Climbing in Cordele

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Giant oak trees and old-growth flowering camellias surround The Daffodale Estate, a grand Victorian home built in 1897. Those trees create an aura of mystery that matches the puzzling rumors and ghost stories associated with the property. Ghost-hunting teams have visited in the past, documenting paranormal activity with cameras and motion detectors. One of the teams sensed the presence of a ghostly family with a young child. There's also a Civil War?era slave cemetery nearby, and an Indian mound said to date back more than 1,000 years.

Despite its paranormal reputation, the manor is home to more than just ghosts. The spirit of hospitality also permeates the stately house, which hosts outdoor weddings and parties that spread out across three acres of manicured garden space. Inside, a Victorian dining room filled with period furnishings frequently fills with the friendly din of conversation during the house's lively luncheons and tea parties.


Crooked Pines Farm is a family owned farm in Eatonton near the Lake Oconee area. We have embarked on a business venture to offer our neighbors, friends and your family the ability to receive quality products at reasonable prices with the best customer experience. Our goal is your satisfaction!

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On October 4th, Soul Survivor will transform the sleepy town of Forsyth, Georgia into a ghost town for a 5K race. The race begins at 8 p.m. after participants are each issued a t-shirt and an ominous flashlight. As they run through the haunted streets, they could encounter the frighteningly realistic zombies that Soul Survivor is known for or the ghosts of marathoners past come back to claim first place.

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