Face & Skin Care in Covington

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Specializing in reconstructive surgery and the restoration of aesthetics, the licensed physicians at Ageless Beauty fete countenances with soothing, rejuvenating, high-quality services within their private, elegant confines. Appropriate for all skin types, the Vi peel contains a medley of strong and effective ingredients that help to increase skin’s elasticity while reducing acne, freckles, and damage done by gossipy sun rays (each a $250 value). Send your epidermis through a virtual time machine for the 20-minute procedure, emerging invigorated with little recovery time and the opportunity to spend hours admiring your youthful reflection in shop windows and soup spoons. The microdermabrasion treatment utilizes tiny crystals to exfoliate mugs and expel comatose skin cells, resulting in a more radiant appearance (a $100 value). This Groupon can be used over multiple visits and is ideal in advance of high-school reunions, weddings, or glow competitions against interior refrigerator lights.

110 Lakeview Trail

Nestled within her own private salon suite, Shawnte' deftly shapes eyebrows and cultivates elegant lash volume with specialty human-hair-cluster extensions. Clients may also solicit her expert makeup services to celebrate an upcoming prom, wedding, or competitive eating contest.

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