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The pristine quality of the remote trails and clearings winding through the Superior National Forest gives new meaning to the word white. There are no people, no cars, and no buildings towering overhead to mar the scene, framed only by majestic cedar groves. The frosty trail and snow-heavy branches whoosh silently past—the only sounds you hear are the rhythmic mushing of the alaskan huskies in front of you and the almost synchronized beating of your own heart. After a meal cooked over a campfire, your trip might end with some hot-tub time, a fireside chat in a private lake house, or listening to the dogs' nighttime chorus of "Hungry Like the Wolf" as they bed down outside a cozy, heated yurt.

It was the vision of husband-and-wife team Peter McClelland and Chris Hegenbarth to create such experiences for beginning and advanced sledders of all ages. They founded White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures to share their love of outdoor activities in general—including camping and fishing—and of sled dogs in particular. As a seasoned guide and cofounder of the Ely Area Mushing Association, McClelland is dedicated to the welfare of sled dogs everywhere. Hegenbarth handles the details, including the baking of the cookies that accompany each sled driver on his or her journey. In the National Geographic book The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life, author Pam Grout says McClelland and Hegenbarth "don't just sell you a dogsled trip—they adopt you for a few days," making sure guests are warm and well fed.

The couple has gathered together some of the most experienced dog drivers in the north woods, including licensed EMT Erik Danielson and nine-year dogsledding veteran Theo Theobald, who prides herself on seeing more moose than traffic lights in any given month. The company is one of the few sled-dog trip providers that trains its dogs year-round; staffers spend off-season months teaching the dogs to run through an obstacle course and playing hours of Twister to improve their agility.

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For Paradise Outfitters founder Deron DoRight, fishing trips aren't just a hobby, they are his livelihood. As a career angler, Deron has the technical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to helm Paradise Outfitters' weeklong vacations, half- and full-day fishing trips on Rainy Lake, and two-day excursions at a local lake of the patron's choosing. Though the potential trophies change with the seasons⎯from walleye to pike to smallmouth bass, or the elusive swimming snowman⎯Deron’s aim is always the same: to help passengers enjoy the beauty of the lake and the sport of fishing, perched atop a comfortable 20-foot Ranger. When the waves ice over, two-person aluminum fishing houses and portable shelters shield anglers from chilly winds.

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