Cycling in Greeley

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  • Lake Sangraco
    Water is a powerful compound. It can carve deep canyons, power hydroelectric plants, or even give people superhuman abilities. The latter feat is accomplished aboard Rocky Mountain Flyboard Colorado's water-propulsion flying machines. Nozzles strapped to hands and feet lift pilots up to 40 feet in the air, let them dive into the water, or allow them to perform advanced tricks such as back flips.
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    6230 Lowell Blvd.
    Denver, CO US
  • Recycled Cycles-Total Fitness
    The Rocky Mountain Collegian featured Recycled Cycles. Nine Yelpers give its Mason Street location an average of 3.5 stars:
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    4031 S Mason St
    Fort Collins, CO US
  • SeptaCycles
    SeptaCycles converts a traditionally solitary endeavor into a group activity with seven-seater bikes that glide at up to 10 miles per hour. Designed by artist and inventor Eric Staller, the Conference Bike fans a circle of seats around the central hub where pedalers' kinetic energy and fear of advancing tricycle gangs propels the rear wheels via a motorcycle chain. This people power sends groups gliding through Old Town or toward sunny City Park. Independent free wheels allow riders to exercise feverishly or take a breather without delaying excursions, and a steering system designed by Porsche helps drivers stay on target. Hourly rentals let groups control their own course, or trained drivers can take the helm, cruising toward pit stops at local breweries such as Equinox and New Belgium or CSU’s verdant lagoon.
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    244 North College Avenue
    Fort Collins, CO US
  • Golden Bear Bikes
    Golden Bear Bikes is an outdoor sporting store that caters to myriad biking needs––housing a bundle of bike apparel, tools, and accessories, as well as offering various tune-up services. Rainy-day riders can shield themselves from cloud tears and exploding soy-sauce packets with the water-resistant Bontrager Clearly Seen rain shell ($34.99), and bodybuilding bikers can comfortably curl their pedal-propelled road ponies with a pair of Gore Bike Wear Countdown Summer lady gloves ($39.99). A quick tune-up ($55) adjusts the front and rear brakes and derailleurs, lubricates the cables and drivetrain, checks the ball bearings, and ensures cycles roll smoothly over inconveniently placed birthday cakes.
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    290 Nickel St
    Broomfield, CO US
  • Boulder Indoor Cycling
    As the world's only indoor velodrome and mountain bike park, Boulder Indoor Cycling has netted considerable press attention along with a member base of passionate pedalers. An open-to-the-public mezzanine level overlooks the 142-meter track, whose corners tilt at a visually confounding 45-degree angle. First-timers can veer down the course at a moderate pace while advanced bikers gun for competition-level speeds, eyeing the current lap record of 7.690 seconds set by 2006 U.S. National Track Champion Kevin Selker. The velodrome track also encircles a mountain bike playground of wood platforms meant to mirror outdoor obstacles, such as log bridges, rock piles, and sleeping gnomes that send cycles careening over uneven terrain. Professional athletes and national champions comprise BIC's elite staff of cycling coaches. Both on the track and across the park planks, their classes acclimate cyclists of all ages to several tiers of biking techniques. Children ages 2–10 years can pilot a mountain bike without ever relying on training wheels or indebted wind gods during CycleTykes sessions. Youth programs, track cycling seminars, and adult race leagues also permit members to saddle up and whiz by at their preferred pace.
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    3550 Frontier Ave
    Boulder, CO US
  • Breckenridge Bikebus
    Breckenridge Bikebus's eponymous vehicle is, according to owner Curt Cavnar, the "Porsche" of its unique kind of transportation. Consisting of two rows of bar stools equipped with bike pedals, the custom-built craft combines the fun of a party bus with the easygoing workout of a tandem bicycle. Some partiers can sit back and enjoy the ride as 10 others sit at the bar and provide pedal power, with a staff driver manning the wheel to steer clear of oncoming paper boys. A canopy keeps passengers shaded while they sip beverages and listen to tunes on an iPod-ready Alpine sound system. Should the sun go down during trips, the bikebus's lighting system kicks on, making it easy to continue through black holes unencumbered.
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    1810 W 129th Dr.
    Westminster, Colorado US