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  • Cindy Sherman Photography
    Cindy Sherman developed a love for photography at a young age and, after working as a professional photographer since 1980, opened her own studio in 1985. Cindy specializes in portraits of families, high-school seniors, expectant mothers, and pets at her studio, which has indoor settings and a 1-acre outdoor portrait garden with plenty of photogenic settings including a waterfall, a castle-style wall, and a crashed UFO. She also travels to local homes and other venues to take on-location portraits and wedding action shots.
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    9063 Teakwood Dr
    Boise, ID US
  • Blue Planet Photography
    What services does your business offer and what makes your business stand out from the competition? Blue Planet Photography offers small group and one-on-one photography classes and workshops in Idaho, across the U.S., and abroad. Classes cover a wide range of photography-related instruction, from buying equipment and learning camera operation to Adobe Photoshop post-processing and best business practices. My goal is for you to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of photography, including light and the relationships between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, so that you have the knowledge to select whichever shooting mode and exposure settings fit the particular situation you're in. It's not just a manual-versus-auto debate, it's using the camera to its full extent to achieve the results you desire. In addition to the fundamentals, I encourage exploration and experimentation, following your own inner drive and developing a personal way of seeing. What was the inspiration to start or run this business? I've been photographing since I was quite young. In my first career as a wildlife biologist I had my camera wherever I went and made photographs in many very beautiful places. When I had the opportunity to strike out on my own, photography was the logical choice. I've always enjoyed teaching, so classes and workshops were a natural addition to the business. What do you love most about your job? I love the variety. Every day is different with something interesting to see and a new challenge. I'm always learning and improving, meeting new people and helping them become inspired and excited about photography, helping them to rediscover the art of seeing.
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    1526 West Charlotte Court
    Nampa, ID US
  • Emotion Portrait Design
    Jill Davidson, owner of Emotion Portrait Design, is a PPA Award–winning photographer who strives to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for guests. A savvy snapper and skilled photo finisher, Jill enjoys getting to know her clients and capturing their personalities in a way that delivers meaningful, time-treasured images. The outdoor family portrait session is an ideal way to capture your entire tribe in one place amongst natural splendors. An accompanying digital image ($375) allows lighting impurities, camera-hogging sparrows, and nature ghosts to be edited out, while allowing you to edit in the middle child you forgot to pick up from soccer camp on your way to the studio. Additional prints cost extra, from $20 for 4"x5" to $528 for 40"x60".
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    4000 West Hatchery Road
    Eagle, ID US
  • iPreserve Boise
    The skilled archivists at MAD Technologies accept old media and document formats via mail or in-store drop off, giving families and organizations a hassle-free means of preserving cherished content that happens to live on obsolete formats. Elderly books become digitized epics, and grainy home movies recorded onto Beta or 8mm film are reborn in pixels, all with customization options and lightning-quick turnaround. While digital material should last longer than its analog predecessors, MAD Technologies' staff plays it safe–technicians automatically archive and store all images and video, in the event that discs should be damaged or run away from home in their rebellious teenage years.
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    701 S Allen St.
    Meridian, ID US
  • Dorian Studios
    Dorian Studio was founded in 1914 and offers a full line of digital portrait and print services. We are family owned and operated and look forward to helping you create lasting memories.
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    1123 N Main St
    Meridian, ID US
  • Perfect Memories Photography
    Geoff Hadfield has been studying the world around him from behind a lens for two decades. At Perfect Memories Photography, he focuses on capturing the ideal family portrait on-location, but also brings traditional portraiture into the modern age by specializing in images for social-media campaigns, marketing development photos, and headshots for business cards. In addition to snapping subjects, Mr. Hadfield shares his expertise in workshops that focus on better acquainting students with their digital cameras and demonstrating creative ideas on composition.
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    1304 W Clarinda St.
    Meridian, ID US