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Kor-BQ specializes in Korean tacos, or "takos," whose myriad blasts of flavors seem to defy their simple construction. Marinated meats such as short rib, rib eye, and pork form the basis of these fusion delicacies, while a Korean fusion salsa and sesame seeds add the zesty kick. The tacos come three ways: with a cilantro and onion mix, dressed in lettuce slaw and drizzled with soy sauce vinaigrette, or "nude," a style that foregoes the fixings to avoid cilantro-shaped tan lines. Those who prefer to use a spoon instead of their hands can find similar sustenance in the rice bowls, which feature hearty mixes of marinated meat, sautéed vegetables, clear glass noodles, and lettuce slaw with vinaigrette.

6505 W Park Blvd

When the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport opened a route to Seoul on May 9, representatives from both sides of the Pacific commemorated the inaugural flight by mixing together the sprouts, carrots, radishes, mushrooms, and eggs in a gigantic bowl of bibimbap. Bull Asian Fusion Bistro provided that bibimbap, and also catered the event with bulgogi burritos, tri-color BBQ skewers, and a buffet of other traditional Korean dishes, all served with the bistro's signature contemporary flair.

That same flair is on display every night at Bull Asian Fusion Bistro's Frisco location. Kalbi beef short ribs arrive tender and seasoned with the chef's special 10-ingredient marinade. Newcomers to Korean cooking can also sample kimchi in all its forms, including varietals sweetened with Korean pear or given a cool finish with cucumber. A slate of inventive sushi rolls and Chinese classics round out the pan-Asian roster. Each plate comes packed with fresh, healthy ingredients such as red-pepper paste, bursting with vitamins C and A to prevent cell damage, or spinach, full of lutein to promote the eyes' natural X-ray vision.

Bull Asian Bistro favors minimalism and clean lines in its presentation, both in terms of food and decor. The bar's neon-blue glow and modern stools create a chic counterpoint to the dining room's unadorned surfaces and amber pendant lights. Decorative screens similarly juxtapose the football-tuned TV screen that dominates one wall of the bistro.

5454 West Main Street