Classes in Easton

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Cambridge Art Glass is a fully equipped studio outfitted with everything needed to create beautiful glass pieces: workstations, kilns, tools, and a team of elves to do most of the work overnight. Proprietor and lifelong art lover Cindy Parmer leads a variety of classes, ranging in difficulty depending on students' experience levels, from basic beading workshops to four-week classes that result in blown-glass chandeliers.

1 Mill Street

Okello Dunkley designs his workshops for students who have just bought or are thinking of buying a DLSR camera but are mystified by its myriad gadgets and gizmos. The accessible nature of these classes has helped Dunkley spread them into nearly a dozen locations across the Midwest and east coast, where students as young as 12 learn how to take a digital camera off automatic mode and manually manipulate ISO light sensors and aperture openings. More advanced classes delve into working with difficult light?such as cloudy weather or days when the sun is set on strobe light?and others explore how to navigate computer software for photo manipulation.

100 Westgate Circle