Skydiving in Grand Rapids

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  • Capital City Skydiving
    Skydive Coastal California's air-riding experts take first-time and experienced jumpers to the stratosphere for jumps above the scenic vistas of southern California. Tethered to clients, they guide tandem rides to facilitate first tastes of terminal velocity before coasting in for a soft landing. To accommodate licensed skydivers with a current reserve parachute, the staff guides planes over the business's own scenic landing zone so jumpers can take to the air on their own. Beginners who wish to become full-fledged divers can opt for the Accelerated Freefall program, in which aficionados teach the skills necessary to make solo jumps such as how to handle equipment or merge into goose traffic without a blinker.
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    7080 Sherwood Rd.
    Fowlerville, MI US
  • Skydive Great Lakes
    Hailing from successful careers in the service and hospitality industries, the Skydive Lake Wawasee staff care as much about each guest?s comfort as they do about their safety. They lead a team of experienced instructors who begin each jump with a thorough lesson on safety and techniques. They accompany both beginning and advanced skydivers high into the atmosphere, where they safely perform exhilarating tandem jumps. To challenge their most experienced customers, they oversee single jumps. As skydivers gracefully float to the ground, they soak in views of Lake Wawasee, Indiana's largest natural lake. A pilot mans the cockpit while an optional videographer captures the airborne adventure. They harness multiple camera angles to catch every bit of action on film, which guests can use as evidence to teach the neighborhood sparrows a thing or two about flight. The jumper?s entourage of friends and family can "oooh" and "ahhhh" as they watch the thrilling descent through the soft landing in the grass fields of Lake Wawasee Airport.
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    16988 Goshen Country Road 40
    Goshen, IN US
  • Silver Lining Aviation Hastings Charter Township
    Silver Lining Aviation's certified instructors create adventures like this every day as they teach visitors to soar behind the controls of sport aircrafts such as weight-shift trikes. Silver Lining's team takes prospective pilots on introductory flights that allow them to experience aircrafts such as the Evolution Trikes Weight Shift Trike and nibble on different flavors of clouds. The aviation experts also sell sport aircrafts, which patiently wait onsite as customers work through custom ground- and flight-training programs. In most cases, the flight instructors prepare their pupils for aerial navigation in as little as two weeks. They also provide 24/7 support, and cook oil soup to feed hungry aircraft.
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    740 Grand
    Allegan, MI US
  • Skydive Wayland
    At Skydive Hastings students start with a tandem skydive. A USPA-certified instructor jumps with them, guiding them through the freefall and parachute deployment. Once they've completed the appropriate amount of jumps, students can graduate to WMSA's more extreme air sports, such as freeflying, in which jumpers move through a series of positions during their freefall, including back-to-Earth, head-up flying, and head-down flying. There's also wingsuit flying, for which jumpers sport a suit equipped with extra fabric between the legs and under the arms. The suit, which is colloquially referred to as a flying squirrel or bat suit due to its resemblance to those animals, allows jumpers to quite literally fly through the air, whether from a plane jump or BASE jump point.
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    Calkins Field Airport
    Wayland, MI US
  • Central Michigan Skydivers
    The Central Michigan Skydivers experience begins with a basic safety training and the delivery of chicken scratch on a few important waivers. Once you're outfitted in safety gear, you'll climb up to 11,000 feet in one of the company's skyclimbing machines. Securely strapped to one of the human-eagle Tandem Masters—who have a combined experience of 20,000+ jumps and 50+ years—you'll plunge and free fall for 35–45 seconds before opening the safety blanket to float the rest of the way back to landlubbing life. Depending on your adrenaline-seeking style, your human backpack will happily help you descend in crazy spins and flips or uncomplicated serenity. Today's deal also includes 25% off a Central Michigan Skydivers T-shirt. Those who want to relive their experience can purchase a DVD recording of their jump for $75. Call in advance to schedule.
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    1825 Oakland Drive
    Mount Pleasant, MI US
  • Skydive Owosso
    Skydive Owosso allows visitors to experience the Michigan landscape from a perspective normally reserved for raindrops. Certified instructors begin each tandem skydiving jump by showing an instructional video and providing comprehensive ground training. Guests can then spend the next 25 minutes watching the ground drop away as the Cessna 182 aircraft ascends to the appropriate altitude. Once the door opens, each passenger gets to leap into the open air while safely and securely fastened to one of the instructors. Adrenaline levels soar for 2,500 feet of controlled free fall before you or the instructor?your choice?deploys the parachute, leading to a gentle four- to six-minute glide back to the ground. In addition to the memories, Skydive Owosso can provide visitors with recorded, high-definition video of the jump that documents the experience from free fall to parachute flight.
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    205 Airport Dr.
    Owosso, MI US