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The nine holes of Lindsborg Municipal Golf Course sprawl over a 64-acre plot of the Smoky Valley. The course is owned and operated by the city of Lindsborg, and invites locals and out-of-towners alike to enjoy the leafy surroundings and wide-open fairways. A lake lies at the southern end of the course, twice directly entering play.

1541 Svensk Road

In The Yoga Lab’s warm studio, participants exercise during Hatha-yoga sessions. Led by a rotation of the studio’s instructors, classes follow a carefully curated sequence of poses designed to build stamina, strength, balance, and flexibility. As classes unfold, instructors pay special attention to students’ alignment and weight distribution.

12 School St. Plaza

At Hutch Chiropractic, Dr. Stanley Diehl boosts his patients' well-being with a holistic approach that targets the underlying causes of ailments rather than symptoms. His approach, like a overzealous bagel slicer, divides healthcare into three distinct sections. First, he tailors his gentle chiropractic adjustments to treat the immediate causes of pain, helping alleviate chronic headaches, neck pain, or backaches after a few visits. Then Dr. Diehl turns his attention to corrective techniques that help prevent further injury before focusing on long-term wellness, giving patients control of their own healthy destinies with nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

129 E Sherman St