Batting Cages in Hutchinson

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  • All Star Adventures
    All Star Adventures and All Star Sports's two facilities are loaded with fun-park distractions for both kids and adults. While All Star Sports focuses on athletic attractions such as wall climbing and batting cages, All Star Adventures models its facility after amusement-park thrills that include helicopter rides, a tilt a whirl, and a classic-style carousel. Both locations house a snack bar and throw open their gates seven days a week, remaining open long past the time when the sun goes to bed and the moon comes out to daydream about Buzz Aldrin.
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    1010 N Webb Rd
    Wichita, KS US
  • Wheelhouse Sports
    Wheelhouse Sports lets sluggers smooth out their swings inside six baseball and softball batting cages with video simulators that provide a game-like experience. Programmed to the batter's preferences, these simulators fire fastballs, curves, and sliders at 45–90 mph from a large video screen, challenging hitters to amend weaknesses while staring at the cold, unsympathetic face of a pitcher. The facility also has automatic pitching machines with user controls that let batters pause sessions to readjust their batting gloves or argue with imaginary umpires. In addition, Wheelhouse Sports houses two pitching tunnels and an outdoor infield, as well as a lounge equipped with WiFi.
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    6650 N Broadway
    Park City, KS US
  • The Strike Zone - Wichita
    At The Strike Zone, batters of any age can practice their baseball or softball swings against the pitches of fast- and slow-speed machines. Machines' pitching height can also be adjusted to accommodate guests' varying heights or a child's minute-to-minute growth spurts. When the batting cages aren't being used, kids can practice their form with the help of a T-ball stand. Shaved ice in 60 flavors keeps batters cool and refreshed throughout the day.
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    340 E Silknetter St.
    Rose Hill, KS US
  • The Strike Zone
    In 1989, The Strike Zone owner Darrin Paxton won the College World Series with Wichita State University, and afterward, went on to play major-league ball for the Expos and Mets organizations. According to the Derby Informer, he imparts the knowledge garnered during his career to players of all ages and levels at his 5,000-square-foot facility, helping them to improve their mental and physical game. Atop astroturf fields, 5-to-1 indoor batting cages and a video screen allow hitters to analyze their swing, and private lessons enhance hitting and pitching skills. The space also hosts birthday parties for up to 30 guests, who can play dodgeball and kickball, watch movies, and quietly contemplate Mark McGwire.
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    211 West Market
    Derby, KS US