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Ollu's long list of services has something to primp and pamper every pup. Owners can choose to bathe their own pup with all supplies and cleanup provided ($15 for dogs less than 10 lbs, $20 for dogs 11 to 90 lbs, and $25 for dogs more than 90 lbs). Boasting waist-high stainless-steel tubs and a variety of eco-friendly supplies, the grooming center aims to deliver an effortless washing environment for you to clean your pet. Or tail waggers can be passed off, by appointment, to Ollu's friendly cleansing pros for a full-service bath and brush that includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, and optional fashionable bandana accessorizing (dogs less than 10 lbs cost $30, dogs weighing more than 10 lbs start at $40). Full-service grooming with breed-specific haircuts and specialty add-ons such as a de-shedding treatment are also available.

221 Main St