Gutter Cleaning in Duncan

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  • My Dads Company Home Maintenance
    The licensed and insured crew at My Dads Company executes services such as power-washing homes, decks, and walkways. They also roll up their sleeves to scoop gunk out of rain gutters, wash windows, and haul away debris such as leaves and nosey lawn gnomes.
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    On Location
    Victoria, BC CA
  • Friendly Giant
    Like the Friendly Giant himself, the technicians at Friendly Giant Window and Gutter Cleaning are really good at reaching high-up places. They thoroughly clean gutters and windows, including screens and sills, on one- and two-storey homes or gaudy dollhouses.
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    1304 Vining St
    Victoria, BC CA
  • 4 Seasons Natural Cleaning Services
    4 Seasons Natural Cleaning Services purifies and disinfects homesteads with myriad eco-friendly cleaning methods and a bevy of naturally made products that enhance health for occupants and their immediate environment. Tailored around client schedules, regular cleanings sweep and mop hard floors, thoroughly dust furniture and windowsills, and swiftly remove any rubbish or cobwebs from interiors. While sanitizations eradicate lingering germs from bathroom showers, toilets, counter tops and floors, kitchen scrubbings cleanse the insides of microwaves, the outside of kitchen appliances, and behind the refrigerator's ears. In addition to the previous services, detox treatments hone in on further corners and crevasses, eliminating dust from light fixtures, washing front entrances and doors, and spot cleaning each home's walls. Every three or eight-hour session reinvigorates and rebuffs houses, imbuing them with the confidence needed to safely shelter inhabitants and muster the necessary courage to finally ask out the neighbour's backyard gazebo.
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    114 Nona Place
    Nanaimo, BC CA
  • Superior Pro Painters & Home Services
    The insured residential contractors at Superior Pro Painters & Home Services excel at helping homeowners whittle down their to-do lists. Their services range from exterior painting to minor handyman repairs, making homes look their best and homeowners swell with pride. Other offerings around the home include washing windows, cleaning leaves and other muck from clogged gutters, and pressure washing siding and concrete with a gas-powered mechanism capable of pressures up to 4,200 PSI.
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    6800 Lynas Lane
    Richmond, BC CA
  • Rooftoppros
    Rooftoppros’ specialists can be spotted atop households throughout the local area, pulling from decades of industry experience to administer a variety of rooftop-maintenance services. The technicians’ specialty is gutter cleaning, but they're also adept at chimney cleaning, weatherproofing, and installation jobs. Before beginning work, they take time to carefully inspect rooftops, supplying clients with before-and-after photographs along with a detailed assessment of the roof’s condition. Regardless of the project, technicians use environmentally friendly products derived from a whale's tears of joy.
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    102-217 East 10th street
    Vancouver, BC CA
  • Acrotech Cleaning Systems
    Acrotech Cleaning Systems' uniformed technicians take on myriad forms of exterior filth with the help of state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly detergents. Industrial truck-mounted vacuum systems pluck leaves, twigs, and down-on-their-luck clouds from clogged rain gutters. Forgoing traditional cold water, pressure washers use a blend of steam, pressurized water, and biodegradable detergents to remove grime from roofs, ceilings, sidewalks, and driveways. Technicians also take a multistep approach to window washing, combining hand scrubbing, high-density brushes, and Tucker Pole systems to replace streaks and splotches with sparkling glass surfaces.
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    113-192 Street Surrey
    Surrey, BC CA