Korean Restaurants in Highland Village

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  • Omi Korean Grill and Bar
    Every table is its own little kitchen at Omi Korean Grill & Bar. At this Korean barbecue restaurant, beef short ribs, sliced pork, and beef tongue sizzle on tabletop grills, casting aromas—but not smoke, thanks to powerful vent hoods—around the table as diners partake in the ritual of preparing their own food. The name “Omi” refers to the five flavor elements essential to Korean cooking: sour, bitter, pungent, sweet, and salty. The cooks—and diners—harness these tastes in every dish, whether the dish comes to life in the dining room or, like the Dolsot Bibimbap—a hot and spicy rice and vegetable dish served in a stone pot—arrives piping hot from the kitchen. Meanwhile, the bar offers Korean flavors in the form of libations; bartenders stock exotic liquors such as soju and bokbunja alongside wine and beers from the U.S. and Japan.
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    2625 Old Denton Rd
    Carrollton, TX US
  • Yori
    At Yori, a blend of Korean and Japanese cooking traditions come together to create a mouthwatering spread of pan-Asian cuisine. The restaurant's striking black-and-white color scheme and accents of potted plants and paper lanterns frame feasts of chicken katsu, marinated beef bulgogi, and stir-fried squid. The eclectic mix of Asian cuisines takes diners on a cross-continental journey without hopping into a teleporter, offering dishes of lo mein and dumpling soups alongside braised beef short ribs and kimchi fried rice.
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    465 West Harwood Road
    Hurst, TX US
  • Maki Boy
    For fresh maki, Irving's Maki Boy has got you covered. Diners who avoid fat need to be careful, though, because Maki Boy's menu does not offer low-fat options. Maki Boy also provides alcohol, so diners don't have to worry about bringing their own bottle. Load up the mini-van and bring the kids to Maki Boy — they'll love the menu and scene here as much as mom and dad. Whether you have a large or small group, Maki Boy can accommodate both. Not a popular place for dress-up dining, most Maki Boy patrons come in casual attire. For those in a hurry, the restaurant lets you take your meal or snack to go. Catering from Maki Boy will take your party to the next level. Dine at Maki Boy and keep your car safely parked in a nearby lot. At Maki Boy, bikers can lock their bikes safely outside. Leave your piggy bank at home! With prices under $15, you can eat at Maki Boy for next to nothing. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served at Maki Boy, so come by whenever it fits your schedule.
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    3455 N Belt Line Rd
    Irving, TX US
  • LA Burger
    Most would agree that Dallas is more of a burger capital than Los Angeles. So it took a certain level of audacity for LA natives Ben and John Lee to think they could change the way Texans think about their beloved burgers. That is, however, exactly what they have done with LA Burger. Gathering inspiration from the Korean-Mexican fusions popularized by LA?s food trucks, the brothers stack burgers with Korean cabbage and smother them in teriyaki sauce. Their signature LA burger adds a fried egg and cheese for good measure.
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    10045 N MacArthur Blvd
    Irving, TX US
  • Kor-BQ
    Kor-BQ specializes in Korean tacos, or "takos," whose myriad blasts of flavors seem to defy their simple construction. Marinated meats such as short rib, rib eye, and pork form the basis of these fusion delicacies, while a Korean fusion salsa and sesame seeds add the zesty kick. The tacos come three ways: with a cilantro and onion mix, dressed in lettuce slaw and drizzled with soy sauce vinaigrette, or "nude," a style that foregoes the fixings to avoid cilantro-shaped tan lines. Those who prefer to use a spoon instead of their hands can find similar sustenance in the rice bowls, which feature hearty mixes of marinated meat, sautéed vegetables, clear glass noodles, and lettuce slaw with vinaigrette.
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    6505 West Park Boulevard
    Plano, TX US
  • b.b.bop Rice Bowls
    After moving to America at 3 months old, Steve Shin didn?t have much time to learn the culinary traditions of his native South Korea. But when he returned for a year in 2001, he witnessed the cuisine's slimming properties firsthand. Though he consumed lots of food, his waistline shrank, most likely due to the minimal grease and fat content in South Korean cuisine. Inspired by his journey, he tried to eat a more healthy diet when he returned to the U.S, but after several rounds of salads and sandwiches, fast food lured him back to his old habits. Frustrated, he started brainstorming ways to build healthy and balanced meals, which led to B B Bop Seoul Kitchen. At his Asian-fusion restaurant, the menu is centered on wholesome bowls of rice, veggies, and protein, steering customers away from heavy, fatty meals, such as a giant butter sculpture. Customers are free to indulge if they wish as B B Bop also serves up dip ready roundhouses including kimchi fries and a wide selection of wings. To whip up B B Bop Seoul Kitchen's signature entree, cooks line bowls with a rice of the customer's choice, from a jasmine-scented Thai type to a nutty, fiber-filled brown variety. Next, the customer selects a lean, flame-grilled protein from options including pulled pork, chicken breast, or marinated tofu. Veggies such as bell peppers and bean sprouts add color and crunch to the dish, and sauce?the finishing touch?comes in more than a half-dozen flavors, from spicy red pepper to sweet teriyaki.
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    5323 Greenville Ave.
    Dallas, TX US