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Using an in-house brand of tangy, sweet sauces, steaming stacks of ribs, and homespun slow rubs, the family recipes behind Quick Q BBQ deliver authentic, smoky, home-style flavor. Strap a bib around wayward beards and take a gander at the menu, on which heaping plates of ribs, chicken, ham, and mullet await the maws of barbecue connoisseurs. The meat not only falls off the bone but also practically hops in the mouth, chews itself, and writes it all off as a business expense. Barbecue plates come with iced tea and a variety of meat choices, including a jaw-dropping, chin-mopping stack of pulled pork with baked beans and mac 'n' cheese ($9.50) or an entire smoked chicken with mac 'n' cheese and fries ($12.50). Light lunchers can stock their own bags of bones with a three-bone rib sandwich with fries ($6.99), paired with 8-ounce house-made Southern sides such as potato salad, coleslaw, and collard greens ($1.99 each). Crank open your auxiliary stomach for dessert; Quick Q's sugary slew of cherry and peach cobblers ($0.93) and rum cake ($2.99/slice) high five tongues and fist pound bellies. Sidle up to one of Quick Q’s tables clad in a checkered tablecloth, or pull up to the drive-thru to bring victuals home to pod people masquerading as your real family.

3441 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg,