As the most iconic city in Texas, Dallas is often looked at as the pacesetter for the rest of the state. In business, education and culture, Dallas works hard to be the best. But the hard work that residents put into keeping the city on top can result in big time stress. The good news for residents is that the city has a legion of fantastic Dallas yoga facilities that can take off the edge and make living in the city a little less hectic.

Sure, the heat in the city can sometimes hit triple digits, but that hasn’t stopped local yoga fans from filling Dallas yoga studios where they melt stress with bikram yoga, also know as “hot yoga” due to the heated studio where it’s performed. Bikram yoga increases flexibility and helps stimulate the glands and organs. One of the most popular Dallas bikram yoga studios is the appropriately named Dallas Bikram Yoga, located in the Tom Thumb Shopping Center at the corner of Mockingbird and Abrams. Instructors lead students through 26 muscle-relaxing poses and two breathing exercises performed on their yoga mats. Meanwhile, Uptown Yoga offers one a complete slate of yoga classes in Dallas, with instruction for every member of the family and every level. With two locations in Dallas (Uptown and Lakewood), Uptown Yoga features warm, inviting studios where students can try classes or individual instruction, prenatal yoga, and yoga for kids.

To help get the most out of the practice, it’s good to have the right tools and some of the best yoga accessories can be found at Yoga Mart located on Oram Street. The products are locally made and 10 percent online sale proceeds will go to the Bellur Project, which aids the village of Bellur in Karnataka, the birthplace of Iyengar yoga.

Take off some of the edge of living in Dallas by enrolling in one of the relaxing Dallas yoga classes found throughout the city.

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