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  • CrossFit Downtown
    Police academies, tactical-operations teams, military special-operations units, and champion martial artists all have one thing in common with CrossFit Downtown's certified coaches: they all use the same effective method for getting fit. However, the coaches don't teach just those with physically demanding jobs. Their students come from all walks of life and levels of physical fitness. Being able to tailor CrossFit's system of intense functional exercises to each of those students is something they take great pride in. Giving their students personalized attention in a team-oriented environment means everyone has a positive experience while reaching goals. To ensure all their students engage in CrossFit safely, they start rookies off with intro classes that cover fundamentals and safety measures.
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    2418 Lee St
    Greenville, TX US
  • P31 Fitness Fort Worth
    The instructors at P31 Fitness aim to echo the sentiment of Proverbs 31, which speaks to the empowerment of women through hard work. To that end, they seemingly never run out of ways to make their students sweat. To combat the monotony of repetitive workouts, they rotate their boot-camp-style workouts, preventing boredom while staving off unproductive muscle memory. In addition to changing exercises, the team also arms ladies in their fight for personal wellness with daily health and nutrition tips, as well as cooldown time devoted to reflection on one's own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health.
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    4215 Joe Ramsey Blvd E.
    Greenville, TX US
  • P31 Fitness - Rachel Curtis
    When Rachel Curtis set up her first boot camp, she was expecting a handful of women to attend. When more than 100 showed up, Rachel knew she was onto something. Along with her husband, Braughn, she designed P31 Fitness, a four-week boot-camp program designed to physically, mentally, and spiritually strengthen women of all shapes and sizes.
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    Farmersville Park Onion Shed
    Farmersville, TX US

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