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  • Grovewood Cafe
    Grovewood Cafe could very well be a cottage from a fairytale. Greenery seems bent on overtaking the restaurant and completely surrounds its patio, where whimsical sculptures from Grovewood Gallery pop up from the ground. On the inside, flowers bring color to tables bathed in light from oversized windows. And, like many a Brothers Grimm character, chef and owner Larry Waldrop depends on local farms for sustenance. Larry believes that the best meals are made from scratch, and without too much help from machinery. He prefers to chop his meat by hand, for instance, rather than use his government-issued butcher robot. His menu of Southern-inspired plates gives credit to several area farms?there's grilled meatloaf from Hickory Nut Gap Farm, pork from Heritage Farms, and chicken breast from Ashley Farms, which arrives encrusted in crunchy walnuts. Every day, there's a special free-range omelet available for lunch. And if you're in the neighborhood on a Sunday morning, stop by for the Grovewood's take on eggs benedict with fried green tomatoes, grilled Sunburst Farm trout, and swiss chard.
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    111 Grovewood Rd
    Asheville, NC US
  • Asheville Art Museum
    The Asheville Art Museum annually presents an exciting, inviting and active schedule of exhibitions and public programs based on its permanent collection of 20th and 21st century American art. The Museum also offers a wide array of innovative, inspiring and entertaining educational programs for people of all ages.
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    2 S Pack Sq
    Asheville, NC US
  • Hands On! A Child's Gallery
    Hands On! A Child's Gallery is an interactive and educational museum for children age 1–10. Kids can cavort through a variety of exhibits that stimulate imaginations and sensory experiences in a safe environment that encourages learning. In the creative-arts area, little ones become artists, donning smocks or picking up part-time barista jobs, taking to easels, decorating a chalk wall, or embellishing a table with colorful dyed rice. An 850-square-foot mountain, complete with waterfall, encourages kids to engage with aspects of the natural world including cause and effect. Interactive games impart lessons on dental hygiene at the toothy tango section. A large Lego ramp gives kids a venue for their own kid-built Lego cars. A music room hosts concentration and memory games and encourages kids to learn the sounds of different instruments. A miniature grocery store presents the chance to shop for nutritious meals, learn about budgets, and wander parking lots as they try to remember where they parked.
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    318 N Main St
    Hendersonville, NC US
  • Hollywood Star Cars Museum
    On re-created sets complete with lights and sound, Hollywood Star Cars Museum unveils a collection of iconic autos from movies and television, including many built and modified by famed four-wheeled star-maker George Barris. Law-flaunting jaywalkers freeze at the sight of the 1966 Batmobile, a $250,000 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura concept car reimagined into a crime-fighting super machine complete with a foreboding front modified to look like the black winged animal. Famous 1969 heartthrob Herbie the Love Bug also makes the scene with sidekick Little Herbie, while the famed DeLorean from Back to the Future hangs out with a futuristic motorcycle from the far-off year 2015. Meanwhile, a Corvette Grand Sport driven by Vin Diesel in the 2011 film Fast Five inspires mouth-simulated explosions and improvised catchphrases.
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    914 Parkway
    Gatlinburg, TN US
  • Tennessee Museum of Aviation
    Visitors can explore the museum's various exhibits and the hibernating aircraft taking up residence in its 35,000-square-foot hangar. Sightseers can also feed hungry retinas with several replica aircraft and vintage cockpit displays or browse the exhibit gallery filled with memorabilia, set up along the 52 ft. Wave Wall, which includes the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame and General Jimmy Doolittle's Congressional Medal of Honor. Lucky folks may also hear an eight-ton World War II P-47 D Thunderbolt roar overhead during one of the many unscheduled flight demonstrations; check online for special events throughout the year.
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    135 Air Museum Way
    Sevierville, TN US
  • Titanic Pigeon Forge
    In 1987?75 years after the RMS Titanic sank?John Joslyn helped lead an expedition to the bottom of the sea to photograph the wreck and bring up artifacts. Today, the gigantic museum he founded holds authentic items from the Titanic numbering in the thousands and valued at $4.5 million. Accoutrements of Edwardian life that range from cutlery to deck chairs fill meticulously accurate reproductions of the million-dollar grand staircase, the third-class sleeping rooms, and the cozy second-class space between the floorboards. Families make their way through interactive attractions at their own pace as they sit in a full-size lifeboat, walk up the grand staircase, feel exactly how cold 28-degree water is, touch an iceberg, steer the ship, and learn to send an SOS signal. The walk-through experience lasts approximately two hours.
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    2134 Parkway
    Pigeon Forge, TN US

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