Aquarium in El Paso

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The El Paso Zoo recreates the global animal kingdom with more than 220 species housed in more than 35 acres of landscaped terrain. Like a cell dividing to attend different bio-parties, the zoo splits into three geographic sections: Asia, Africa, and the Americas, with each area containing its native mammalian zebras, reptilian Burmese pythons, and avian screech owls, to name just a few. Recently opened lion and meerkat exhibits in the Passport to Africa habitat display two of the savanna's most frequently animated animals. Zookeepers perform animal encounters with Asian elephants at noon and train California sea lions during "Meet the Keeper" presentations at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Whether traveling solo or with a wee one in tow, the El Paso Zoo provides a diverse and entertaining experience for wildlife lovers of all ages.

4001 E Paisano Dr
El Paso,