-school girls prepare for their proms. Girls who cannot afford the high cost of attending and outfitting themselves for prom can confide in a trusted adult from their school or community to obtain a referral to the program. The girls then choose a dress, purse, shoes, a necklace, and earrings from Operation Glass Slipper's inventory, which is made up primarily of new shoes and accessories and donated dresses, although the organization must purchase additional dresses to fill gaps in sizes. The girls can also bring a female companion to help them shop. Since its inception, Operation Glass Slipper has outfitted more than 1,000 girls for prom each year.
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    4021 Silver Lake Ter NE
    Saint Anthony, Minnesota US
  • Faith's Lodge
    When Mark and Susan Lacek's baby died two weeks before she was to be born, they admitted that their "world was shattered." They named her Faith to represent the faith they'd need to get them through this dark period. In her honor, they also founded Faith's Lodge to help other parents remain strong in the face of grief. Faith's Lodge provides a respite for referred families that have suffered the loss of a child in the past three years or have a child with a serious illness. Set on 80 acres of tranquil northern Wisconsin woodland, the Lodge has eight guest suites, a reading library, an arts and crafts space, and a network of trails. Families can stay in the suites up to five nights once a year for a suggested donation or with scholarship help. During their stay, the Lodge runs therapeutic activities including journaling, woodworking, and painting memorial heart stones to help parents work through their grief. Group therapy and a welcome dinner bring bereaved families together, and parents are encouraged to take walks in the woods or spend time in quiet reflection. See how Groupon helps you discover local causes and lend a helping hand at the Groupon Grassroots blog.
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    4080 West Broadway Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • A Rotta Love Plus
    As unprejudiced advocates for the equal and humane treatment of all dogs, the all-volunteer organization A Rotta Love Plus (ARLP) works to approach issues faced by Rottweilers and pit bulls. Volunteers conduct public outreach and awareness programs that repair the reputation of these breeds, including a therapy dog program with at-risk youth, spay and neuter initiatives, owner education and training, and foster-based rescue and rehoming. Along with pit-bull and Rottweiler adoption and foster-program services, ARLP hosts fairs where pet owners can take their dogs for free spay or neuter services, microchips, and vaccinations from low-cost, high quality mobile vet teams. ARLP volunteer trainers also lead eight-week obedience courses for pit bulls and Rottweilers and hold basic dog-safety programs for children. See how Groupon helps you discover local causes and lend a helping hand at the Groupon Grassroots blog.
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    1710 Douglas Drive North
    Crystal, MN US
  • Children's Heartlink
    The organization’s Parent Education and Discharge Instructions (PEDI) project trains nurses to educate parents on follow-up-care procedures after pediatric open-heart surgery, including situational training on the recovery process and educational booklets on at-home care. By improving postoperative instruction, Children's Heartlink hopes to reduce infection rates and other complications, and prevent return hospitalizations. Children’s HeartLink has already launched the PEDI project at one Indian hospital and plans to expand to two other hospitals in India, including Innova Heart Hospital in Hyderabad, as well as to share its materials with other hospitals online.
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    5075 Arcadia Ave
    Minneapolis, MN US
  • House of Charity
    House of Charity's food center serves free, nutritious meals to those experiencing homelessness as well as individuals who are working but unable to afford food. The organization is one of the only free public-meal programs in Minneapolis that operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On an average day of operation, about 300 people eat at the food center, and nearly all meals are prepared from scratch to reduce expenses while increasing nutritional value. On any weekday, women and children accompanied by a parent can eat breakfast at the food center, and all are welcome for lunch. The center also serves a public brunch on weekends. Five to 10 volunteers operate the food center and rely entirely on grants and charitable contributions for financial support.
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    510 S 8th St
    Minneapolis, MN US