Thai Restaurants in Kent

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Lotus Thai House's dedication to healthy food begins with the basics, such as the use of pure vegetable oil and low-sodium soy sauce. Chefs also eschew the use of MSG in all their dishes and can adjust a plate's spiciness to accommodate different taste buds. They craft a range of authentic Thai dishes, such as beef and pork curries and basil or mango fried rice. The pillars of the menu, though, are the signature dishes, which include pad kee mao with chicken and shrimp and the Tropical Bird's Nest: a m?lange of seafood and chicken in thai sauce. Hot tea and a range of imported and domestic beers help wash down bites.

1918 Lee Rd

At Austin's Wood Fire Grill, hand-carved hunks of filet mignon and swordfish sizzle over wood-fueled flames, soaking up a smoky aroma. The restaurant’s refusal to use gas or the pages of paperback romance novels reflects a commitment to traditional, down-home cooking. This commitment also surfaces in their made-from-scratch breads, pan gravy sauce, and cognac cream sauce.

8121 Chippewa Rd

Channeling the comfort and familiarity of a neighborhood gathering place, Dive Bar & Grille is not your typical watering hole. Inspired by local area corner bars, Dive Bar & Grille offers a relaxed twist on local nightlife, providing an all-inclusive dining and late night experience, giving guests no reason to leave.

12017 Perry Hwy