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  • Mountain Day Spa
    Located right on Frazier Mountain, the talented spa technicians at Mountain Day Spa do away with smelly, toxic chemical treatments and acrylics in favor of all-organic hair coloring. The spa also offers a full range of massage treatments.
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    3436 Mount Pinos Way
    Frazier Park, CA US
  • Jodi Emdy at Salon Gianna
    A certified prenatal massage therapist working towards getting her massage doula license, Jodi Emdy earned her massage-therapy license in 2007 and remains an enthusiastic practitioner dedicated to massage as a means of holistic wellness. Her repertoire of five modalities expressly links mental and physical health, including reflexology and prenatal massages that assuage stress to help regulate hormone levels.
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    1715 20th St.
    Bakersfield, CA US
  • The Healing Garden/Fountaine
    The Healing Garden/Fountaine's mission is for clients to leave with less than they came in with: namely, fewer sleep issues, digestion problems, and skin imbalances. Leading the charge is Sonshyne Eileen Mitchell, who spent a quarter of a century practicing holistic therapies and earned 15 licenses and certifications along the way. Sonshyne and her staff have carved out a space where cleansing is comfortable and conducted with professionalism and advanced equipment. Their services include colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, infrared weight loss, and color therapy. Colonics or colon irrigation helps push undigested waste through the body, improving nutrient absorption, reducing fatigue, and increasing energy. Also known as chromotherapy, color therapy uses colored lights to balance the body's energy field and to foster wellness and harmony?a goal that underlies all the treatments offered here.
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    10721 Lindalee Lane
    Bakersfield, CA US
  • Massage Solutions
    The body is always subject to stresses such as work, family, and your jerk roommate's rubber-band gun. That's where Regina "Gina" Nathan comes in. With 17 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and 15 as a reiki master, she cultivates a calm, soothing environment that helps her clients leave stress and worries behind. Drawing on more than 900 hours of holistic healing education, she makes it her mission to untie tight muscular knots and promote wellness of the mind and body. During massages, she can administer light strokes to promote relaxation or access lower-layer aches with more moderate techniques, including rib release and pelvic stabilization. One of the first therapists in Bakersfield to become certified as a practitioner and instructor of Quantum Touch, she also uses energy-healing techniques to stimulate the body's immune system, reduce back pain, and promote balance within the body.
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    1527 19th St
    Bakersfield, CA US
  • Compassionate Dragon Massage & Reiki Therapy
    Like a gorgon who only wants a friend to join her staring contest, certified and licensed massage therapist James "Dragon" Colley—who goes by the nickname "Dragon"—is the friendliest sort of beast. He doesn't breathe fire, he brings the heat when it comes to massage therapy. This solo-performing certified and licensed massage therapist relieves ailments such as muscle soreness, back pain, stress, and headaches. James also incorporates several hands-on methods, including Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, and Reiki. Additionally, he enhances the effects of his treatments by employing acupressure and shiatsu techniques whenever necessary.
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    4300 Ashe Road #114
    Bakersfield, CALIF US
  • Baby Glimpses
    Baby Glimpses' top-of-the-line 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D ultrasound-imaging equipment provides moms- and dads-to-be with their first glimpse of their babies before they're even born. Parents see these images in the cozy viewing room, which feels like a home theater combined with a tranquil spa room. Moms-to-be lie on a comfy bed while the rest of the family sits on a plush couch, and they all view the ultrasound pictures on a giant screen and listen to the baby's heartbeat. The ultrasounds can determine the baby's gender and images can be in both color and black and white. Ultrasound packages can even include DVDs set to music.
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    1201 24th Street
    Bakersfield, CA US

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