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Dipson Theatres celebrates a reputation as a regional movie institution with a network of 12 locations lighting 57 silver screens across Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. Though the company now spreads across the northeast United States, it began in the small city of Batavia, NY, in 1939—a time when movies were called “picture shows,” Roosevelt was in the White House, and everybody could only see in black and white. Today that tradition underlies the cinematic experience as patrons chomp popcorn and sip sodas, marveling at modern 3-D visual adventures, summer action movies, family-friendly features, or even indie art flicks and footage from world-renowned opera performances.

1666 Market St

622 Main St

Rainbow Cinema's downtown multiplex nestled inside Citi Plaza beckons audiences to attend current releases of Hollywood blockbusters, comedies, and dramas. Silver screens bathe eyeballs with a changing line-up of seven current films, with new arrivals weekly to relieve viewers of repetitive staring contests with film extras. A grand lobby greets entering patrons as they grab a bite at the snack bar before proceeding on to their chosen screenings.

355 Wellington St