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Dedicated to reviving and highlighting each patient's picturesque pearly whites through state-of-the-art cosmetic technology, SoFi Dental Care & Orthodontics doles out high-quality ministrations at the hands of a highly specialized staff. Capable of whitening teeth an average of eight shades, the Zoom! teeth-whitening treatment begins as a skilled technician applies a specially formulated gel to the tooth enamel, protecting the lips and gums and guaranteeing your teeth top-billing in the impending spotlight. Next, the gel is activated under the brightening beans of the Zoom! light, penetrating the dingy dentile surface to break down stains over three consecutive 15-minute sessions. After the quick, gentle procedure, calcium stacks become noticeably whiter and Zoom! guarantees results are longer lasting than those obtained with at-home bleaching trays, strips, or an all-chalk diet.
119 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach,