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  • Foxglove Cooking School
    Rooted in the firm belief that cooking should not only be an experience and an art, the Foxglove Cooking School was founded by passionate Chef Jennifer Oliver. Her classes are designed for both beginners and seasoned gourmands, because Chef Jenn understands that everyone can enjoy cooking well, regardless of their skill in the kitchen. The school’s curriculum is diverse, ranging from medieval-themed cooking classes to stone-cold beginners’ lessons. All group classes feature super-fresh ingredients from nearby sources to help instill participants with an appreciation for beautiful, local cuisine. During sessions, Chef Jenn demonstrates how to craft three dishes, while students taste test each and place bets on how quickly she can mince an incriminating document.
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    8035 Vye Rd.
    Crofton, BC CA
  • The Gulf Islands Film & T.V. School
    The Gulf Islands Film & T.V. School (GIFTS) was founded by a group of Canadian filmmakers and entrepreneur George Harris with a mission to offer hands-on learning opportunities during digital film production intensives. GIFTS students learn by doing with the help of a faculty of award winning media professionals including Velcrow Ripper, Nettie Wild, and Peter Campbell. Select alumni also return to the school to act as mentors. Located on Galiano Island, the school seamlessly blends a rustic camp environment catering to junior (ages 10-14 ), youth (ages 14-18 ), and adult (ages 19+) groups with cutting-edge digital technology, and courses focus on a variety of topics including documentary, visual effects, and acting on camera.
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    S-43 C-12 RR
    Galiano Island, BC CA
  • Danielle's Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio
    After years in the IT industry, Danielle was ready for a change. Her tech-based clients seemed to be in perpetually foul moods, and she longed for days filled with smiles and the occasional inspirational conversation. She had always loved to paint, so opening her paint-your-own pottery studio felt like a natural way to fuse her passion for art with her desire to interact with people in a helpful way. Only one more thing was standing in the way of bringing her dream to life: a business partner, which she quickly found in her daughter Jennifer. Together, this mother-and-daughter team runs Danielle's Glass Fusing and Contemporary Ceramics Studio. To inspire creativity in others, they stock the studio's shelves with more than 300 bisque pieces, including mugs, bowls, and figurines. The pair guides artists through the creation process, helping them use stamps, stencils, and each other's ponytails to paint personal masterpieces. When not glazing and firing their customers' finished artwork, the duo also teaches classes on fused glass and hosts special events such as birthday parties.
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    9774 Third Street
    Sidney, BC CA
  • 4Cats Arts Studio Langford Station
    Lilliputian Degases will be inspired to sculpt masterpieces in the energetic confines of this professional arts studio for children. Choose two of 4Cats Art Studio's many workshops, such as the Royal Oak location's Robot Polymer Clay or the Langford studio's Matisse Cards, in which highly trained curators teach young visionaries to express their creativity in seasonal motifs using paints, professional-quality polymers, modelling clay, and last night's meatloaf. Workshops vary by location, are intended for children ages 3?15, and include all art materials.
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    2285 Bellamy Rd
    Langford, BC CA
  • Curves - Victoria
    Curves gives you a full body, highly efficient workout. See how it?s worked for over 4 million women. Curves SMART Our state-of-the-art personalized coaching system gives you moment-by-moment feedback, so you won?t only find motivation, you?ll keep it.
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    2425 Bevan Ave
    Sidney, BC CA
  • Vi Fitness Centres
    VI Fitness?a workout mainstay with a dozen locations peppering Vancouver Island?splits its real estate between coed and women?s only gyms. Coed locations line the floors with a wide variety of strength and stability equipment, free weights, and cardio machines; women?s locations host a similar array of gear but in designs tailored specifically for women. The two gym models are otherwise similar, hosting yoga classes and group exercise courses such as VI Fitness?s signature indoor cycling. Alternatively, each gym?s team of personal trainers creates customized regimens for patrons with the help of the Polar BodyAge system that measures individual fitness levels. The sessions also motivate athletes and ensure they use proper technique, significantly reducing the risk of injury, overexertion, or the embarrassment of accidentally bench-pressing a treadmill. The on-site child minding watches over exercisers? little ones while secure rental lockers keep personal effects locked up.
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    6772 Oldfield Rd
    Saanichton, BC CA

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