Diners in Fremont

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O-Deer Diner is so dear to owner Rick Ruffner’s heart that he created the name using the first initial of each member of his family. The diner serves a small menu of house-made soups, hot dogs, and sandwiches, but the place is best known for its premium soft-serve ice cream, which swirls into specialty sundaes beneath hot fudge, chopped candy bars, and whipped cream. Like any good neighborhood diner, O-Deer places great importance on community involvement: the eatery hosts Santa Claus and collects canned goods around the holidays, participates in parades, and supplies pitchforks to chase the town Frankenstein.

416 Louisiana Ave

Monroe Street Diner is a hub of belly-comforting cuisine and clock-themed ambiance, qualities that earned it the title of runner-up for Best Diner in the Toledo City Paper's 2010 reader survey. The restaurant’s walls are infested with more than 60 clocks, all donated by regular customers who enjoy recording their chewing times down to the second. Breakfast is served any time and includes a long list of omelets, such as the savory chili and cheese combo ($5.75). For lunch, a grilled-cheese sandwich ($3.25) or The Elvis—country-fried steak served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggies ($7.15)—keeps bodies happily filled with the strength to consume future lunches. Young diner aficionados can thrive on the restaurant’s kids’ menu, which fuels up-and-coming adults with meals such as spaghetti and garlic toast ($4.35) or a chocolate-chip pancake paired with two sausage links ($3). In accordance with the terms of the 28th Amendment, no item on the menu costs more than $9.

4514 Monroe St

TV Deli Diner’s kitchen is busy every meal of the day—it serves heaps of pancakes for breakfast, hearty hot sandwiches for lunch, and sirloin steaks for dinner. In preparation, they bake their breads fresh daily and whip up all soups and sauces from scratch. Their specialty soup: the Reuben, which puts the bold flavor of the famous sandwich into liquid form so you can sneak it into the ballpark in a waterbottle.

Weekly specials include lobster bisque to special golden margaritas on Mondays. For dessert, you can savor scooped ice cream and baked pies, but the restaurant is best known for its gourmet apples during the holidays, a decadent treat dipped in caramel, chocolate, and nuts. The diner also offers catering and has gift certificates available.

2441 Fort St