Natural Medicine in Grass Valley

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  • Apple Valley Hypnosis
    At Apple Valley Hypnosis, a team of experienced hypnosis professionals help clients tap into the subconscious to unlock hidden potential, demolish mental blocks, and conquer fears. Through a well-trained unhypnotizing of the brain, hypnotherapists help patients find the motivation to stop smoking, lose weight, tackle work projects with a renewed vigor, or build confidence when speaking in public.
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    424 Nimrod Street
    Nevada City, CA US
  • ChiroMassage
    If you're looking to relieve chronic back pain or make it easier to perform everyday tasks, all without surgery, chiropractic treatment may be the answer. Through the ChiroMassage Centers's list of affiliates across 25 states, patients enlist the help of a licensed doctor of chiropractic, eschewing drugs or invasive treatments for targeted spinal adjustments. Areas of chronic pain stand little chance against the specialist's careful manipulations, which may help increase range of motion, restore joint function, and prevent vestigial tails from drooping in an unseemly fashion. The knowledgeable doctors not only get to the source of illness and discomfort with joint and spinal treatments, but also help their clients prevent future issues with education and wellness instruction.
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    11930 Heritage Oak Place
    Auburn, CA US
  • King Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.
    Although he practices four distinct chiropractic techniques, Doctor of Chiropractic James King of King Chiropractic Clinics, Inc. has one clear goal: to help patients overcome pain without drugs or surgery. Instead of relying on conventional medical tools, he stimulates the body to heal itself. Spinal adjustments take pressure off pinched nerves and subluxations that prevent the body from receiving signals from the brain. Dr. King pinpoints these subluxations not only with his bare hands, but also with x-rays and super-accurate heat-sensing instruments.
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    11930 Heritage Oak Pl, #3
    Auburn, CA US
  • Loving Hands
    Laura Moorehead followed her nose to happiness. Two decades ago she opened her mailbox to find information about aromatherapy that piqued her interest and tipped her into the rabbit hole of holistic healing. After a long history in body work, Laura decided to specialized in craniosacral therapy, believing it to get to the root of issues. This profoundly gentle form of bodywork addresses the health of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid to foster immunity and protect the central nervous system.
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    3275 Fortune Court
    Auburn, CA US
  • Graceful Health
    Andrew and Naomi Downey, Graceful Health’s husband-and-wife team of chiropractic doctors, believe many of life’s ailments stem from stress and the body’s neurological response to it. To remedy this, they utilize the ELAN healing system, which relies on light touch and breathing exercises to retrain the entire nervous system. To educate clients on their techniques, they also host complimentary seminars throughout the year, touching on topics such as “Overcoming Fibromyalgia” and “Revitalizing Life”.
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    2260 Thistle Patch Rd.
    Newcastle, CA US