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Once a title carried by the top government officials in British India, the term "viceroy" connotes a regal finery and splendor. The word serves well for The Viceroy Royal Indian Dining, where the aroma of roasting spice, the warmth of clay tandoori ovens, and the taste of curry are all intended to make a luxurious impression. Like a bespoke suit of beef jerky, each meal bursts at the seams with flavor. Chefs pepper garlic naan, lamb kebab, and tikka masala with freshly ground herbs and spices, ranging in potency from mild to traditionally spicy. The restaurant's decor makes for an elegant backdrop, sporting high ceilings ringed with bright saffron hues and crystal chandeliers, and walls covered in colorful paintings of Indian wildlife and marble palaces.

4719 Ashford Dunwoody Rd

From the outside, India Chef Restaurant simply looks like a house, with its barn-red roof crowning asquat and white fa?ade. But inside, it opens up into a spacious dining room where black tablecloths make colorful dishes shine. Clay oven-fresh tandoor dishes, garlic naan, and flaky samosas stuffed with sitar notes satisfy appetites, while pickled raitas and chutneys complement meals with piquant flavor. Reviewers applaud the restaurant's Biryani dishes, seafood, and customizable spice levels.

720 Holcomb Bridge Rd

Himalayas Indian Restaurant showcases the rich, diverse flavors of regional Indian cooking. Roasted meats, simmered vegetables, and fragrant curries all benefit from the wealth of spices and herbs found throughout South Asia. The chefs begin every day by grinding and preparing fresh spices for their dishes, lending vibrant flavors to the menu that Zagat scored as "very good to excellent."

Herbs and Spices on the Menu

  • Saffron: flavors the shrimp biryani's steamed basmati rice
  • Tamarind: mingles with roasted garlic and bell pepper in a spicy curry for the chicken balti
  • Mint Leaves: adds a fresh, cleansing flavor to the lamb boti kabob's yogurt marinade
  • Rose Water: complements the subtle sweetness of homemade gulab jamon
  • Hydrogen: balances the delicate oxygen flavor in every glass of water

Enduring Traditions

The eclectic character of the Indian subcontinent comes out in more than just the menu's herbs and spices. In the dining room, meals unfurl to a soundtrack of Indian flutes and drums; in the kitchen, the chefs embrace traditional cooking techniques by roasting everything from skewered meats to breads inside their charcoal-fired, clay tandoor oven. Even the recipes have deep ties to Indian tradition, having been passed down through generations of Indian families.

5520 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.