Japanese Restaurants in North Dallas

50% Off Japanese Cuisine at Hypnotic Sushi

Hypnotic Sushi

Oak Lawn

$40 $20


Bento boxes brimming with salmon teriyaki, plates of ton-katsu curry rice, and colorful maki

40% Off at Geisha Steak and Sushi Restaurant

Geisha Steak & Sushi

Far North Dallas

$30 $18

Innovative sushi creations, such as lobster rolls with yamagobo or Queen rolls with snow crab and asparagus, mingle with hibachi entrees

40% Off Japanese and Korean Cuisine at Gangnam Sushi

Gangnam Sushi

Central Carrollton

$30 $18


Japanese and Korean specialties are on the menu of this restaurant named for an upscale neighborhood in Seoul

40% Off at Fin Sushi & Sake Bar

Fin Sushi & Sake Bar


$50 $30


Tempura appetizers precede teriyaki-flavored meats and several specialty sushi rolls stuffed with snow crab, snapper, and salmon

54% Off Sushi and Asian-Food Buffet at Asian Top Restaurant

Asian Top Restaurant


$21.54 $10


Coconut shrimp, sushi, clams, barbecue spare ribs, and a dessert bar line this buffet that is open seven days a week

43% Off Sushi and Asian Fusion Cuisine at Sushi Fugu

Sushi Fugu

Highland Village

$40 $22.99


Shrimp curry, pad thai, sashimi, and a variety of specialty rolls served in a sleek, modern dining room

$11 for Pan-Asian Cuisine at Sushi Nikko

Sushi Nikko

North Richland Hills

$20 $11


The menu incorporates Japanese, Chinese, and Korean culinary influences, including grilled spare ribs and sweet-and-sour chicken

Up to Half Off at Haru Sushi & Grill

Haru Sushi & Grill


$20 $11


Guests dine on signature rolls stuffed with tuna, tempura, whitefish, salmon, and avocado

Select Local Merchants

Even though Ku Sushi & Japanese Cuisine’s sushi chefs put all of their techniques on display while working at an exposed sushi bar, diners don’t dare to attempt recreating the rolls at home. The inventions feature complex combinations of seafood, veggies, and special sauces, and many hit the deep fryer before being ushered out to tables. Among the menu’s many unusual sushi creations is the Cowboy roll in which marinated steak, avocado, and cucumber unify beneath a drizzle of sweet sauce applied with a saturated lasso. Behind the steam wafting from blistering grills, chefs also prepare hot entrees, including tender, barbecued short ribs and garlicky filet mignon with ginger sauce. Pours of imported Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban help to wash down the bitter pill of below-average chopstick skills.

11661 Preston Rd

Patrons at Fuji Steak House & Sushi Bar pull up blond-wood chairs to tableside hibachi grills where trained chefs chop, flip, and sizzle ingredients into display-worthy dishes from the menu. A house salad and shrimp appetizer warms up each diner’s taste buds before chefs practice spatula-juggling circus acts on a choice of entree ingredients, such as chicken, filet mignon, scallops, or vegetables. Pairs or quartets of mouths also munch sides of hibachi vegetables and steamed rice, taking back midriff space from the stomach’s inconsiderate roommate, the liver.

12817 Preston Rd

Following in the footsteps of his father and brother—40- and 20-year veterans of the restaurant business, respectively—James Mou took his first kitchen job at age 13. After mastering the craft of sushi over more than a decade, James opened his first restaurant in California at 24. These days, his exquisitely assembled specialty rolls and signature dishes dazzle palates alongside classic Japanese cuisine at Rock & Roll Sushi.

As diners cozy into booths or unwind in the lounge area, James and his culinary team whip up favorites such as vegetable tempura and chicken katsu with a curry sauce. Guests at the sushi bar can watch chefs work with everything from the smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese of the Philadelphia roll to the white-fish-topped crabmeat of the Rangers Roll—an homage to what the fish rangers wore on their heads before they could afford hats. To wash down each bite, James stocks his bar with domestic and imported wine and beer, Japanese sakes, and fixings for more than 10 cocktails.

6109 Berkshire Ln

Towering ceilings and multicolored lights lend Hibashi Teppan Grill & Sushi Bar a hip, high-energy vibe. The flicker of open flames adds to that ambiance as hibachi chefs sear jumbo scallops, new york strip steaks, and other teppan specialties at 14 tableside hibachi grills. Chefs flip the succulent ingredients through the air as tables of diners watch, entranced.

Fire makes another appearance behind a 40-foot sushi bar, where chefs fashion carefully selected fish into rolls such as the Pink Panther, a medley of tuna, salmon, avocado, and cucumber served flaming with a side of replacement eyebrows. Patrons can also opt for pan-Asian noodle dishes, Korean-style beef short ribs, or entrees such as the Tempura Heaven basket with lotus, sweet pumpkin, oysters, and other battered morsels. Bartenders mix and pour an extensive list of cocktails, sake, wine, and beer to pair with dinner selections.

13465 Inwood Rd

Every corner of the city needs its own friendly neighborhood sushi joint, and Sushi House enjoys a loyal following of Park Cities locals who agree. The cozy space is populated with bamboo accents and small wooden tables, while patrons who want to get up close and personal with their fish can belly up to the long sushi bar and watch the talented sushi chefs at work. All the expected fare is here, from miso soup and vegetable tempura to super-fresh sashimi and a wide assortment of rolls. Sushi House sticks mostly to the classics, but you will find Philadelphia and spider rolls. Hot sake and Japanese beer are in no short supply, and there’s also the sweet Japanese soda known as ramune for the under-21 crowd.

5619 W Lovers Ln

Mango's Noodle House's menu combines culinary traditions from a multitude of Asian kitchens to create entrees with Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese influences, including a stunning array of house-made sushi. The shrimp tempura Sanji roll ($16) luxuriates in swathes of salmon, eel, super-white tuna, and a finishing dollop of caviar and the Las Vegas roll's eel, crab, and smoked salmon ($13) gets authentic flavor from a flash-fry by the light of neon billboards.

13605 Midway Rd
Farmers Branch,