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Dr. Cisneros and his professional team of associates recognize that a person's face and smile are the first things others notice. To ensure their clients can put their best face forward, the team melds dental care and aesthetic dentistry with cosmetic injections. Invisalign braces realign wandering teeth, implants and crowns replace missing teeth, and lasers prepare teeth for fillings by eradicating decay and any aliens hidden between molars. With Botox and Rejuvederm injections, the team helps clients to shed facial wrinkles and plump up skin for a more youthful appearance.

321 Marketplace Drive

We are board certified specialists in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and pride themselves on bringing cutting-edge orthodontic technology to their patients. Dr. Brent Bankhead, Dr. Richard McDermott, and Dr. Darren Rodabough are committed to excellent customer service to make you feel comfortable.

3006 Highway K

Enduring Cosmetics' certified medical aesthetician Mandy specializes in improving the appearance of every skin type through exfoliation and quality skincare. During the 20–30 minute microdermabrasion treatment, an experienced skin-savant buffs away dead skin cells to unearth the healthy, glowing epidermis beneath. Microdermabrasion leaves skin softer and healthier while reducing fine lines and sun spots and, like facial tattoos, enhances skin of any age. After the face-rejuvenating experience, skin will feel as smooth as silk and as firm as frozen silk.

730 North Green Street

Dr. Matthew Howard's mouth-side manner and wide-ranging dental know-how has earned him a walls-worth of praise and recognition, including the American Association of Endodontists award among others. He and his supporting cast restore dimming grins to vibrant luster with a comprehensive line-up of dental services. They put the kibosh on gum disorders and other maladies with routine exams, escort plaque from teeth with regular cleanings, and eliminate oral distractions with extractions. Certified in Lumineers technology, Dr. Howard can neatly arrange teeth with traditional orthodontics and newfangled Invisalign braces that are clearer than the invisible man swimming in a pristine lake. The staff further augments smiles with cosmetic techniques such as teeth-whitening and implants, and they strive to educate clients on preventative-care to keep oral health in check.

15623 Manchester Road

Once clients are comfortably ensconced in the dentist's chair, the oral exam begins. The resident toothsperts will check each individual incisor, cuspid, bicuspid, and molar for chips, cracks, staining, and loitering Minnesota Twins, ensuring that enamel bones are sound for biting, and gums and soft tissues will be inspected for any signs of periodontal disease. The x-ray battery exposes the roots and inner sanctums of oral stalagmites to reveal any soft spots, problem areas, or cavities. When your mouth checks out as mammalian and your teeth are cleared for takeoff, the professional teeth cleaning begins. An expert cleaning removes all the buildup and surface staining that regular brushing and flossing can't—hardened tartar, hard-to-reach plaque, and bacterial graffiti along the gum line.

860 South Truman Boulevard

Since completing his residency in pediatric dentistry at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in 2001, Dr. Jeff Hiester uses his training in dentistry, his natural empathy, and the latest dental technology to tend tots’ teeth. Dr. Jeff and his hand-picked team of registered assistants operate out of two locations, monitoring children’s dental development, restoring wayward molars to their pristine condition, and instilling good oral hygiene practices, such as flossing, brushing, and not biting the mall Santa.

2345 W Franklin St