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Bombay Tadka's two seasoned chefs merge their distinctive expertise in Mughlai, Indochinese, and South Indian cooking styles to forge a multifarious menu that escorts taste buds through India's diversely flavorful culinary regions. Mount Mumbai expeditions with a selection of savory chaat (traditional street food) such as the vada pav ($4.95), which bundles a spicy potato patty in soft bread to create India's answer to the hamburger, which came in retaliation after America's hokey-pokey answer to Bollywood dance. South Indian seasoning suffuses a range of crêpe-like dosa ($4.95–$10.95), stuffed with herbed potatoes and a range of fillings, and Mughlai dishes treat diners to more familiar Indian fare, such as the chicken tikka masala ($10.95) swimming in a smooth tomato-cream sauce.

17926 Highway 3